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  1. Jartsev's post in 4.268 Leo 2A4 controls - KW, laser, ZÜ not working [as expected] was marked as the answer   
    From v3 release notes:
    again from v3 release notes:
    Mission briefing was not updated and does not reflect those changes
  2. Jartsev's post in Gigabytes of log files in version 4.267 was marked as the answer   
    Yes, you can delete those files. But at this point there is no certain setting option, which would  prevent collection of logs... And obviously, if for some reason if  you are running SB in debug mode(with command line parameter '--loglevel=TRACE') on regular basis, then logfiles will contain more data and will take more disc space.
  3. Jartsev's post in 4.268 - Tank range on M113-AS4, gives low score and 0% hit percentage was marked as the answer   
    This is known general problem with machine guns; unfortunately appears to be  not quite trivial to fix.
  4. Jartsev's post in Trouble with downloading was marked as the answer   
    Did you activated the new license? It doesn't get activated automatically just by the fact of purchase. Also please note,  that license must be activated only after installing SB and CodeMeter user runtime(comes with SB installer); here is a tutorial video with walk-through:
  5. Jartsev's post in Issue with Maps was marked as the answer   
    It is  hard to say what exactly went wrong  in your case, and I'd prefer not to make guesses here. Still you need to address the situation somehow and I'll suggest to check if  maps folder from your previous installation is still somewhere else on your computer(e.g. on  other drive, for example), unless you always utilized  default location C:\ProgramData\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\maps.
    If there  is an old folder found somewhere, you can define it as a new  file path  for maps:
    1) Make sure  that it contains 'Default' map package; if not-  copy-paste it there, since SB would not run without it.
    2) Launch SB as  administrator (right click on shortcut> More...>Run as Administrator)
    3) In the Main Menu pick 'Options', then  'File paths' and check  what address is listed there; probably it would be C:\ProgramData\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\maps
    4) Change location of map package folder by left-clicking 'Map Package Folder' line- dialog will pop-up,  navigate to required folder and confirm your selection by clicking 'Select' button
    If there no such  old folder found for whatever reason,  I'll suggest to re-install everything starting with SB Maps first, then SB Pro PE itself, and Map tools as a final touch. Running maps installer when everything else is already done was causing issues to some people in the past, so complete re-installation is a very time-consumable, but probably a safer option.
    It is also  worth to keep in mind, that optional Legacy Maps Installer places pre-4.1 maps only to C:\ProgramData\eSim Games\Steel Beasts\maps.
  6. Jartsev's post in Broken dongle was marked as the answer   
    Please  contact sales@esimgames.com; it is possible to replace broken CodeMeter stick (for a fee). Also it makes sense to run CmDust diagnostic utility and attach resulting log file to your email to sales, but please DO NOT post this log here, since it contain sensitive data.
  7. Jartsev's post in Windows Reinstall was marked as the answer   
    Hello. If you have a Classic License, then it would not be affected by re-installation of Windows, since license is stored on USB key and is not bound to your computer's hardware or operating system copy. After re-installing Windows  you would need to install SB Pro PE and a CodeMeter runtime (it is is included to SB installer anyway).
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