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  1. VR market is slightly below 1m unit (quick research : steam H&W survey vs number of active accounts). But it's steadily growing. The big interrogation mark is about the next generation. If a good portion of consumers "switch" to newer product, it will drive a lot of used stuff in second hand market. Which may entice fresh development for new VR games, which in turn, may emulate H&W sales. A new segment of customer, that don't have the financial to purchase fresh VR stuff, will take the opportunity to get into it. The breakthrough isn't here..... but it may happen. That is still a long shot. VR is nothing new, but compared to previous industry attempt, VR is now well known and accepted as a great product, not a "nerd" thing. Perception of a product, beyond its simple technical aspect, is a key factor in sales. But that does not mean everyone has to develop VR. It remains costly and time consuming, while directed at a small fraction of customer base.
  2. Hi Grenny, I'm convinced everyone is helpful around :) But beside this, i'm unsure how my schedule will be for Sunday yet. So while i can't be sure 100% I can attend, i prefer to not lock any slot out of respect for other players ;-)
  3. Hi there. I was wondering if i could connect as a Spectator. I know the basis about ground warfare tactics as i studied some manuals and played a lot of Combat Mission. But still, i'm a rookie in steelbeast. Watching you guys will help me figure out how things happen in this sim. Eventually, If that's not a large workload and no one take it, i can take the repair unit. Thanks !
  4. I thknk that first artillerie fire saved me. I would have been sticking to plab and on time with my waypoint, i would have been clusterfu***d in no time.
  5. 7-Alpha reporting ! This was my first event in the steelbeast community. While a seasoned multiple sim player (DCS, Dangerous waters, CMANO, combat missions...) , i haven't put much time in steelbeast as i steadily waited for version 4. Version 4 was released and wait... oh... a MP game on wednesday. Let's be crazy ! 7-1 was a motorized infantry platoon. I had 3 unimog packed with angry danish soldiers. A fourth one was around but i did not kept track of what the other player did with it. Initial plan was to drive a road east of the town, then dismount and open the road thru a little open valley. So after a bluescreen of death, i started up my collumn. I wasn't the fastest guy around tho. The mechanized plt ahead of me wasn't much appreciated by the russian, whose triggered an heavy artillery barrage thru the forest. Unfortunately, that landed around my collumn. I broke the formation and scattered the truck. Artillery stopped. I pushed forward to make the link. Take another artillery barrage. 500m behing the mechanized plt, unorganized and Under fire, I dismounted and had my guys take cover in a little bunch of houses. In the frontline, Mechanized platoon was already taking a heavy toll from ambushed russians. Short way in is an open field. Long way in is forest cover. When you're a rookie, just call the CO. And CO asked the ASAP way. Seems legit, we are already late on the plan. Ok let's go. "Guys, I need you to stand up and run thru this open land. they is Nothing there, you should be ..BOOoOOOoooOOM". A single shell lands near me. A few dead body are flying. I get my guys under cover, they is some machine gun fire on me. half a dozen of body are around me. Well.....I'm taking the long way ! In the front, a succession of radio calls about tanks, forest, artillery, death, beer.... I try to follow the situation but it's hard to figure out where are the bad guys in this forest. Damn, it was do slowpaced in the airforce in comparison ! It seems that the mechanized is having a hard time in the forest ahead of me. Some russian grizzly probably. I'm only 500m behind, but this slice of open land prevent me from helping. I rush my guys thru the forest and when i regroup by the main road, it seems that half of the platoon has meet their Creator. Tank platoon is quite silencious as well. they may be dead. I have my guy reckoning along the main road. At that point, I'm giving away my left and right flank squads to some IFV crew that already suffered damage. Duke taking the right MG platoon continued thru the road. They got in contact with a BMP, got saved by a CV9030, but then arti'ed real bad and died. I don't recall the second guy name. (i'm terrible with name, sorry). He tried to follow initial plan and cross the valley. He was banged real hard as well. My squad was at the forest edge in observation, never saw anything. I kept going with my own squad, 3 heroic MG guys, and a medic platoon. At that point, it was hell. Wrecks everywhere, artillery everywhere. We sneaked thru forest and tried to make it to the town. remaining forces were making a hit on the town. Except they were mechanized, and apparently less fat and more fast than my MG guys. We finnally reached the town, and strayed thru the artillery, ending in the green mark at the mission end My guys never fired a bullet, probably shit their pant a few time, but they made it alive (and thirsty! ) Thank you everyone for this game. They is a comparable spirit that we find in flight sim community, very warm and fun. even tho tank slot were scarse, i enjoyed running around with pedestrians. I'll do better next time !
  6. Some screen from the evening. I absolutely forgot to screenshot the battle at first, was desperately trying to save my soldier. I'll post up about 7-A day after the dinner.
  7. Hi Oleg, I don't speak russian, but one of my friend and wingman is from Moscow. If he has time to learn steelbeast, he may be my gunner tommorow.
  8. Hi There ! I'd like to join the red forces, as a BMP Commander if possible. As a side note : This will be my first MP game in the steel beast community, aside a lot of coop with a friend as gunner. I'm a DCS squadron leader and i play a lot of sim, so i know a bit about teamplay and warfare. I shouldn't be absolutely crap. Maybe i'll have my own gunner.
  9. Well.... Actually ... http://www.TwoMoreWeeks.net/ If one of you fell like doing some Steelbeast monthly or weekly news.... I started but i can't keep track of everything.
  10. DCS and ArmA have the same issue, and is also applying the same solutions Both sells to mililary an upgraded version.
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