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  1. Hello, I was hoping that maybe the M1A1 AIM SA Abrams could be considered to be modeled in the game.
  2. Battlesight is mainly used for degraded gunnery, primarily if the LRF is inoperative. It seems to be better modeled on the M1A2 Sep ingame, but not modeled on the older variants. Also, depending on what ammo is indexed is what range will be displayed in the GPSE and entered in the computer. Default 1200m for Sabot and 900m for HEAT. The toggle switch isn't modeled either for adding or dropping range manually on the TC's control panel.
  3. I was editing an eSims provided scenario called "deliberate attack." The laser range finder on a M1 Abrams tank lased right through the ordnance delivered smoke like it wasn't even there. At the same time, the laser would also penetrate a hard target like a BTR - 80 and register the ground behind it. One thing too note is the smoke was preregistered and AI delivered.
  4. I'm using Window's 10 64 bit. My main concern with 4 gig of ram is loading big maps. Maybe, I'll be able to get by with 4 gig until they release the hi-def terrain? Oh, I forgot to mention! My video card is 1 gig and total virtual memory is 8 gig.
  5. Would a person be able to get by with just 4 gig of Ram?
  6. I don't know what brand of stick you have, but I believe that most come with software for easy manipulating. Also, if you hit Alt + J in game it will center your stick.
  7. I was going through the Leo1 tutorial and noticed some key commands don't work. "Shift + P" doesn't work for the TC palm switch. But, it does say so in the briefing. Ordering the gunner to close and open shields with "Page Up" and "Page Down" doesn't seem to do anything. Is this intended or or a briefing typo or what's going on?
  8. Would be kind of interesting if the human loaders had variable loading times and gun arming. Instead of 4 seconds every time make it's 4 - 7.
  9. I ask again. Is the smoke from smoke generators going to be more pronounced in 4.0? I think by now everyone understands what a smoke generator is.
  10. Yes, the smoke generator that comes from the tank engine. Usually, there is a switch in the drivers compartment to turn it on. I was asking if the smoke particle effects would be more pronounced like in real life, not like it is now presently in game. I noticed smoke was enhanced in 4.0 for burning wrecks and wishfully thinking it would be for tank engine smoke generators, especially turbine ones.
  11. Maybe I wasn't clear enough. I was talking about the smoke generators on M1IPs or M1A1 not graphically showing much smoke. I would presume because of GAME engine limitations of particle effects.
  12. I see many nice visual improvements and particle effects improvements. Will there also be an improvement of engine smoke effects making it more pronounced, heavy and billowing?
  13. *sigh* I saved the scenario and plans in the root scenario directory which is impossible to find without using search or appdata.path I would presume. I moved it to My Scenarios now. Growing pains.
  14. Simple question. I was wondering if there was an easy method of deleting plans? I have multiple plans for a single scenario and want to delete the clutter.
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