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  1. MCCoy here, im been off cuz alot of reasons and I have Played alot on singel and will play alot more.
  2. i would like to have some LEO whatever i can have
  3. I really hope soon. BUT I think we need to set upp some dates when one of each of us can. For my consern I think same time and date doesn´t mather for me
  4. I think i have maked almost everyone in Co C to joine the game and we are good to go.
  5. Well then we have a Co C and the CSS ready and up for gaming. Now we need Co A, B, D to confirm and set a date when the battle shall began. I hope we could make it, and for my consern it really don´t mather if I have same Pluton commanders, but it would be more fun if they rotate??!!?!
  6. When will we run such a large scenario again? I think we can do again soon. It was so fun EXCEPT that my computer hang. I understand that it requires much planning behind it all. Given that all governors Co. got kicked from the server. For my part, it would have been fun if we played the same scenario again. I got kicked from the server, so in my case, I could sit as Co C again, and other gaming co commander could maybe rotate, also platoon leaders.
  7. swedish tank company for me then.
  8. See you next Saturday, as your CO. Happy fucking new year mates!
  9. Thanks for this game. I whant to say sory for my crapy CO that I missed to complete the mission in the blue team. But I would really whant to try go CO next time to. HOPEFULLY WITH BETTER STATS
  10. McCoy

    network error.

    Gibson I have KingTiger here tonight with his computer, my question are if I could use your licens at the Friday TGIF?
  11. McCoy

    network error.

    Im so sory FORGOT to say THANKS for using your licens in the maintime we correct some issues. THANKS
  12. McCoy

    network error.

    ITS WOOORKING, with your IP Gibsonm. Thanks you so much very greatful. I will try with KingTiger tomorow with is IP. I tryied my aims today, first time I had 12.2 sec 65% hehe very bad. Then I change my sitting possition and had 4.3 my secund time shooting.
  13. OKey boys on the 25:th im going to buy SB pro PE, And ofcourse I would like to join some online game. So does anyone have any idee when online games starts?? If you have like few days a week when you play or I just have to wait and hope for a online game to come up??? Se ya out there //McCoy
  14. Is there anyone who play SB1 IF SO: Time? Day?
  15. McCoy

    SB 1

    Is there anyone hwo still play SB 1?? If so does antone play online? Day? Time? I would like to join in! =)
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