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  1. Yes, this is correct- things were different in the past
  2. Yes! This a purpose of the palm switch- to prevent accidental moves.
  3. First of all- 'P' hokey is assigned by default is to 'PERI cancel', e.g. it would not allow movement by joystick as TC. PERI movement is not possible by joystick, if joystick button or keyboard hotkey assigned to 'Palm switch' function is not held pressed; by default there is no hotkey assigned to TC's 'palm switch'(so you need to do this yourself), but joystick button '5' have default 'palm switch' assignment. Also, if joystick have have application or tool to assign custom profiles to axes and buttons, it wouldn't hurt to check what is going on there- may be there is some conflict.
  4. -With joystick option enabled pressing palm switch prevents traverse and elevation at GNR's position; at TC's position this is vehicle-specific -With control handle option enabled you need to hold palm switch hotkey or button pressed down to enable traverse and elevation at gunner's position.
  5. This actually is vehicle-dependent. In some vehicles you need to keep hold palm switch button to pan sight view, while it is a bug in case of some others vehicles.
  6. Well, tutorials will not help here, but going through Controls list actually can: Leo-2's current defaults are JoyButton 3 for the Dynamic lead and JoyButton 5 for the Palm switch(GNR and TC). Also try to disconnect or disable joystick, and check, if you can see same issue while using keyboard and mouse.
  7. This is getting more and more interesting. Do you see this with mouse+ keyboard, or with joystick? Also, do you see issue with in-game some specific vehicle, or with few/many?
  8. No, your problem with inability to access KH/ZU/KW modes is definitely a bug, and users with joysticks are affected too
  9. Check controls setup, looks like 'Control handle' option is enabled instead of 'Joystick'.
  10. But if 4.023 was uninstalled before installation of 4.1, it would be much better not to attempt to install it back, since this would screw-up all stock scenarios. v.4.1 can be utilized to extract maps from legacy scenarios to the packages too...
  11. Old default 'dynamic lead' button was not consistent with palm switch, so controls mapping was changed. So this actually is not a bug, but I agree- this may be not very convenient.
  12. That's known, but not yet resolved problem
  13. You need to install 'Map Download Manager' v.19 after applying SB v.4.159 patch: http://dl.steelbeasts.com/MapDownloadSetupV19.exe
  14. See, in theory swap of CPU should not invalidate your time-based license. But there is still possibility, that swap of CPU will lead to re-installation of Windows; this should not happen normally, but it may happen... So it would not hurt if you contact Ssnake and coordinate some contingency plan.
  15. No, this a known issue... Surprisingly not that easy to fix. At this time only work-around is to open scenario in the Mission Editor, and to adjust quantity of ammo manually.
  16. No, if you mean fully playable vehicles with simulated crew stations
  17. Yes, IRL you need to do this, unless you ready to take risks like hitting your own gun barrel with missile immediately after launch, severing control wires and so on. So this why ПТР(ATGM) switch , if turned on, enables ATGM sight reticle power and switches stabilizer to stand-by mode.
  18. Do not move 'Steel beasts' folder Folders 'default', 'Default Map' and 'flat' are map packages and you need to move them to the 'Packages' If for some reason you are unable to change file path for the packages directory in SB's 'Options' and going to re-install SB, please make sure to set correct folder (C:\ProgramData\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\maps\Packages) to store maps during installation:
  19. Thanks, this issue is fixed(for the patch)
  20. Looks like x:\01 SB Maps is missing 'default' map package. To fix this, go to C:\ProgramData\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\maps\Packages, find 'default' folder there and copy it to x:\01 SB Maps. This should help, if during installation of v.4.1 default file path for the maps folder was used.
  21. So... 1) Go to C:\ProgramData\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\maps and create Packages folder there 2) Move all maps, e.g. all folders EXCEPT: Callsign Templates, Unit Templates, displayoptions, and, obviously maps, scenarios and operations from C:\ProgramData\eSim Games\Steel Beasts to C:\ProgramData\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\maps\Packages. 3) Start SB Pro PE v.4.1 as administrator, select Options and then File Paths and set a new file path for the packages folder e.g. C:\ProgramData\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\maps\Packages by clicking 'Map package folder' and selecting appropriate path in dialog which will open.
  22. This not the way how this function is supposed to work. I cannot reproduce the issue and at this moment only can suggest to check controls setup, and may be to revert it to defaults, because problem looks like key bindings conflict.
  23. Crash is something what shouldn't happen, and whole situation looks creepy; we definitely need to see your CrashDump files. Try to run SB in debug mode('Start'>'eSim Games' 'Trobleshooting'>'Steel Beasts Pro PE (debug)'), and once crash occurs, pick CrashDump file and send to us via email; also it would be nice to have a scenario file causing crash(if crash happened in your custom scenario).
  24. With default controls profile - 'N' to zoom in and 'Shift+N' to zoom out
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