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  1. Well alrighty then that solves it. Only makes sense. And thank you for your service from a fellow 19k.
  2. This is very intersting. Were you an armor crewman at the time and what is NET?
  3. Thanks! 3. 8th Infantry Division: a. The first armor battalion in the division, the 4-69 AR Bn, 1st Brigade, was undergoing transition to the M1A1 tank in July 1988. This was the Abrams tank armed with the 120mm main gun This is really odd. Why would a infantry division get M1A1 first?
  4. Has anyone ever come arcoss specific unit orders of battle list or TOandE's? The best thing I could find was from a armor minitures game company. Microsoft PowerPoint - modcwus.pptx (fireandfury.com). For instance, I'm looking for the vehicles available for 3'rd Armored "Spearhead" division 1988. I'm assuming they were prority for M1A1, but what about their infantry regiments? I'm assuming they used M2A1 Bradleys but they could still have been rolling wit M113's as far as I know.
  5. Major Duck those are amazing suggestions. Those Platoon features seem very intuative for a sim like this.
  6. I see your point about digging fox holes. It would be unfeasible in a 90 minute scenario. To keep things realistic, I was proposing infantry digging hasty fighting positions. If you’re not shooting you should be digging and preparing a defensible position, I would presume. That level of detail is probably not worth it though, in retrospect. Or, just having simpler fortifications besides a bunker would make scenarios more interesting in my opinion. 5 levels would be good. Hasty defense position, Fox Hole, 2 man fighting position, slit trench, bunker. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Improved threat level would be interesting, also. For instance, have the option to not have a TC spend limited HEAT rounds on infantry in bunkers. Tanks Option Main Rounds: only engage hard targets.
  7. I'd love to see basic infantry slit trenches and foxholes. In the case of foxholes, it would be interesting to have squads build them real time, also.
  8. Wow, that’s a great video! I will definitely have to archive that one. A tactical and engineering nightmare. Doesn’t seem possible without an engineering vehicle having a Winch to somehow get across first.
  9. Am curious. Isn't this supposed to be an amphibious vehicle? This doesn’t seem to swim in the game. The SPzLuchs does, though.
  10. The observation circle is solid black, if it cannot see the point of interest. The circle is not solid if it can see the point of interest. If not on stay tactics, the platoon will move to get eyes on the point and turn it not solid. The video clearly describes that.
  11. Wasn't the option for the M1 TC to adjust the battle site range with his toggle switch added in a update not so long ago?
  12. Hello, I was hoping that maybe the M1A1 AIM SA Abrams could be considered to be modeled in the game.
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