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  1. Problem resolution: When I first uninstalled the SBPro Software, I made no effort to manually remove all of the esim folders on my system and the problem persisted when I reinstalled the software. I just went back and removed all of the esim folders I could locate on my computer, including on OneDrive, and then reinstalled the SBPro and Codemaster Software. The SBPro software is now up and running, to my great relief. Many thanks to all of you who suggested strategies to resolve my problem.
  2. Installed SBProPE64 on my Win10 system last week and it was running well until this morning. This morning the game won't even load the first intro window; all I get is a little blue, spinning circle. I completely uninstalled the software and reinstalled it after running CCleaner. No change. I then turned off my virus protection software. No change. I tried starting the program from the application file in the Program Files folder. No change. Do you have any suggestions of how I should continue in my effort to get the software up and running? Thanks so much for your help.
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