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  1. Under your Documents folder there should be an Esim Games folder. Put it in the AAR folder, and it should upload to your game next time you log in.
  2. That did it! Thank you! I figured I was missing something somewhere. Also, now that I know it's in Programs, not Documents, I discovered the user manual everyone was talking about. ... thank you again, I'm embarrassed, but grateful.
  3. Thank you very much, Mr. Gibson. I've just recently started with some training in the 3.027 version with the T-72M1 (I assume that will be the available kit). Unfortunately, I'm having some other difficulties, which I detailed in a separate post. But thank you again for the help concerning the Teamspeak, I've added that to my phone download so that I can speak with you all when the time comes. Edit PS: Welp, that got fixed. Onto training and preparing.
  4. Okay, I understand I need the hotfix 3.028 to be relevant with all the other multiplayer sessions. I went, downloaded the hotfix (fully uploaded the most recent 3.027), and then discovered I needed to extract it using a WinRAR program. So, downloaded WinRar, opened it, accepted the 40-day contract, extracted the files. Only, the Steel Beasts PDF speaks of replacing the existing files in the following folder: C:\PROGRAMS\ESIM GAMES\SB PRO PE\RELEASE\ So, I went into my files. As you can see in the attached screenshot, I can't find the 'Release' folder. I'm sorry to be a bother, but could someone tell me which files I need to replace?
  5. Yes, sir, been reading that. Still have a few questions, but won't bore anyone here with them. I'll figure it out. Thank you for the response.
  6. Hello. Well, it's late, and I need to try and get some sleep before this is over, but, is there any chance that a newbie to Steel Beasts Pro PE could introduce himself to you all by acting as - very cheap, very easily destroyed - OPFOR? If so, what kind of armor can I expect to crew, so I can train up my gunnery skills some to prepare my requisite AI? Also, to be clear, I've never done a multiplayer session with this program (only Armored Warfare). I only just downloaded Steel Beasts Pro PE yesterday, and I've been at it all night long training my eye on both the M1A1 and M1A2 Abrams. And of course, that also means that I've never involved myself in looking for a session, but I assume that will be possible when the time comes through the "Network Session" button included in the main menu list? An affirmative or negative on this would be loads of help to me. To be clear, I spent most of my time as a driver, but, with a little training, I'm coming along fairly well with my skills (finally learned how to dump lead, just took me six years after leaving my branch to get it right), and I'm always up for a good time. Much obliged by any response. Thank you. Edit PS: Will I need the most recent hotfix? If so, please let me know, otherwise I'm still running only the 3.027 download.
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