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  1. I mean that russian crowd will continue complains about inability to reliably defeat Leo-2s and M1s in this great sim.
  2. solus... 1)T-80B and especially T-80U both have totally different interiors, which can not be created by "rebuilding" 3d models for T-72(but sure you can use some parts). 2) Full solution fire control systems for T-80B, T-80U and T-90 have no similarities with TPD-K1 and its newer versions. 3) FCS for T-80B, -80U and -90 is comparable with SABCA Cobelda(used on australian Leo 1) or may be with TURMS(in some aspects)- think about consequences
  3. There are build-in tutorials for Leopardo 2E, check them- mission 05b covers engagements with DM12/M830.
  4. Found recently this nasty issue- "KH P" mode working ok, but then I switching to GPSE view and selecting "KH HZF" mode("Ubersteurung" is lighted)- there nothing happens when I´m trying to activate palm switches. P.S. Ammo selector switch above PANO oculars currently is unclickable but animated- is this ok?
  5. Seems that tutorial are not updated with introduction of 3D interior. To enter range manually: -switch to interior view -find panel above EMES eyepieces and set switch ENTFERNUNG to the MANUELL position -enter range value by rotating knob under ENTFERNUNG switch(you can use mouse wheel to do this) Also you can enter range by typing value on your keyboard(do not use numpad!) then using sight view(but ENTFERNUNG switch must be set to MANUELL).
  6. Nope Authorized config for T-72B is: - Turret 172.10.100СБ(nearly identical to 172.10.077СБ) - New upper glacis armor(spaced laminated w/o textolite) - ERA "Kontakt-1" - Engine V-84 - "Svir" - 1A40-1 FCS - 2E42-2 stabilizer - 1A46M main gun - Improved running gear T-72B1 is authorized for production as temporary measure till delivery of 1K13(1K13 replaced by TPN-3-49 "Crystal-PA"; but I have no data about automatic loader used) T-72B2 is a back-up project planned for production of major failure with delivery of "Svir" and armed with "Cobra". Never produced. "Naked" T-72B-like tanks wer
  7. This is common mistake. -Turret with "bulging" armor(drawing 172.10.077СБ) became available in 1982 and was used for assembly since 1983 parallel with "sand-rods" turret(drawing 172.10.073СБ). -Pilot batch of tanks with "Svir" Guided Weapon System was produced in 1984, but full scale production of vehicles with this missile system was started somewhat year later(due unavailability of 1K13). -ERA kits became available for series production in the march of 1985(but officially introduced in 1984).
  8. 1) British vehicles(crewable or not): -Warrior -Scimitar 2) 7.62mm GPMG armament option for M113 APCs 3) Crewable Marder 4) Russian/CIS vehicles: -crewable BMP-2 -non-crewable(at least) T-72B w/ Kontakt-V ERA suite(current "naked" T-72B is actually a late-production T-72A) -crewable 9P148 aka. BRDM-AT -MTLBU to represent C4 vehicles 5) US vehicles: -crewable M60A3 -AAV7A1 -creawable LAV-25 +correct GAS reticules for M1 and M1A1
  9. Can anybody ID this GAS by its reticule image?
  10. Got few same errors when using mission editor. I`m unable to find any connection with my actions(e.g. selecting and editing units, creating routes etc)
  11. There no patches for russian version- sales in CIS just started just like in Western Europe.
  12. Issue: T-XX AI-controlled gunners(T-72 and T-80) and loaders(in case of T-55 and T-62) uploading main guns with battlecarry rounds at the mission start-up. Actual drill is to load gun only then enemy is detected, identified, and engagement decision is made by TC. Possible Fix: Implement option "Load battlecarry round" for the mission editor in addition to "Start mission battle ready".
  13. Proper ways to add language localisation to SB Pro PE: Way A: Step 1. Go to \Program Files\eSim Games\SB Pro PE\loc directory and create there new folder. Call this folder for the sample "Russian" Step 2. Copy to this new folder("Russian") all contents of folder "English (US)", if you prefer english menus and messages. Step 3. Go to \My Documents\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\mods\sounds\voices. Create new folder named "russian" and unpack Russian.zip to this folder. Note: this way allows you to toggle voice localizations on the fly thru "Options" menu. Way B: Unpack contents of the archiv
  14. We are working on this subject. Some "polishing" needed since not all messages can be seamlessly translated to russian, and not all messages are currently used in PE version. P.S. Most recent(but untested) version for 2.640 attached. pstrings.zip
  15. Well... Since this is observation only mode you have no control over main gun and coax , and sure you cant use electric firing circuits. But in theory You can cock and release mechanical striker(D-81T have combined charge ignition system)
  16. I will try to explain this subject to those, who cant read russian T-72A manuals and don't have access to english, german, finnish and eastern european manuals for T-72M/M1. T-72M1 FCS have 4 modes of operation: 1) "АВТОМАТ"/"AUTOMATIC". This is a primary mode of operation. Main gun is fully stabilized and slaved to gunner´s day sight. Elevation and Traverse are powered. Its posible to use TC target designation option and measure range with LRF. This mode is covered in SB Wiki. 2)"CТАБИЛИЗИРОВАННОЕ НАБЛЮДЕНИЕ"/ "STABILIZED OBSERVATION". This mode is an equivalent of engaged EL UNCPL swit
  17. It have if was produced after 1990 or 1991. Other thing is that those vehicles are quite rare.
  18. Yep. Detected the same thing.
  19. In passive mode your visibility range is restricted to just 300-500 meters(this sad reality). Without IR spotlights, illuminating munitions delivered by arty and aircrafts you are blind. And one thing more... Intensive shooting will kill light intensifier tubes in your sights quite soon.
  20. Thats right, LRF can be operated w/o hydraulics on real vehicle.
  21. Use "optional weapon" first to select weapon system. And only after this go to "set ammunition" for fine tuning of the team loadout.
  22. Actually controls and their location are the same for T-72M and T-72M1(difference is neglectable for 902A-equipped vehicles). Soviet T-72A made after 1982 is a bit different, since there are some bells and whistles(.aka Lead Prediction Device/UVBU kit) added.
  23. Played a bit with 72. Very, very impressive at least And interior from T-72M1 can be applied to T-72M...
  24. Selector positions for KE and HE rounds are mismatched. "О" position must index HE rounds(current setting is KE) "Б" position must index KE rounds(current setting is HE) This issue is not critical, since most players are using hotkeys.
  25. Check turret clock- looks like you are firing over rear deck.
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