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  1. thanks to esims for getting the game in my hands today! i played very quickly with a few of the new vehicles - barely scratching the surface - and love the particle effects and flames! looks amazing! my live stream ended shorty after your store opened its doors - i highly encourage everyone to pick up a copy as soon as practicable. Thanks again esims!
  2. Now THATS some business integrity there. You could've exploited our desperation... but instead you turned that off until the whole store opens. thumbs up!
  3. For the lucky prize draw winners, will the sim be ready to go upon install? im asking because if so, I may well be amongst the first to play today which would be awesome! for those interested, I'll be on discord at my channel doing an install party and (if I can get my PC to cooperate) a live steam! I'm afk for dinner at this time channel here: https://discord.gg/xXH4U
  4. AFAIK, you cannot, but i would defer to the experts; however, if that isnt an option for some reason, perhaps a friend of yours can buy your licence and settle with them?
  5. not seen here either. DNS propagation for the win lol. direct link for torrent if available? well played, Rotareneg!
  6. Haha was more thinking of the scene inside the esims control office:
  7. These emails are separate from the usual; I'm fairly certain they set them up for this (or a member of the team has had the most epic prank played upon them lol)
  8. Hey if he would rather pay than try to win a prize that's his call; as I said earlier, I would have bought the update when it goes live anyway; just means that instead I don't have to hide the credit card billboard now lol
  9. I won't state here; that's kinda against the spirit of the competition. Read the release notes, the various email addresses and instruction to enter are mixed in amongst the the notes - you gotta hunt them down!
  10. Guys, might be an idea to stop spamming the esims site while they do work on it... I'm sure the engineers work will be quicker if we stop handing 100s of page requests a second. let the f5 button cool down a bit!
  11. It's quite simple... email the team using the subject and address instructed... if your number comes up, you win! - and I doubt all the prizes have been collected yet lol
  12. Read the release notes again... there are multiple prizes to win and it's based off of an arbritart number of emails received. Like I was either the 4th or 8th or 16th (numbers made up, not actual), and I wrote the email to the correct address and the correct subject header, and my email was in the right place in the queue, then I win. But there are others. I say place an entry for all emails mentioned in the notes and see what happens!
  13. The keys are ready and working but no software released, so I'm practically all dressed up and just waiting for the party to start However, here's a fun fact; my activating of the 4.0 key didn't screw up running 3.28, so I was playing that this morning despite having the updated licence on my CM key. Dunno if my CM key has two keys or one, but either way I can keep playing 3.28 until 4.0 releases without concern!
  14. Well I figured I had nothing to lose from entering lol. First time I've ever won anything like this from a developer and I'm happy it's this one! ill admit I was gonna find it a struggle to cover the upgrade fee this month; my wife is between jobs and my pay isn't as good as usual (no bonus this month), so now I dont have to hide the credit card statement next month lol
  15. Just wanted to thank the folks at esims for making me the winner of one of the keys mentioned in the release notes prize draw! Once again, you've set the standards for how to engage and interact with the community! ill enjoy many long years of SB to come!
  16. Where will the release notes be found? On the website or in this forum?
  17. I can't wait to fail in the bmp-2 but boy will it be fun!
  18. That would be the video featuring my self, Jor and Andy. Was a fun, although frustrating scenario. Glad you liked it!
  19. I'm being serious here: how about a colour-blind mode? I do have issues with shade differentiation on occasion myself and although I manage with shades of blue, others can struggle. Some sort of high-contrast mode perhaps?
  20. Some wizard put some hiphop to that clip for maximum hilarity!
  21. I'd be happy with releasing what we have that is stable for now with incremental updates and hotfixes over the duration of the version. call me crazy, but that's how software development is supposed to be. now, far be it from me to tell eSims how and when to release the product, but to the people who want to wait for the 'final' release, I'd ask them this: did they wait until v3.28 to upgrade from 2.5? i doubt the answer to that is a yes, but if that's the case there is nothing stopping you from keeping 3.28 until 4.x when the features you feel make the game complete are in place. A bad plan on time is better than the perfect plan overdue. But hey, that's my 2 pennies
  22. This is exactly what I did. I consider it to be buying 4.0 in two instalments. Much more affordable for me now!
  23. how is the smoke generated? I know the Russian tanks change their fuel/air mix on older stuff, but wasn't sure if an actual chemical smoke generator would be perhaps better for the job as opposed to choking the engine up
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