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  1. Whilst the following will not be entirely free I can shuffle things around to a certain extent and my hours of maximum availability between 0800 -1600Z and sometimes 2000 -2200Z. Dates 24,27,31 Dec and 2,3 Jan
  2. Haha - have a great trip. With the shambles going on here no one would notice if they took them - no need for any military operation! Also what British warships - we scrapped nearly all of them.
  3. Sorry out this week. I have Grandkids an extra day so will be on school run for up to first half of timeslot
  4. I will be there although have to take wife to garage and then work but should be ok assuming no major traffic jams
  5. Might be back in time - if I get there will slot in an any vacant seat
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