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  1. Well, I agree that the G3 and G4's are "obsolete" when it comes to stuff like COIN where the IED threat is big, but when you're talking conventional warfare, it actually does a pretty good job for what it is. Piranha 5 is set to replace it, so of course we found something better, but it is still debated internally whether or not it'll be better for the MECHINF role, as we've not used the Piranha 3 in this role that much. But it gets the job done I don't know much about what amphibious capabilities we had(except the m113 which we converted to G3 in 1999 with the last converted in 2003, so I don't think we have had any other swimmers in our arsenal.) but maybe Major Duck can answer this more in depth.(Pun intended)
  2. G3 and G4's can't float, they sink like rocks. They aren't obsolete either, or in the sense that we still use them and the G4 isn't that old, was deployed to Afghan in 2012 first time
  3. If its the LEO, you need to hold down the dynamic lead. It switches because it needs to apply the lead to the turret and cannon drive.
  4. yep, you normally use last return, but there are so many situations with targets and terrain that forces you into a first return. Especially on longer ranges. It's a experience/intuition/feeling that gunners develop about to lase first or last
  5. Yeah, I was really surprised by a letter, thought something was wrong haha! Merry Christmas and a good new year to you guys too!
  6. There's miles between Leo2a4 and 2a5+ in armour and other aspects. You simply can't compare them as easily as you're trying too.
  7. I know it's not what you asked, but there are tons and tons of videos on Youtube, that normally gets posted about same night or the day after we play a mission!
  8. Maximum load in the 2a5-DK laser is 3 shots every 2 seconds, then 11 seconds pause. And it's also a question of the laser doesn't have the amount of electricity stored in the capacitors. So you can't actually damage the laser, by using it to much
  9. Disclaimer is a bad idea. Why not just stand up for what you made? If people get offended, then that's their problem. Missions in steelbeast is what a mission in steelbeast is, entirely fictional and virtual.
  10. Gunner shoudn't/cant turn off the stabilisation as it's the commanders say if he wants to be in Beobachten or Stab Ein. And you always want to be in stab ein, even if you're in a forest
  11. Can you take me off, I can't make it due to some unforseen circumstances.
  12. If you're using the LEO2, then instead of using bino's, use the Commanders Peri and then press the "up" arrow and that'll slew him to what you're seeing on the PERI/TIM.
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