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  1. This was in my archives. Perhaps it might be helpful. Blauheim.ter
  2. When I was an M113 driver, when the terms were used in our motorpool, 'dead' track shoes were those whose bushings had worn to the point that they needed to be replaced. Checking the space between the shoes with an oddly shaped gauge to measure the amount of wear was part of the operator's level PMCS checks.
  3. I don't know if this will be of any help, but maybe --- The intent to that first scenario was to replicate the value of the 'Tanks' scenario from SB1. That scenario consisted of a single player tank on a small plot of rolling terrain and nine enemy tanks that moved around in a semi-random pattern. It was very helpful in learning how to maneuver using terrain and avoiding skylining, et cetera. The point of the first Camp Hornfelt mission was to try provide something similar but with a platoon rather than just a single vehicle. The point was to distinguish when different movement techniques would be appropriate -- e.g., travelling or bounding with overwatch by sections. The way the scenario is constructed is to spawn enemy by time. The spawning is semi-random to allow for re-playability. The longer it takes for the platoon to approach the objective, the more heavily it will be defended. Move boldly, but don't get rash. More caution is wise as the objective is approached, but don't dither around getting there. Also, if I recall correctly, smoke is your friend, call for some every now and then. Cheers.
  4. Not a training camp, but this might be interesting for you, especially with the upgraded BRDM2 model.
  5. "I can go back even further then that. I actually played this in the arcades back in the day. LoL" Gunner, Battlesight Saucer. Fire. We're taking fire. Permission to retreat? Tanki vpered! Hero, First Class. I wanna be an M1 when I grow up.
  6. Well Hinesville wasn't much of anything special. The spring and summer that I was there, a group of us would drive down to Daytona Beach on weekends as often as possible.
  7. When I was in Hinesville, most cav troopers drank at Ronnie's Place, irrc. Myself, I spent too much time at a buy-me-drinkee bar called the Holaday Lounge or something like that.
  8. My first permanent party station after 19D OSUT was 24 ID, 2/9 CAV 84-85.
  9. There should only be a couple dismounts in an M3. They won't be able to carry more than the AT-4. Also the brevity codes for the platoons within the cav troops, red, white, blue, green, black; 1st, 2d, 3d, 4th, HQ. 1st and 3d were scouts, 2d and 4th were tanks.
  10. FYI: Brevity call signs for 3rd Squadron were: Sqn = Bandit, I = Invader, (no Juliet Troop, for semi-obvious reasons), K = Killer, L = Leadhorse, M (tank company) = Mauler, How Batt = Gunsmoke.
  11. Given the interest that the Hornfelt scenarios have had, I'd think that your idea would get good traction.
  12. GaryOwen


    When I was in the 11th ACR, the bumper numbers for the scout platoons were: X1 plt ldr, X4 plt sgt, X2 & X3 were wingmen (we called this the first section), X5 & X6 were wingmen (and this was called the second section). The squadron commander and the S-3 (Operations Officer) each had an assigned Bradley, HQ-66 & HQ-33, respectively.
  13. GaryOwen


    Invader, I was in Leadhorse Blue.
  14. Have they yet figured out how to code the stowing of Bradley missile launchers?
  15. Aye, and they let the wee lassies out for a bit o' sunshine.
  16. Overheard during Phoenix, Arizona Marine Week.
  17. Yep, that's the spot. I took that photo during a walkabout one weekend from Bad Hersfeld to Bad Salzungen.
  18. Old tower at Vacha/Philippsthal. I just spent a couple hours on Skype with a friend who grew up down the street from that bridge.
  19. http://1stusvcav.com/Techniques/Move/movement_techniques.html This page might still work.
  20. I read this some years ago. It seemed thorough at the time. The author, though not the particular work, is cited in the first linked article. http://www.amazon.com/Arabs-War-Military-Effectiveness-1948-1991/dp/0803287836/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1426297666&sr=1-1&keywords=arabs+at+war
  21. Well, darn. I was hoping that maybe you could do a trade with them. Their active defense system data for an algorithm to stow missile launchers when vehicles move.
  22. Or somebody could just pick up a copy of Combat Mission Black Sea and reverse engineer their data.
  23. GaryOwen


    To be honest, I never did make it all the way through "Lebanon." I turned it off during the scene with the extra person in the turret. "Waltz with Bashir," however, has the same general subject matter, yet is an excellent study of post-traumatic stress.
  24. GaryOwen


    "Tank" had the Rockford Files guy, much cooler than Wardaddy Pitt. And "Tankgirl," iirc, had a morphing AMX-13 and a postapocalyptic kangaroo-rapper hybrid.
  25. GaryOwen


    Yeah, the question isn't whether Fury is a good tank movie, but rather is it worse than Lebanon?
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