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  1. So I can attach all the units of the same platoon to the leader, then just order the leader to move, and all should follow? I tried that when accessing the map pressing F5, nothing seemed to happen, or any indication a unit was attached
  2. Hey guys, I haven't played in a bit and I seem a bit rusty. How do I control multiple units at once? It seems when I go to map, I can only order one unit at a time to move to a location. I can't drag the mouse, select multiple vehicles, and tell them to arrive somewhere. Thanks!
  3. Hello, I created these two scenarios for myself. There the kind of missions I personally enjoy, where you are outnumbered, outmanned, but are in an excellent defensive position against determined advancing Soviet armor. I figured others might enjoy them too. They are under "difficult single player scenarios" named Massive Ambush and Vanguard. Vanilla SB Pro will be fine. If you enjoy them leave a comment, I might release my others
  4. Version 1.0.0


    It's now the third week of World War 3... On an unknown hill, in an easily forgettable area of West Germany, you brilliantly managed to position the remnants of your armored battalion, during the dead of night, on a strategic vantage point above an unexpected Soviet Armored Division. NOTE: This scenario has over 200+ enemy AFVs, and is only recommended if you have a high performance PC.
  5. fartsicle


    Version 1.0.0


    Alternative universe where the Soviets launched a massive attack in the mid 80s. Initial NATO defensive lines are crushed. NATO sacrifices a small unit of rat tag defenders to slow down a Soviet spearhead so NATO can setup a better situated defensive position. You are this desperate unit, where you will most likely die. You are piloting, one of two M1A2 prototype tanks at time of the invasion for trials. Fun defensive mission, lots of casualties, don't look for historically modeled units, look for a large desperate battle instead. The mission ends when you decide it doe
  6. Hello, I'm learning how to pilot the m2-m3 Bradley. When I press "m" I change to my coax cannon. The problem is, I can't switch back to main gun like I can in all the previous vehicles I've been in by simply pressing "m" again. Why is it stuck? thanks!
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