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  1. I can help Nike in P14 if there are no objections, as it looks like that's where the biggest need is.
  2. And a couple more vids to add. First one is pretty much the same as KT's. Both scenarios were fun, even if the first ended prematurely.
  3. @KingtigerYeah, I think it's about time to get back in the saddle :). Put me in with KT and Wigs please!
  4. AAR for those who need it: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1yyA7wAbpon7I7w6YGTOcJfZgL8AM_GK4
  5. Not sure why people insist on comparing this to Dangerous Waters. Since the day it was announced, KFG has made it very clear at every turn that Cold Waters was the spiritual successor to the old Red Storm Rising game and that it would not be the next DW. They're apples and oranges, and people being upset that an apple turned out to be an apple and not an orange when it was never supposed to be an orange and we were explicitly told it wasn't going to be an orange is nonsense. What this sim is: It is best to think of it as a sub captain's simulator, or a submarine warfare tactical wa
  6. Unfortunately not going to be able to make it tomorrow.
  7. Guilty as charged :D. Oh, I'm not saying the lighting in 4.010 was perfect by any means. However, it leaned more toward the natural end of the spectrum whereas 4.019 is on the artificial side right now. I do like that the normals and specs are more pronounced, but overall, yeah, not digging it yet. After having played a few scenarios, it looks a little better when the sun is lower in the sky compared to when it's high noon, which is when those screens were taken (They're all 4.019 screens, just with and without post process). Not a fan for how it looks without pp either, so I'll pr
  8. Mixed thoughts about this patch. Things I like: Performance is much better. All the other stuff that was fixed and tweaked. Y'all definitely did a great job with those things. Things I dislike: I really, really, really do not like the new lighting system. I'll leave it at that. It's extremely harsh and makes everything have a cyan hue. With post process on, the sky is a garish neon electric blue. The interior of the tanks look like crap because there's here's just way too much contrast between the highlights and shadows. Turning post process o
  9. Thanks Apoc. Been using your small arms and Leo engine sound mods and will add this one to the stable. Sounds great!
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