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  1. Yes. In SB Pro PE v5 game.
  2. https://t.me/gruz_200_rus/2254 Pieces of the tank after the explosion of ammunition from a Javelin hit. War in Ukraine 2022 Interception of radio traffic over an open sea rescue channel - part 1 ^Are these artillery shells?
  3. https://t.me/dvish_alive/13487 Destruction of the position of Russian artillery in the Izium direction. https://t.me/military_az/19696 The RF Armed Forces dragged a washing machine into a field. War in Ukraine 2022. https://t.me/gruz_200_rus/2230 BMP-3 after burning. 46:50 Armored vehicles of the RF Armed Forces at the parade on May 9, 2022 in Moscow. 2:27 tank blast Snipers shooting in Ukraine war. https://t.me/conflictzone/24351
  4. Ministry - Burning Inside https://coub.com/view/32egl9 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burning_Inside_(song)
  5. Corpses burn inside the tank.
  6. NATO protects Estonia against insane Russian troops.
  7. Rad

    We love photos

    M777 in action in war in Ukraine 2022! https://t.me/military_az/19262
  8. M777 howitzer IAI Harop (or IAI Harpy 2)
  9. Gunner it is are killer. 💥 ☠️
  10. AAR - After Action Review
  11. Destroy all russian tanks, APC, vehicles, helicopters, airplanes, UAV in war in Ukraine 2022+!
  12. Rad

    We love photos

  13. Switchblade 600 (Now in Ukraine armed force and action in war 2022.)
  14. AAR - After Action Review Burials of those killed in the war in Ukraine 2022. Avoid service (slavery) in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, your young life belongs to you, live freely. On the reasons for the defeat of the Russian Armed Forces in the war in Ukraine 2022. "There are artificial spirits in the Russian army. Some kind of Russian spirit, what is it? No one understands. And the Russian spirit is a bottle of vodka" - Soviet and Ukrainian operative Valery Kur on air Ukraine 24 tells why the Russian army has degraded so much and how Russian soldiers have so many hatred and desire to loot. https://storage2.censor.net/video/3/080422_evr.mp4 AAR - After Action Review
  15. 1:00 they worked without gloves!
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