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  1. This old Soviet tanks and APCs is burned by missiles and bombs from modern UAVs. Fried chickens. ☠️.
  2. Tankmen of the Baltic Fleet fulfilled the wish of 12-year-old boy Maxim, a pupil of the Nadezhda Center for Helping Children Left Without Parental Care, who wanted to know what a real battle tank is. In the fleet of combat vehicles, the guest was met by the commander of a tank platoon, Lieutenant Maxim Kartalov, who spoke about the main characteristics of the T-72B3M tank, its combat capabilities and advantages over similar combat vehicles of foreign countries. Then the tour continued inside the tank. First, Maxim tried his hand at the driver's seat. Having familiarized himself with
  3. I am sniper and shoot from rifles 7,62-12,7mm.
  4. Active defens for M1A2 SEP V2 Abrams.
  5. SPIKE NLOS Azerbaijan Air Force
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