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  1. Well.. first I would need to find the people. If so, I will contact you. Thanks!
  2. If I could join 6 people... I can use my 8 year girl and 11 boy hahaha.. But is there any doc that tells which person is the one that is talking? In the begining of each file I see a gn_ T_ d_ PC_ that I translate into gunner, tank commander, driver and pc.. but sometimes with the same begining sufix there are 2 different person speaking. The most noticeable accents which I pickup the information about who was speaking was from UK voices... that is I think, more clearly differencial from US ones.
  3. uploaded the spanish voices. Still don't know if it necesary the voice.mrf to reproduce the rest of wav files as ordering formations nothing is said (neither in UK language)
  4. Version 1.0.0


    This are spanish voices to substitute the original one. Como las voces por defecto son iguales para todo, me provocan una confusión brutal, sobre quien lo está diciendo. Por ello las he rehecho con mi voz modificando el tono para asemejar otras personas hablando. No es lo mejor, y todavía quedan coincidencias de tono entre artillero y comandante, pero el resto se diferencian bien ahora. Además he incrementado el número de voces asemejándose a las inglesas que son unas 300 voces (100 más que las españolas) Para instalar, irse a documentos/eSim Games/Steel Beasts/mods/sounds/voices y descomprimir la carpeta Espanol ahí.
  5. I suppose the voices.mrf don't have to be copied, do it?
  6. Ok! I think it is clear! The problem with the spanish voices is that all sounds the same, so I don't know if the voice is comming from other units, gunner or TC. Of course it is still my voice in all of them but I modify the pitch to make them different. I will upload them when ready. Thanks!
  7. Hello, I am making what I think is a better spanish voices, but what I see in the spanish base is that there are 207 files and in UK there are 320. If I want to use the mising ones can I just put the mising name and it will be reproduced in case of it, or do I have to copy or modify any txt file to make this so? Of course I will put the voices in documments mods/sounds/voices/Espanol Thanks!
  8. Hello, Can someone point me, how can I show the artillery area red dashed lines and the situation of vehicles everytime a platton icon is selected in the map. In my map I cannot see those ones. I mean this: Icons of vehicles exact position: and artillery area: Thanks!
  9. if you record with OBS Studio, in the desktop audio, add a compressor filter like this: https://gyazo.com/f6f6b6329898d922f9620b9a05e2319f and everytime you speak the voice that is in the background (music, audio from game, etc..) will be lowered automatically... recovering the initial volume once you stop talking.
  10. Here some examples how I see it: VEC M1 Gunner: https://gyazo.com/9dcd989e4c64b6afd5dacf2e59322c7c Pizarro Gunner: https://gyazo.com/7bae05a52a825be5af29861accf93b2d T72 Commander https://gyazo.com/01d15da81bfbe06e8518cd8901eaae12 as said.. no problem in sight views.
  11. en fin.... (find the translate into english... it is not an insult) Agree with eSim. By the way... if you include the FOV change parameter up to 140º I will buy the 4.3 update. That is a changer for me for sure. I don't know how difficult can it be, but I suppose everything is rendered by a virtual camera and sight cameras have not to be modified. Only the internal vehicle ones. That way it would help to lot of users with ultrawide monitors, not forced to play in window mode.
  12. I am not saying that eSim Games pick up my points of view as THE important ones. The community speaks and they want what they want. But what is clear to me is that if the "other" demands are not paid attention, then some users will slowly and quietly (not me, because I usually like to fight for what I want), leave the stage. It is nice to have several joystick connections after some years. The problem is a payware update. We can be patient. Update the engine to a more modern one is not because of the graphics but because better performance, better simulation (graphics also take a part in simulation, specially for those that train their abilities with real world "graphics"), and less problems with newer computers. What it seems to me, is that maybe we have to search for old second hand hardware to continue playing SteelBeasts. About the "white knight" that replied. I don't know how exactly the engine of SB, but as you can see in the reply of Sim, they could do it, but they didn't want to. This reply is fair to me, even though I don't like it. Yours is just a hooligan one to try to reduce my 25 years of experience in the game industry, that I never said is better than any other professional of games making. I usually don't have an opinion about how real tanks should be, but I do, about how games can be better. And believe me if those changes would be made, you would have the same simulation you have with a better experience by your side. Thanks.
  13. I am sorry to say this.. and of course you won't agree.. but everytime we put a problem of engine is a "bla bla bla" to try to explain the reason to not modify it and change it. Of course you may have your reasons..... 6 years ago... but come on!!! a simple FOV and text scale in your old dx9 engine? come on..... Those "little" changes are the ones that I am waiting for the new updates, that maybe I would consider paying them. Not a new tank. Changes in quality of life of the product.
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