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  1. This was previously reported, but, unfortunately, not yet fixed despite of all programmer's efforts. BTW, try to refresh or replace theme in the scenario- in some cases this may help.
  2. Ok, thanks! Was there a TC damage present?
  3. More moot(or not so moot) questions: -Are you using gunner's or TC's positions? -Since you are experiencing issue while in the test mode of the Mission Editor, was scenario re-saved between test runs?
  4. Supply of effectors is pretty much limited and some of them, covering exact arc were expended previously. You can see this in AAR by tracking previous events happened to this unit; also note- one of previous impacts was quite close to the left side radar and may be damaged it.
  5. Well, this seems to be completely different thing, and may be not so much a bug in fact. You may notice, that with gun over hull side vehicle motion in pitch axis is perceived mostly as sight/gun LOS jolting in roll axis, so it's more about width/shape of the bumps, IMHO. Edit: it is very easy to see from external views how vehicle's hull is moving during off-road driving, and how this affects gun depending of turret azimuth position.
  6. Ok, thaks we will try to investigate this, but from description initially it sounds like a kind of network problem. P.S. Scenario or map where issue was seen would very handy.
  7. Yes! Ok, thanks. Themes with 'Realism_' prefix were delivered with SB Pro PE 4.0(or may be earlier) and in fact are obsolete now; current 'stock' themes have '_eSim_' prefix and you will not see such problem with them. Now I'll try to explain what happened... Version 4.1 have additional option for the ground type settings- 'is dirt'. Textures for ground type, which have this option enabled will be also utilized for unfinished or not camouflaged emplacements; if theme doesn't have this option enabled for one (and only one!) ground type, then textures for grou
  8. Actually problem with wrong texture may be indeed theme-related, and this makes me to ask you for scenario where you see it; if scenario is based on custom map, it would be very handy to get it too, or at least a theme file...
  9. Obviously it shouldn't work in such case. Completion less than 100% implies that construction is not finished and camouflage is not applied yet, e.g. user needs to utilize AEV to complete construction; this would also make camo to appear as a final touch, if 'Camouflage' option was selected in the mission editor for particular emplacement.
  10. Fixed; fix should be available with the next patch or update
  11. Really sorry to hear this, but let's check one thing: Do you have new maps installed? USB stick you got should contain not only installers for SB Pro PE v.4.1 and SB Map Tools, but also a Map Installer, which is supposed to install maps for all scenarios delivered with SB Pro PE. But please note- this doesn't applies to user-created or community-created content accumulated during almost two decades- it's physically impossible to convert and re-distribute it all. This means, that some effort at end-user's side is required, e.g. you need to convert your favorite scenari
  12. Admittedly there is something wrong with existing arty tutorials- call-for-fire dialog shows some options, which shouldn't be there. We will try to investigate this.
  13. Hello! -MLRS or mortar unit should be part of scenario, e.g. present on the map, and intended target must be in its range. Also firing unit should be static(e.g. not in the route); infantry mortar team must be dismounted from its carrier vehicle. In all other aspects MLRS and mortar are not so much different from all other arty, albeit MLRS can fire only full salvos and is unable to execute "Adjust fire"-type missions. -It is quite strange if you can see rocket arty and mortars options in Support tutorials, since they should not be available there. -We
  14. Same here Yes. Speaking of Leo-2, if you are at gunners's position, then you should be able to see TC behind you, while gunner and loader will not be rendered. But this is valid only for situations, if TC is not disabled by maker of scenario, or not incapacitated by enemy fire, so if you can't see TC while playing gunner's tutorials for Leo-2- that's perfectly ok, because there is no TC in the tank in the most of those scenarios.
  15. First of all, as already was mentioned, not all vehicles have crew visualized. Then, even if vehicle have crew, some it's positions may not have crew members visually present: for example M1-series and Leo-2 do not have visual models for gunners. And if you are occupying some crew position 'outfitted' with 3D crew model, then this model would not be rendered because otherwise it may prevent you from accessing certain clickable controls or indicators.
  16. Sorry, but I'd like to ask which 'camouflage scheme' is enabled via 'Options' drop-down menu in the Mission Editor, and do you have any modded textures for M113A2 in the folder My Documents\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\mods\textures\woodland\us 1980? With 'US 1980' camo scheme selected US M113A2 should have MERDC camo, but note that default selection for the Blue party is 'US 1990', which will result in CARC 3-color camo for M113A2 and MERDC camo for IPM1.
  17. Yes, if I'm not mistaken, reticle was made for PMC287 originally when those AFVs were introduced to Steel Beasts, and looks like it wasn't updated with introduction of L14-series rounds.
  18. Plese try to delete C:\ProgramData\eSim Games\Steel Beasts Map Tools\IPC\PackageDownloadManagerMutex file, this may help.
  19. Jartsev

    UGL smoke

    Well, our UGL smoke grenade is rather generic thing, admittedly. IRL, depending of model and purpose such grenades may burst, burn on the ground(most widely used), or release a smoke canister which will slowly descent on parachute and burn... And speaking of hand smokes- they may burn like in game(usually HC-filled) or burst(WP-filled).
  20. In theory they should't. Probably one thing worth to do is to click blue "Refresh map package folder" button before trying to query or download package with Map Download Manager.
  21. Well, I just checked(literally a couple of minutes ago)- both in-game downloader and map download manager are able to download base and delta packages of Beaudesert map. So it seems that base package was finally uploaded to the server. Could you try download this map again, and see what happens?
  22. Yes, delta map only hold changes relative to the base map, and you cannot use deltas without base maps. So if you are going to distribute custom delta made on custom base, you need to provide them both, or map downloader will not be able to download anything.
  23. First of all, all RPGs are more or less safe(but not pleasant) to fire from inside of the buildings in real life. What really matters is a volume of room, and presence of sufficient opening behind shooter to vent overpressure; those factors can severely reduce possible arc of fire. Use of countermass or confining all gases in the barrel dramatically reduces those restrictions.
  24. This depends of license you have: -If you have valid time-limited license, then you need to download full installer for the latest version of SB Pro PE, which is 4.161 at this moment. Then just uninstall version 4.023 and install newest version. -If you have "Steel Beasts Pro PE Classic Licens"', e.g. one which stored on USB dongle, then you need to proceed to eSim Games web shop and purchase "Upgrade License from version 4.0". After this you need to activate purchased upgrade license, download latest version of SB Pro PE, uninstall v.4.023 and install newest
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