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  1. Operacion La Seguridad

    Tentative - where needed
  2. Out this week - Dentist. Should that change I will let you know. Next week is Eye Hospital - all this as well as my major medical appointments! To think in September I was free of most of this! Have fun guys
  3. Steel Beasts "Summer Camp"

    I will say only from Dec 28 onwards and timing of GMT 1900 onwards, again subject to recovery from Ops. I know that is not a definate but as close as I can get
  4. MECH BG ATTACKS in Finland

    Where required
  5. Ad-hoc/Impromptu SB sessions

    If I can I will be there but would be a join in progress if not too late that it
  6. Guys - have had hell of a day at the Hospital today . They had a major incident with no power and bbackup power failed. Eventually grabbed a consultant for a discussion from his memory of my notes. MRI inconclusive so they (an me) still worried re Abscess or Cancer so 2 Ops in December which is not great but necessary. I need to sort some stuff out tomorrow and make some calls so if we go ahead I have to leave within 2 1/2 hours. If any session next week would expect to come along.
  7. Where needed - will try to last the scenario
  8. ..or have the threatened exploratory Op on Friday
  9. Mark - I will say I will be there for now. See specialist Weds so things might change in which case I will let you know
  10. Kanium 18nov18 game, "10 hour war"

    Tentative - wherever if I manage it
  11. Predictably all my Hospital Appointments seem to come on a Thursday. This week having Blood Tests and MRI scan so cannot attend which is a shame as I have 2 new missions