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  1. OS is also on my C drive (which is historically reasonable), Windows gives you a utility to move the Documents folder. I moved mine to my J drive (very large capacity), it works fine, any program can find it since it was moved by OS and I didn't have to mess with a symlink or etc.
  2. Re-engage seems appropriate to me. The automatic defense envelope of target is part of the target - hence the re-engage command.
  3. one of those files were left from v17, you can look in the log.txt files and you will notice the version no. 17, I set mine to install in the larger drive just as I did the legacy maps.
  4. So, where is the mentioned 4.157 patch hidden, if we don't want to download the whole 4.159? ** never mind, in my case I already had it downloaded, yet I don't see where somebody else needs it.
  5. Well done EI_Chacho! Thanks for the reveal!
  6. Why does this happen? (you do not have permission) Before the Forum change, I got this all the time. Since forum change it didn't ever happen again, until this post, now I get it all the time again, and yes I'm logged in.
  7. Chassis movement while driving in deep snow was impressive. It's maybe a small thing, as far as combat simulation but it shows the love...........something we have come to subconsciously expect from eSim.
  8. Jumping Jehoshaphat!! I thought we would never get anywhere close to such realism! I'm so hyped, I may go out a purchase my first kitty-cat - I'm so psyched. Totally freaked to see we can finally carry "grunts" on exterior of tank. Did I mention that I was historically excited and totally overcome with heart flutters?
  9. Best 5 min. and 10 seconds I have experienced this morning. Very nice. Thank you dascal, for the mod and vid and background music.
  10. Fantastic camera work, was surprised you could keep the main content focused!
  11. Just my personal opinion, but beta releases have never really done a thing for community posting atmosphere, this community (I don't think) would advance it's cause with a beta release. Summary: Beta release= can of worms.
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