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  1. Great fun all - new version send via PM. Thanks yet again Mark
  2. Version 2.0.0


    Part 2 of 2 1) SITUATION: Following our defeat of the Rebels and their 'Volunteer' support in the West of the Island we are now ready to move forward and complete the liberation of the Island. Enemy continue to land forces from their second wave at the port a) Enemy: Having disposed of the local forces we are now faced with clearing the more capable 'Volunteer' units which continue to disembark at Port Kyrounis. We understand that 3 companies of T72m4 of the enemy second wave have landed with accompanying infantry (estimated 3 to 4 Coy). Much of the infantry has been widely deployed on higher ground or covering likely avenues of approach to the port although a Coy strength is possibly BMP2 mounted. Given the size of the enemy Task Force it is likely 2 further Tank Coys have yet to be unloaded The remaining Separatist leaders are thought to be sheltering at the Port and no special attempt to capture them should be made. Again the enemy has limited Indirect Fire Support Air defences are thought to be in place around the port The situation is fluid in that as enemy forces deploy from the port area they are likely to be spreading out and can be expected to attack from a variety of directions. Therefore you should retain the ability to react to flank attacks FLASH UPDATE: Current drone recon shows latest ship to arrive at Port Kyrounis as having approx Coy strength T90 on deck. Scripted enemy
  3. Version 3.0.0


    Part 1 of 2 Excerpts of the battalion commander's orders for... CG7 Island Liberation May 2018 4.00AM Visibility initially hazy but quickly burning off to 3000 m plus 1) SITUATION: Following the collapse of the mainland government, rebels have seized government military assets and declared independance. However the uprising lacks popular support being largely instigated by Russia who seeks a futher Mediterranean port. Whilst local rebel forces are equipped with T 62 and older equipment they have suddenly acquired a good number of more modern T 72, crewed and supported by 'volunteers'. A US led Taskforce has arrived off the Island with the intention of restoring Government control. A depth bridghead is to be created before additonal enemy forces can consolidate their hold on the Island a)Enemy: Whilst local rebel forces are equipped with T62 and older equipment they have suddenly acquired a good number of more modern T72m4 crewed and supported by 'volunteers'. The newer equipment is based in the Eastern side of the Island and may take a little time to deploy at least part of the force to our AO. Immediate opposition is expected to be the local breakway rebel forces and irregulars. Estimated the Rebel forces have approx 2 Coy T62, supported by up to a Coy of BMD with independant Infantry teams around the objectives and other built up areas. As this is a loosely organized Rebel force precise organisational details have been hard to come by Scriped enemy
  4. Version 5.0.0


    ) SITUATION: 8AM April 2005 Initial conditions Heavy rain estimated clearing in about an hour a) Enemy: Red have been causing very heavy casualties to our air assets using this air corridor for this AO. It seems there is a heavy concentration of mobile SA19 batteries. Heavy enemy armoured units are also scattered around the area regrouping. T72 have been identified but, unfortunately no accurate aerial recon has been possible owing to the SA19 units. As these are High Value Units t90 may also be deployed as local security b) Own: Under cover of a weather front we have managed to close up your force in order to conduct a search and destroy operation. You have 4 xPlt Leo 2A6 and 2 xPlt of Marder (Inf and Milan). There is a possibilty of an additional 1x2A6 and 1xMarder to support c) Logistics units attached together with 2 x 6 tubes of artillery 2) MISSION: You are to sweep the area and neutralize the SA19 mobile batteries. HQ believes there are 2 -3 in this area. Points of interest are marked where they have operated from in the recent past. All have full scripted Red AI forces
  5. Version 5.0.0


