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  1. I would echo what @Gibsonm says. Units act differently with same triggers which seems illogical for computer controlled units. We can both run exactly the same scenario and get very different behaviour. Next time I will have a particular look at the battle position locations. Be interested to see what others are experiencing. In addition , probably since last couple of updates spawning is not always consistent. I have units due to spawn given a condition OR after mission time exceeds X. On occasion they simply do not spawn. I can send an AAR when I next encounter it.
  2. Can probably attend so stick me in MechInf somewhere out of the way.
  3. Going to see if I can do a session - stick me somewhere where reqd - mech or something
  4. I have about 80 scenarios all with OPFOR AI - sizes vary and you will need my mappack to ensure you have all the maps. If required can upload to my Google drive and provide links
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