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  1. Great mission - sorry Ronin I had to bail right at the end
  2. Should be able to make it so where required but nowhere too vital in case I can't
  3. Thank you - slot me when you know where you are short
  4. Either - whatever you are short of - cannot find a manning list
  5. Good to have that confirmed, thanks.
  6. Assume this mean scripting for units when planning and NOT when building a scenario? As one I have just built seems to have Red moving OK when testing
  7. I upgraded after a struggle and now seems another upgrade required. Dont have the time for this so will give this week a miss. Update - I managed to reinstall again so will join - where required
  8. After extracting and starting install . I gave up and did it the old way since the new installer won't work for me
  9. OK thanks will look when I get back - off to do the shopping now
  10. My install fails as it says it cannot find CodeMeterRuntime64.exe. I have my stick inserted in PC.
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