    Next in my series of scenarios 1) SITUATION: a) Enemy: Red are conducting a hasty retreat accross the Bretton River to the North. They have rearguard forces covering the last of their withdrawing units after which they are likely to blow the bridges and establish a defence line along the river. Enemy Forces consist of T72 but may have elements of T80 with BMP2 The 2 minor bridges between the Objectives are either mined or covered by abatis and as you have insufficient engineering assets at ths time, will not be passable b) Own: You have a Coy of M1A1 and a Coy of M2 with support. c) 1 battery of 6 tubes is available for fire support 2) MISSION: You are to attack and seize Biedenbeck Bridge to prevent its destruction and allow Friendly Mainforce to cross and continue the advance. You need to have at least 1xPLT strength in the area for 3 mins with no enemy AFV present You will also need to clear Bretton of enemy AFVs as we do not wish to leave mobile forces in our rear. Remaining enemy infantry can be mopped up later.
  6. Version 10.0.0


    This is a guide to my scenarios which I am uploading summarizing size, composition etc All have full Red AI forces
  7. Version 4.0.0


    Next in my scenario set CG03 Seize the Airport v3 for 4.023 < 1) SITUATION: a) Enemy: Red advance forces have seized the airport as a base for flying in heavy equipment and reinforcements. Further Red ground forces are thought to be approaching the AO as of now to link up with this force. The initial assault force at the airbase is thought to be mainly light vehicles (BMD, BRDM) with Inf and potentially missile teams. Armour, if any, will consist of PT76 tanks Expect Red ground forces approaching from the West to link up with the enemy forward elements. Intelligence suggests this will be 4 x Coy strength largely T90 with some T72m4 b) Own: Task Force Alpha You have 3 Plts M1A1(HA) and 3 plts M2 with support of a section of M3 for recon. Possibility that lead PLT of 1C (M1A1(HA) may reach you during the operation. They will contact you if or when they reach the AO Fire Support is 3 Batteries of 6 tubes each Infantry Mounted in M2 consists of Inf plus 3 Javelin teams per Platoon 2) MISSION: You are to seize the Airport and hold it against enemy forces to prevent its use as a base to bring in further forces. Sucess will be deemed as holding the airport for 20 mins and/or enemy forces are too weak to take it back without further reinforcement
  8. Version 4.0.0


    ) SITUATION: a) Enemy: Enemy Forces have paused to regroup and pass through follow on units and are making sure major towns and areas of interest are regularily patrolled. Initial forces will be a local security screen with potentially a Tanl PLT as local support. Reaction forces thought to be in adjacent sectors of the front to the N and E may amount to 4 Coy Tank and some Mech Inf depending on what local enemy commanders make of our assault . Equipment is thought to be T90 and BMP2 b) Own: You have a reinforced Company of Tanks with a Coy of PzrGr Support. Co of the PzrGdr has been killed and unit is commanded by the XO and as such falls under your command. You have limited indirect fires of 2 batteries of 6 tubes. Possiblity of a follow on mixed company to reinforce success should you establish forces across PL Jackal c) Pzr Gdr Plts consist 3 xMarder loading 3xMilan 5xInf 2) MISSION: You are to secure Route Blue and Seize Heringen. Securing Route Blue constitutes endgame ability to pass follow on forces up Route Blue free from direct enemy fire.
  9. Version 3.0.0


    ) SITUATION: a) Enemy: OPFOR units have been reported probing up the valley with a view to outflanking our forces moving forward to the North. You are to confirm that the report is true before friendly forces will be diverted to blocking the probe. Reported as a mix of T80/90 with Mech Inf attached. Strength unconfirmed but potentially 4+ Coy. b) Own: Initial Blue forces consist of 3 secs Cav with a Tank Co in support and currently re arming to the rear at Messenkamp 2) MISSION: You are to reconnoiter forward to identify any enemy forces moving no further than PL Kestrel. Withdraw as necessary to keep enemy under observation employing dismounted infantry as required. It is not the intention that the Recon should engage any enemy tank force except to assist their own withdrawal. Move to covert observation immediately on contact with any main force.
  10. However I am just putting the finishing touches to a new mission which I will bring along when I am next in.
  11. Sorry this week wife on holiday and next week I am helping install a shower
  12. Somewhere I cannot do too much harm
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