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  1. Right, ok But there are still people here with access to Professional version, that takes map requests? I'm fairly confident if I tried preparing the data necessary myself, it'd be utter bollocks in the end, and I don't have access to Professional version anyways. If I get the right DTM/DTED data and ESRI shape files available via Google Disk, is there anyone that can handle that? I understand it can take some time to get something like this done, of course. As I understand it, anything above 60 Degrees latitude has been out of the question due to lack of height data.
  2. Ok. DTM 10 is available, but there's still a question about project formats and compression. Btw, would DTM 30 be too coarse? Project format has USGS DEM and GeoTIFF as options, although for some reason I get an error message whenever I choose USGS DEM. Compression has NONE, LZW and LZ77 as options. If you go to the dark grey "toolbar" at the top, there's a globe in the upper right hand corner that gives you the option of english language on the page, btw.
  3. So I see that someone asked about a Norwegian map some time ago, and one of the issues was the lack of height data above 60 Degrees latitude. Correct me if I'm wrong. Anyways, while the SRTM data does not cover the higher latitudes, I have found some height data for the northern areas of Norway on a Norwegian website. But, I'm not that well versed in what file formats, data formats and whatnot is needed for usable height models. I would appreciate it if someone that knows what they're doing (ie not me) could have a look at the page and the available formats and options, and give some
  4. I actually started to worry when I got that priority letter, I didn't see it until after I got back from my Christmas holiday, and thought: "Oh ****, what have I forgotten to pay/sort out now..." Very nice surprise, thank you, not what I've seen done from any other company!
  5. Not much, I'm afraid I took the picture years ago, in the main cavalry base in south-eastern Norway (Trandum), while I was doing the NCO course there. It was painted up for a commercial by the state lottery, or something like that. And of course, I can't find the video right now...
  6. Any chance of getting these made....?
  7. Awesome, thanks for answers! Sounds good, pretty much the only way I can try to recruit some of my friends
  8. Got my ancient 1.14 (...I think it was...) CM stick updated to 1.18 easily enough here, AND got the PE 3.0 license installed on first try. I've ordered a new CM stick with 3.0 license on it, but it hasn't arrived yet, so I thought I'd try to update my existing stick with the 3.0 license. Esim sent a link to the 3.0 license, and that worked out great after the firmware update. Downloading SB torrent as we speak. Looking forward to getting back into it, after waaay too long doing reallife stuff. One question though: I got SB Pro PE back in 2006, and that license still resides on the CM stick, a
  9. Anyone here into RC tanks? I'm building a Tamiya 1/16th scale Leopard 2 A6 now, on my very limited spare time, and I gotta say its an awesome kit. Big package, heavy kit, lots of options too...some 3rd party as well, like metal tracks and metal idler/roadwheels. Main gun stabilizer and IR Battle system (for use against other Tamiya RC-tanks with same option) is also available as Tamiya options. The kit has incredible detailing, and the parts are quite tough, hull is mostly ABS I think. Gearbox is detailed, and have two 540-type electric motors, one for turning and for forward/reverse. The DMD-
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