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  1. Question regarding AT-3 to eSim team... Which guidance dismounted Sagger will have- SACLOS or more authentic MCLOS?
  2. Jartsev

    Blaze of War

    Check those videos: http://youtu.be/J6GaqjJfLvI http://youtu.be/Q7CIkmuI7Qg http://youtu.be/OSqoNQpSM6I Graviteam is developing dynamic thermal model... Its nice to see something like this implemented to SB Pro in the future...
  3. Solved. Its was a trouble with Windows Installer, just like Raskil suggested. Solution is to uninstal 2.460 version with Microsoft Windows Installer Cleanup Utility(if normal way of deinstallation does not work), reinstal it again and apply patch.
  4. Instalation of the patch aborts. Message window shows "error 1316".
  5. No, tanks(not sure about IFVs and PCs) always refilling ready racks with sabot rounds(main gun ammo#1) by default, and if player initiates reloading manually thru context menu, all available empty ready slots will be filled with selected ammo type regardless of presets made in mission editor.
  6. If ready rack is empty, AI refills it with CE rounds only, totaly ignoring KE rounds. Same thing also can be if player selects manually "reload all" option from pop-up menu.
  7. Version 2.1


    Russian translation of pstrings.txt. Enables partial russian localization of SB Pro PE ver. 2.654. Non-CIS/FSU users may need to set russian or greek as default system language for non-unicode programs. Version 2.1: some errors and typos fixed
  8. Sorry for false alarm. Not expected such bizarre appearance
  9. SB Pro PE ver. 2.460. Screenshots are self-explanatory:
  10. Head mirror is linked to the gun in "semiautomatic" and "manual" modes. In normal("stabilized oservation") mode mirror have no mechanical connections with gun- sight´s gyro axis X-X connected via belt drive(positions 24 & 25) with rotating transformer(pos. 23), which, in turn, generates siglnals for main gun satabilizer. But you are right- its looks very simular to BFV´s ISU. edit: typos
  11. Version 1.0


    Hi-Res panels with Interior panels with Russian labels. Based on texture created by Alan323.
  12. By the way... Here is a russian translation of pstrings.txt. Its was a bit tricky to make a more or less usable translation, since soviet/russian terminology and drills very frequently does not match NATO counterparts. P.S. This file can be used only with russian language set as default for non-Unicode programs. pstrings.zip
  13. No, i played only pre-alpha of "T vs. T". General opinion of those who tried both games is that "Steel fury" is more accurate, hardcore and code is better optimized. Selection of playeble vehicles is also more interesting in "SF". T-34/85 and Tiger are just too boring and trivial IMHO.
  14. At this moment only russian version available...
  15. Well... I finisnished campaigns for PzKpfw IV and Matilda and here are some my preliminary conclusions: -stock missions are bit monotonous(most of them are hasty attacks, that turns on to meeting engagement or hasty defence), but I didnt played T-34 campaign yet. -damage model is very sophisticated and totallly different from used by Esim. For the sample, secondary spalling after non-penetrating hits is modelled -Tactics and unit behaviors are acceptable but if you will set low difficulty and realism settings , you will get FPS-style gameplay. -The biggest difference from SB, is that in "Steel fury" player have direct control only over his own tank, and friendly subordinate units are following him. This means, that for the sample, you cant send your wingman or attached pazergrenadiers around some obstacle to outflank the enemy; also you cant pre-plot paths for each vehicle in your platoon(only for your own). Its a very frustrating sometimes. My verdict- funny and attractive simulator game with big reserves for further development(developers are working now on somekind of WWII company-level simulation), will satisfy demands of most hardcore and casual gamers. Worth to play. Some screenshots:
  16. Voices added by movie creator You can hear original unedited sound from release version here:
  17. Checked all PCs and "leg" infantry platoon. -Dismounts from "Bushmaster" and CV9040C are not engaging tanks at all- even with small arms -Rest of dismounts are doing their job well So loadout is more or less OK(bit strange to see Bradley platoon without their "Dragons" and "Javelins")... -"Leg" infantry platoon have now only 2 AT-4 LAWs, assigned to only one section and placed in "stored" slot... No "slots" are reserved for ATGMs, since dedicated ATGM team are implemented...
  18. Played beta a bit of time and noticed, that dismounted squads have only small arms and are lacking any kind of light AT weapons. Did i missed something, or infantry in beta is armed only with MGs(except dedicated "leg" heavy weapons teams)?
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