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  1. Here another spanish with some time already and played with Tizona, E69, in some TGIF. But the problem is the time!! 20h is better but here from 21 to 22:30 dinner time and send to bed children... so imposible, but still alive and kicking hehe.
  2. I have 3 monitors. Not curved but 3. 5760x1080 resolution. I cannot put SB in that resolution because FOV is too zoomed in. The only way I did was to put in a window mode and crop the full 5760x1080 to something like 2560x1080. That way the fov is more friendly to me, specially inside the tanks. But there are some of them (bmp2, t72 commander possition) that still are too zoomed in. Of course I can play 1920x1080, but that is the same as asking something to watch a cinema movie in a squared old TV. So an option to increase the FOV in future would be nice, but maybe that is imposible becau
  3. Thanks for the tips. They are well appreciated. No, I am not saying and never thought that the decision had no reason to not include those options in the mission stage. But it is only a shame not to have them. SB planning is really very complicated to do it all from begining, so the more tools we have the better. But I can live without them, of course, specially with the tip you put in your last post.
  4. Ok.. I see the 2 point is working! thanks! Curious why something that is inside the planning phase is not then int eh execution phase... but anyway.
  5. Hello. I am trying to reproduce this into the last update of SB. I think I could when this video was released, but now the infantry don't move and the vehicle continues its way. There is a way of doing it, It is creating the motion previous to the START of the mission in the MAP window. There, I will have the option "pickup the route if..." (don't know if that is the exact way in english as I do have the menus in spanish). That option will make the same behaviour as in the video, BUT in real time, when I inside the mission, right clicking over the route
  6. Long time without posting, and suppose already said, but for me are important: 1. More axis freedom in trackir motion (possible vr in future? but I don't see the VR too much as in this sim we are a good ammount of time in the map) 2. Hotkey assignation to grouping units. That way I can select them fast with hotkeys as the RTS games do. It was discussed that there is a method to group in SB but I didn't like it so much the way it is done. 3. Lights! Normal visual ones, and IR Lights! Of course visible from long distance. 4. I wish we could use a AWSD method to use the
  7. More operations campaings in future. I am loving the china farm Yom Kippur war. A shame that the Shot Kal don't have the full 3D cockpit but it is not really important in the campaing. Wish had more in future even from users. (I know there are some campaign misions (scorpion?) but not as deep as the default one where the win or defeat in one would make different scenario in next.
  8. Thanks for the replies! (now I know it is called scrape en english ) I put a condition of firing max range 2000m so maybe is that the reason. I have to checkout then. Thanks! For the first situation I will pause at begining of the scenario and divide units. It is not the good solution but at least I won't loose too much time doing it while the enemy advance (great campaign, I would like more like this one in future!!). I thought about the mission editor "fix" but I didn't want to see the surprises of it. I would like to see the option to group or ungroup units in the preplanin
  9. By the way... the tanks (automatically) don't go to the end of the hole. They stay in the first step up, resulting totally useless because they don't see anything. How can that be solved? by the way, just to be perfect, would be nice to make the holes of sand in desert areas https://gyazo.com/fef8aa53e00121ae09d2d4c6dea11cf7
  10. Hi! I have a problem. I am in pre-Planing in the defend mission 10 of operations, and I have set my dig holes defensive.. and want to put all the front tanks inside. The single units they do correcly. I just put them in front of the dig-hole in defensive and they advance... but the groups not. Maybe one of them do it, but the other 2 are stopped. Or all of them do not move to the dig-holes. So I was trying to find a way to desaparate the 3 units of tanks into individuals.. but I cannot. So I have to start the scenery and be some time dividing the units and moving in rou
  11. I want to add something. I think SB as it is it has a great potential as a (adult) video game. But it needs to "carry" new players better (tutorials, mission ladder skills from easy to hard, etc...), and offer missions and DYNAMIC campaigns, preserving the good of multiplayer (adding more players to the matchs) Thanks.
  12. Ok.. didn't read all the posts, but the first and some of them. For me SB is a simulator-Game. All simulators I got, even hardcore ones are games for me, as I don't and won't never train to make me better in real life in that sim area, as I don't do in real life what the sim offers me. For me each simulator is a way of answering questions I have of how things works (more or less). So no, I don't want to be better in real life armor strategic techniques, or how to manage propertly an specific tank. But I am as valid costumer as a real army man that is training here in this simulator b
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