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  1. Where required when you see where the gaps are
  2. Oh that is a nice surprise! And Rico is re-joining us so lets hope O.Schmidt makes a us a team! Sorry Grenny I know that is a big task for you!
  3. I might as well pick up on C23 again although the PC is immobilized but not right to hand on to some other poor person
  4. Will join if I feel up to it so have me as a reserve to fill a quiet slot somewhere
  5. At last someone has shown me how to retrofit Kanium callsigns to a scenario. As a result the 4th Mission in the campaign will have Kanium callsigns
  6. My apologies to all if the scenario naming has been confusing to you. Scenario was not made specifically for Kanium and my newer scenarios now have Kanium callsigns. If I find a way to retrofit them I will. Appreciate wether to enjoy my missions is a matter of personal choice but I just wanted to help out other mission builders.
  7. Are we too short of crews for this now as Ronin says he cannot attend owing to wife being called into work?
  8. I don't think anything too advanced - outbreak of hostilities too sudden to issue although NVG seem to be fitted and they have Thermals. Recon job is to cover frontage, penetrate enemy recon screen, identify axis of attack and then find somewhere safe! Shortly after that our main force will be arriving for manning. CO has use of a VAMTAC with UAV
  9. I need a PLT Co for Mech but also a UAV operator - I guess we can see where the need is greatest but Mech PLT priority
  10. Where required but time for someone else to do CO I think. Also manning list has omitted the attached scout PLT of CV90B as needing manning initially rather than a reserve. You could place one of the other CV90 PLT in reserve.
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