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  1. Where needed - as usual I cannot be 100% that I can make it so stick me anywhere
  2. Great game - sorry had tpo go early. Wife unwell and needed to go to bed early so I couldn't really keep talking into mike if she was trying to slkeep and it looked like it had a way to go
  3. Where reqd - won't volunteer to Co as not 100%
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Excerpts of the battalion commander's orders for... CG14 Plug The Zierow Gap 1) SITUATION: April 2003 8AM a) Enemy: Enemy Forces have forced their way through the Zierow Gap to the West using the only 2 major roads passing through the Gap - Routes 23 and 24. Being the Larger road Route 24 is likely to have more traffic entering your AO Other smaller routes are being untilised so not all enemy are on these routes. However their main force will use these roads in subsequent days Some units are already through and spreading out as a shield for following forces. Mainly T80 and some T90 with BMP3 support have been reported by Air Recon with a forward screen of Recon and Inf b) Own: All we have been able to scrape together is 2 x PLT Leo 2A6, 1 xPLT CV 90-40 (Inf and by some miracle we have rustled up some Javelins!). Another 1 x PLT of Leo 2A6 is en route c) Attachments and detachments: 1 x ARV, 1 x Ambulance, Supply, and 1 X 6 gun battery of fire support Command are going to try to airlift 2 x AT (TOW) teams in to your AO and will advise if available.These might be useful to protect vulnerable flanks. 2) MISSION: You need to Occupy the marked Objectives which are the road exits from the Zierow Gap - even if some enemy forces are bypassed to do so However only do so if you will not be engaged from the rear
  5. Will do - shame as the scenario is working out very well. Mac put a lot of effort into the plan. Enjoyed working with Sean as well
  6. Guys A slight problem. I think Red is going to pull the plug within 10 mins owing to losses of objectives and fighting strength. It seem I need to tweak his response as we are going to win before counter attack which is great but reduces the scenario, I can fix for V3 ( Will give an hour now) Not sure what you want to do
  7. Version 1.0.0


    1) SITUATION: 7AM 20 August 2010 Weather Clear a) Enemy: OPFOR have cut off sections of the front in confused fighting over the last week and isolated an important dump of non convential munitions. Their forces block the most direct routes back into our lines. Composition of enemy is likely to be T80 or T72 with a possibility of T90 given the mixed up nature of recent fighting Infantry support with BMP2 and possible Missile teams may also be present b) Own: Your Task Force was slipped through enemy lines yesterday and secured the Arms Dump. The warheads have been loaded onto 12 vehicles for transport into friendly lines. You have 3 x PLT M1A2(SEP) 3 x PLT M3 Bradley Scout, Logistics support plus 1 x UH60 with 1 x Inf Squad and 1x FO c) 1 x Battery of Indirect Fire Support is available 2) MISSION: You are to fight through the enemy cordon and we must evacuate at least half (6) of the trucks into either/both safe areas. There is no time limit 3) EXECUTION: The marked roues are not compulsory but Recon untis inserted yesterday confirm these are free of mines or IEDs Enemy forces are also present to either flank and are likley to be called upon as we break into the enemy positions - watch your flanks!
  8. Version 1.0.0


    1) SITUATION: Aug 2001 Time 1600 Weather Rain steadily clearing a) Enemy: Enemy forces crossed the Albach 2 days ago and are consolidating their positions. Force consists of approx 3 Coy T72m4 and 2 Coy Inf with some BMP. As they have been in place for 2 days some prepared defences on major approaches to the river are to be expected with infantry and missile teams possible To the East of the Albach we have spotted another 2 Coy of Tanks which might move to resist our crossing b) Own: You have 2xCoy Leo2A5 and 1xCoy CV90NL A further 1xCoy of Leo 2A5 and 1xCoy of CV90 are struggling through refugee traffic to the rear and will join as soon as possible - hopefully by the time you are across PL Spear CV90 carry Inf and LMG although we have rounded up a few Dragon systems as well c) Attachments and detachments: You have a full suite of support and engineer assets You have Indirect Fire Support 3 x 6 tubes (HE,Smoke and ICM) 2) MISSION: You are to seize and hold river crossings over the Albach at Westrau and Oldeslohe. This will reverse the tactical situation and give us the opportunity for follow on forces to exploit into the enemy's vulnerable rear areas 3) EXECUTION: [Finally: The player's mission] Seize and hold river crossings at Westrau and Oldeslohe. a) Concept of Operation: Whilst you should initially take a measured approach to operations (at least until you have established where enemy main resistance is centered) enemy reinforcements may be sent if we become bogged down in prolonged operations. Minefields are likely as briefed above. Whilst you have Plow tanks and AEV support, initially seek to bypass these unless breaching them will assist your tactical operations. Suspected position of minefields are from incomplete reconnaisance and are not exhustive (Otherwise follow on forces will clear them)
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