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  1. Yest this was intentional change, since AN/TAS-4 and AN/TAS-4A have red tint in real life.
  2. Yes, setting indicate the wind is coming from the east.
  3. We will look at this... But please note, that all Leo-2s present in game do not have crosswind sensor, and you will see visible deviation with any 120mm full-bore round. Then, if you have 15m/sec cross wind, deflection for DM53 at 2.5km should be ~0.9-1m, which is barely visible, but DM12, for example, should be ~14 meters off target.
  4. 1) Check 'Controls' menu- particularly 'Observer position'- may be something else is assigned there additionally to default 'F8' 2) If some fancy gaming mouse with programmable buttons is utilized, then check its config...
  5. It is rather confusing, but '<' is treated as '<=', so if random variable new is '50', while 2 routes have embark logic "0<=random variable NEW < 50" and "50<=random variable NEW < 100", embarking conditions will conflict each over. This means, there should be one unconditioned route, and variables ranges for conditioned routes need to be adjusted. See SBWiki article: http://www.steelbeasts.com/sbwiki/index.php?title=Random_Numbers_In_Control_Logic
  6. Yes, this definitely sounds like a hardware problem- faulty GPU(likely) or issues with PSU not supplying sufficient power (less likely)... But I suggest to update or reinstall graphics drivers first.
  7. This a rather nasty situation, which may have a lot of potential causes- from software-related issues to the faulty hardware. Memory dump, system log, dxdiag etc may be very handy, but better do not post them here because this may potentially expose your sensitive personal data- it is better to mail them to @Ssnake
  8. I'm not so much convinced if problem is really theme-related... Also unable to reproduce on my PC. 1) Do you see the problem with this particular theme? This theme itself doesn't appear wrong, if inspected 2) Are there any logs and dumps left? Edit: Speaking of dumps, please check if memory dump file (memory.dmp) was created in C:\Windows\
  9. 'TIS alt.view' hotkey- by default it should be Shift+Numpad* combo In-game FO party shares optics with M981; this means that optics is an AN/TVQ-2, which have clip-on AN/TAS-4 or AN/UAS-12 series thermal sight(same as TOW), which doesn't have any numerical displays to show range, grid or any other data.
  10. Now this gets more and more interesting... -Do you see this issue in SB Pro PE v4.157 or 4.159? -Can you upload the scenario, where you have this problem?
  11. Very strange... Ammo quantity is set 'unlimited', or you see the issue with limited supply of ammunition? Edit: 1) Please make sure, that you are not right-clicking or pressing 'Ctrl' once back in launcher view- this should and will activate the target lock disregarding of seeker's thermal channel cooling 2) Active target lock can be disengaged by 'Ctrl' hotkey or right mouse click... Or you can simply pan sight view off target- this will disable lock too
  12. Thanks, those problems are kind of known, but not easy to fix
  13. Thanks, we definitely will try to do something about this, but it is important to keep in mind that AI is not a human and relies on different routines to aim; In fact, you can see somewhat similar behavior in 4.0 from time to time.
  14. Thanks, those issues are filed now.
  15. This happens if there is a road junction, or ends of the road segments are overlapping each other. So yo need to precisely align segment, or try to use absolute heights. Well, if you are getting a CTDs, please send crash dump to @Ssnake via email, please.
  16. Yes, something definitely not Ok here...
  17. Yes, it should reduce amount of dust
  18. One other thing to consider- amount of dust created by explosions depends of the map theme settings for the each type of terrain present on given map. As far as I can see, a lot of stock maps have dustiness for the grass type of terrain set to zero or close to zero, so dust visuals will be very subdued or not visible. But if you don't see dust on desert maps, then there is a problem.
  19. Thanks, looks like those command line options have no effect indeed
  20. Ok, I will try to investigate, but can you please elaborate more- hatch remains open when reload is complete, or vehicle is just driving around with turret in TOW upload position? Edit 1: I was able to reproduce the problem. Please note- reloading just one missile is a normal behavior and AI will always do so if there is no enemy in sight or vehicle is not under fire; but driving with cargo hatch open if reload was interrupted by moving of the vehicle(or if vehicle is on the route with 'engage' tactics) is definitely no Ok. Edit 2: Problem is in the List(tm) now.
  21. Yes with dongle. Basically you have 2 ways to do this: 1) Just take dongle with you, and them plug it to your other PC. Easiest way, since with dongle you are not bound to particular computer, OS or hardware configuration. 2) Start licence server on first PC and access your license remotely from the second computer. This will require internet access for both computers, 1st computer will be left running potentially unattended(not a very good thing, in fact), then running license server and sharing license over internet may pose security risks.
  22. Actually, right now in the game if you are attempting to re-lase while LRF is not ready(LRF mark is not illuminated) sight resets to battlesight range(800 meters); this may give false impression of ability to lase with LRF capacitors not charged. So in this sense report is not valid, but guess, I need to try to investigate if indexed range really should reset to battlesight in case if LRF had 'not ready' status.
  23. Hmm, IMHO this position should not be available to the player
  24. Yes, this is correct- things were different in the past
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