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  1. Well, the really lazy simmer ( me) buys a cheap voice activated command program which can take alot of the keyboard and mouse use out of the picture. Best used in single tank or platoon size scenes. In alot of ways seeems more realistic to me. As for my wish... the ability to plot a course in one direction but keep the AI battle orientation in another direction. Maybe this is possible but i have not figured it out if it is....also as has been wished by many others many times before...a playable M60A3
  2. Quote Volcano If you want your gunnery score to be a reflection of your ability This makes me wonder how the gunnery is graded I recently scored a 91 with 10 for 10 hits at 9.6 seconds average time for kill. How much faster would one have to be to get a perfect score and has anyone ever acheived it?( apart from the multi projectile scores ofcourse)
  3. noy just you its alot of others with this code error me included
  4. tomorrow I get a new rig and am curious as to which internet security product works best with SB. I know in past I have been told that Nortons doesn't compliment SB well. What brand has most success working with the sim
  5. I know I learn something new in the forum almost every day
  6. Awesome thanx for your promt answer Gibsomn actually the game running on external speakers and teamspeak through a headset would not be unlike reality with the cvc helmet if I cant get my new rig to portforward I may try this as I think it would work better than the Hamachi fix
  7. ok is it possible to use 2 different machines? on for coms and one for game
  8. will that performance loss be felt only by me or would it affect the game for other players as well?
  9. I played "Beasts" years ago online and would love to again . My problem lies , not in the times, but the ability to connect. I went as far as buying a port forwarding program (a waste of 30 bucks). I was on teamspeak with some poor souls trying to help me but they all told me to do all the things I had already done. Thanks again to those who spent time with me that could have been in game. I upgraded to the highest high speed my ISP provides. had them come and hoped the tech could give me a clue what I am doing wrong. This I did for weeks after pro pe came out and I eventually gave up. So i
  10. Just curious because ive tried every tactic and tried turning off "start battle ready" Also wonder if you can designate a chopper to go to an area land unload and fly to safety. I apologize if this has thread been covered.Tried a search of past threads and none of my keywords pulled anything up
  11. Twist I must say you will not find a more helpful gaming community. More folks have tried to help me with my portforwarding problems than I could count. Hopefully my issues will be cleared this week and i will be able to join the Killing Fields
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