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  1. And a couple more vids to add. First one is pretty much the same as KT's. Both scenarios were fun, even if the first ended prematurely.
  2. @KingtigerYeah, I think it's about time to get back in the saddle :). Put me in with KT and Wigs please!
  3. AAR for those who need it: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1yyA7wAbpon7I7w6YGTOcJfZgL8AM_GK4
  4. Rambler

    Cold Waters

    Not sure why people insist on comparing this to Dangerous Waters. Since the day it was announced, KFG has made it very clear at every turn that Cold Waters was the spiritual successor to the old Red Storm Rising game and that it would not be the next DW. They're apples and oranges, and people being upset that an apple turned out to be an apple and not an orange when it was never supposed to be an orange and we were explicitly told it wasn't going to be an orange is nonsense. What this sim is: It is best to think of it as a sub captain's simulator, or a submarine warfare tactical wargame if you prefer. Your job is to fight the boat, i.e. make the tactical decisions that bring about a successful or failed mission. Your job is not to be the entire crew. The crew does their respective jobs and feeds you the information necessary for you to make those tactical decisions. Just because it doesn't have stations or force you to do manual TMA does not mean it's not realistic. It actually has a good amount of realism, it's just that a lot of it is performed under the hood and then presented to the player in a non-overwhelming fashion. It is easy to learn but difficult to master. What this sim is not: It is not a spreadsheet simulator, dot watching simulator or a systems simulator. If that's what you were hoping for, you will be disappointed and there are other titles out there that will make you far happier. Personally, I absolutely love Cold Waters. I voted for it when it hit Greenlight, and I bought it on day one and can't stop playing it. It's the best 40 bucks I've spent since the SB 4.0 upgrade. It captures the tension found in submarine warfare extremely well, and it will put you on the edge of your seat when you're in the thick of the fighting. KFG also hit a perfect balance between realism and not overburdening the player with technical tediousness requiring the reading of 200+ page manuals. Seriously, this game is a breath of fresh air. Yes, there have been bugs, but KFG is dedicated to supporting the title and have already released two patches in less than two weeks. I have not experienced anything game breaking. Bottom line, if you have any interest in submarine warfare, get it. It's worth the asking price imo. Taking out a Sverdlov class cruiser with WW2 era Mk 16 torpedoes by sneaking up on his six. Feels good, man.
  5. Unfortunately not going to be able to make it tomorrow.
  6. Guilty as charged :D. Oh, I'm not saying the lighting in 4.010 was perfect by any means. However, it leaned more toward the natural end of the spectrum whereas 4.019 is on the artificial side right now. I do like that the normals and specs are more pronounced, but overall, yeah, not digging it yet. After having played a few scenarios, it looks a little better when the sun is lower in the sky compared to when it's high noon, which is when those screens were taken (They're all 4.019 screens, just with and without post process). Not a fan for how it looks without pp either, so I'll probably just leave it on and deal. The good in the patch outweighs what I view as the negatives, so it's not going to keep me from continuing to enjoy the sim or anything. Just had to get it off my chest. Glad to hear you'll be working on the lighting. Looking forward to seeing what you do with it!
  7. Mixed thoughts about this patch. Things I like: Performance is much better. All the other stuff that was fixed and tweaked. Y'all definitely did a great job with those things. Things I dislike: I really, really, really do not like the new lighting system. I'll leave it at that. It's extremely harsh and makes everything have a cyan hue. With post process on, the sky is a garish neon electric blue. The interior of the tanks look like crap because there's here's just way too much contrast between the highlights and shadows. Turning post process off smooths out the lighting, but it makes everything, including the world, darker. At high noon with the sun shining it looks like there's a thick overcast. Really weird. Hopefully this gets tweaked to look more natural. Lighting was much better in 4.010 than in 4.019 imo. Some screens showing what I'm seeing: Ow my eyes. Make the burning stop. (PP On) Ahhh thank you. Now where'd I put my flashlight. (PP Off) Viewing the world with cyan tinted glasses. (PP On) Who put a paper bag over the sun? (PP Off)
  8. Thanks Apoc. Been using your small arms and Leo engine sound mods and will add this one to the stable. Sounds great!
  9. I totally hear you, as those were exactly the same issues that finally did me in and drove me to shell out for SB. It has its quirks too, but it is a more enjoyable experience overall, imo. Life without action squares is awesome. Freedom! You should also give multiplayer a try when you feel ready, as it adds a whole new dimension to the game. Like what H2H does for CM, except turned up to 11. Nothing like having 20+ people participating in a scenario and working together.
  10. Thanks! It was a fun scenario. Lots of surprises in that forest!
  11. Some shots from this past Sunday's Kanium scenario. Recon Team A getting ready to move out: Time to find the enemy: Recon LMG team observing: The main attacking force, consisting of Marders and Leopard 2A6s moves out: The main thrust of the attack went through a heavily forested area. Marders cautiously move through it. A BMP and I pass each other in the forest less than 50m away. I see him but he doesn't see me. When I called in to report it, Mirzayev asked if I was sure it was BMP. Before I could respond in the affirmative, all I heard was "Yeah that's a BMP!" When I looked at the AAR I saw that he had driven straight into it!: Mechanized Infantry assault a hamlet near the first objective area: 2A6s bypass a minefield: Engineers clearing obstacles near the hamlet: Recon Team B, who found a minefield and a number of T-80Us, watch the main effort from our northern flank: Leopards moving into position to cover the airfield: 2A6s and Marders engaging targets on the airfield:
  12. I'm available to participate in this tomorrow, and I'll give recon a try (A12).
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