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  1. Like I said, I appreciate the support. But the game wont be showcased anymore with the channel. Kids with skittles can be a dangerous thing lol! Thanks Assassin, all the best. M
  2. 1- Your point? 2- i7 4770K is still roughly $355 here in canada. if that isnt the building blocks to a higher end PC..... 3- I explained my reasons. not chomping at the bit on that. I wasnt there to showcase the update. 4 - I wasnt going to go into an AAR talking about damage modelling if I dont know about it, 5- LOL! So I am supposed to now showcase a community who is quite happy to jump on my head the moment ONE stream goes wrong.......?? 6- The video wasnt multiplayer though was it, because imagine the shit show of trying to make that work with other people too. Plus the update was only given to me as far as I know, so how would that have worked? And if I had done the mission editor, then it would have been boring as sin.
  3. The lesson learnt for me is. Don't place footage of SB pro on the channel anymore lol. Seems to me like the community has had a bee in its bonnet beyond just the streamed content lol! So to prevent further "exposure" to the Youtube world of such bad tactics, skills, product description Ill just not publish it. Damage control only goes so far when someone truly believes that the "damage" made to a product isnt a big deal (which in this case, isnt). To me I am still getting the sense that you think Im some screw up who cant apply patches. So Ill just accept that and move on. As for my sense of tactics and skills in game, sure, I suck lol I will take that also. I wish I was only as "professional" as the game title states as some of the members in this community 🙂 Thanks again to those who supported my content. I appreciate it. Enjoy your highly tactical, realistic and strategic multiplayer gameplay! 🙂 Regards M
  4. Thanks for your reply. I appreciate the fact that I haven't pissed on everyone's Weetabix. But I wont lie I am a little disheartened in general over the fact people are so negative over it. So the video has been taken down. Im not here to frustrate anyone. So to save face for the game more than me, its down. Future footage will be "pre screened" now with people prior to release. Other than the Area 51 footage which was again for fun. In the 4.0 status. I wont remove that. No way.
  5. Oh and dont worry. Your wish is my command.
  6. Ok, so I don't come on here often to debate and chat on the forums as I have seen where it can go sometimes. But when people are privately contacting me telling me that people are calling me out, I'm a little taken back. Firstly, SSnake, if you have a concerns with my stream and my: "Matsimus bashed together in his zero preparation stream." or the fact I did not have a patch installed "even downright misleading in a case where a certain patch is not applied as explicitly instructed." then maybe come speak to me and tell me that. I have worked hard to assist trying to sell your product and promote this community. Little shocked to see that kind of dialogue coming to light. Secondly, as I mentioned in the beginning of the stream, the stream was not there to showcase the new update but merely INFORM people it was close to coming out and that I had started to take a look at it. I did not want to disclose too much for a few reasons. I just wanted to play the game and even said that MANY times as per 4.0. The reasons I did not want to focus on the updates are: - I had been away from SB Pro for some time and therefore had not been able to get fully settled back into the game. Sadly I don't have the time to relearn the game heavily. Maybe I have always sucked, I will accept that. - Just like a kid at Xmas I wanted to ensure the community had the chance to be excited and be in a place where things were not spoiled - I was out of respect wanting to make sure I did not misinform the community of the features as I don't do well reading from a list of features and then explaining them if I did not make them - The stream was meant to PROMOTE THE GAME. Not showcase the update. And considering the number of people watching (250 or so) and the questions being asked about where to buy it.....I think I succeeded. - I knew that if I showcased things that I got wrong, things like this would happen, and the community would be upset. Which clearly from the sounds of it....some are. - Finally I wanted to ensure that the people watching the stream focused on the fact that its not all about serious tactics and strategy. Its nice to enjoy the game in a way where I am not being called out for making a wrong move or decision. Its called fun and that's what I do when I come on to play games. Enjoy them. Hell, I could of spent 3 hours talking about how I would create my battle plan and discuss the AAR etc etc. But guess what, most people want to watch interesting game-play. Not tactics which they can learn as they play with us as a community. I have done NOTHING but love this game and respect those who play it in this community. It seems like maybe I am doing something wrong where people don't agree. Fair enough, this is a open forum and I appreciate criticism. The FPS were not fixed with the patch, to me its not a big deal......its a game, it will get sorted one way or another. I installed everything again, reinstalled, removed the game completely and reset. No change, I was losing FPS. My computer is not a potato either. But I find it fascinating that I am being called out for it by so many. Its safe to say that future updates and showcasing of this game will not be coming towards me. I accept that and understand that maybe it was not the best introduction to 4.1. Is that my fault? Maybe. But I'm not sure coming here to light me up about it is the best option. Lots of YouTubers can be given this update and game and showcase it for you guys. I would welcome that they do it. As clearly I am not doing things right. Lets hope future content I produce for SB pro is up to your standards. Regards Matt J Matsimus
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