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  1. No problems Mark. If anyone definately wants to do something say in next hour, otherwise will leave it this week on go on turbo earlier
  2. Fingers crossed - might be able to do from time to time
  3. And still we couldn't take the objective! Oh well we will do better next time
  4. Sorry going to back out for tonight. Have cold and a chest infection and practically no voice so would be useless
  5. Whilst the following will not be entirely free I can shuffle things around to a certain extent and my hours of maximum availability between 0800 -1600Z and sometimes 2000 -2200Z. Dates 24,27,31 Dec and 2,3 Jan
  6. Haha - have a great trip. With the shambles going on here no one would notice if they took them - no need for any military operation! Also what British warships - we scrapped nearly all of them.
  7. Sorry out this week. I have Grandkids an extra day so will be on school run for up to first half of timeslot
  8. I will be there although have to take wife to garage and then work but should be ok assuming no major traffic jams
  9. Might be back in time - if I get there will slot in an any vacant seat
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