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  1. I have made sure the CV90 have ordinary MG and not the problematic M61 stuff and moved the spawning tanks waay back. Never had this crashing before so either it is a new SB bug or the ammo got changed for the MGs on the CV90
  2. Thanks - will be most welcome
  3. Thanks so next patch should sort it? I hate shouting at T90s rather than shoot them!
  4. In a couple of MP sessions recently I and others have had individual tanks that refuse to fire either with player gunner or AI gunner. The host can take over the tank and fire but when returning it to original owner same issue. So far finding it hard to tie down specifics but it is not every tank in a platoon and not just one scenario. Only commonality I have found so far is that I think it has been only M1A2. I appreciate AI will not fire at things like dead tanks but there is nothing to stop a human gunner doing so (except of course in these tanks.) I will continue t
  5. @Gibsonm but wont anything on platoon net not be recorded only stuff on company net? Otherwise would a whisper list work?
  6. Great mission - sorry Ronin I had to bail right at the end
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