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  1. If I could join 6 people... I can use my 8 year girl and 11 boy hahaha..

    But is there any doc that tells which person is the one that is talking? In the begining of each file I see a gn_ T_ d_ PC_ that I translate into gunner, tank commander, driver and pc.. but sometimes with the same begining sufix there are 2 different person speaking. The most noticeable accents which I pickup the information about who was speaking was from UK voices... that is I think, more clearly differencial from US ones.

  2. Ok! I think it is clear! The problem with the spanish voices is that all sounds the same, so I don't know if the voice is comming from other units, gunner or TC. Of course it is still my voice in all of them but I modify the pitch to make them different. I will upload them when ready.




  3. Hello, I am making what I think is a better spanish voices, but what I see in the spanish base is that there are 207 files and in UK there are 320. If I want to use the mising ones can I just put the mising name and it will be reproduced in case of it, or do I have to copy or modify any txt file to make this so?

    Of course I will put the voices in documments mods/sounds/voices/Espanol



  4. en fin....

    (find the translate into english... it is not an insult)


    Agree with eSim.

    By the way... if  you include the FOV change parameter up to 140º I will buy the 4.3 update. That is a changer for me for sure. I don't know how difficult can it be, but I suppose everything is rendered by a virtual camera and sight cameras have not to be modified. Only the internal vehicle ones. That way it would help to lot of users with ultrawide monitors, not forced to play in window mode.

  5. I am not saying that eSim Games pick up my points of view as THE important ones. The community speaks and they want what they want. But what is clear to me is that if the "other" demands  are not paid attention, then some users will slowly and quietly (not me, because I usually like to fight for what I want), leave the stage. It is nice to have several joystick connections after some years. The problem is a payware update.

    We can be patient. Update the engine to a more modern one is not because of the graphics but because better performance, better simulation (graphics also take a part in simulation, specially for those that train their abilities with real world "graphics"), and less problems with newer computers.

    What it seems to me, is that maybe we have to search for old second hand hardware to continue playing SteelBeasts.


    About the "white knight" that replied. I don't know how exactly the engine of SB, but as you can see in the reply of Sim, they could do it, but they didn't want to. This reply is fair to me, even though I don't like it. Yours is just a hooligan one to try to reduce my 25 years of experience in the game industry, that I never said is better than any other professional of games making. I usually don't have an opinion about how real tanks should be, but I do, about how games can be better. And believe me if those changes would be made, you would have the same simulation you have with a better experience by your side. Thanks.

  6. I am sorry to say this.. and of course you won't agree.. but everytime we put a problem of engine is a "bla bla bla" to try to explain the reason to not modify it and change it. 

    Of course you may have your reasons..... 6 years ago... but come on!!! a simple FOV and text scale in your old dx9 engine? come on.....

    Those "little" changes are the ones that I am waiting for the new updates, that maybe I would consider paying them. Not a new tank. Changes in quality of life of the product.

  7. an old recall. Still no possible to change FOV and there are lot of different aspect ratio monitors. Maybe for the 5.0 in the next 9 years? (there was said to me that there was going to be 2 more paywared updates in the 4.x versions maybe... so as each version is 3 years to be developed....)

  8. 10 hours ago, Ssnake said:

    Steel Beasts is a game if you play to win. It's a simulation if you use the sandbox functions to investigate certain tactical constellations.

    As I said, the military that test is under a simulation. But how many real military people are using PE edition compared with non-military ones, and those military are using the SB PE edition to be better in their work? For sure there will be.... but I guess TGIF and other multiplayer sessions are more to have fun than learn for the work.

    Of course the Fun players, learn. Always! But that is a very important part of simulation. Have fun learning. 


    At the end it doesn't matter between simulation or game. It is a matter of naming the product. 

    What I want to tell with this, is ok.. for some people SB is a real SIM and for others is a real GAME, and both are right. When I have been complaining in the wish list is because I wish there would be more playability options in SB in future, because I don't care about real wars. In fact all would be better without machines to kill people (and I know it is an Utopia.. but I preffer to walk to that Utopia, and leave the destructions machines for games, literature or movies.

  9. Well.. the eternal discussion of games vs simulation.


    Simulation is anything that mimics the real world without any history or gameplay feature. And a game is something that the main feature is to entertain the player but with his participation (if not, is a movie or book.. and even books that you decide where to go next we could call them "games")


    In this world, simulation "drinks" from games, and games "drinks" from simulation. But almost all the sims that are in the market for the public have some kind of gameplay to entertain.


    X-Plane: If you buy a usb connector, it can be used and certified as hours in simulation for real pilots at their homes. I think it is the only real simulator that offers that feature to home players. Apart from that, home people can use it to build prototypes of planes to be built later and certified in its wing tunnel simulation.


    SteelBeasts pro PE: Maybe a real army person can train with it at his home. But I don't know if that would be "legal" in terms of the army he is working for. So all those as I think, noone at home can buy a professional version of STeelBeasts (maybe I am totally wrong) then SB is just a game with high simulation features, but most of the real numbers of munition speed, penetration I suppose (again can be wrong) are modified from the real numbers to not allow spy from other armies.


    DCS is a game with high programming in simulation, but most things invented. The things that are desclassified, they are allowed, but the main gameplay is centered in multiplayer an single player campaigns with deep voice acting. Telling an history. Entertaining.


    Run8 is a deep physics simulation of transport trains in the USA, which also simulates the industrial jobs in the country. It doesn't have any mission or campaign, so it is just a sandbox where people can produce their jobs so playability. It is hard played by real rail professionals.


    Silent Hunter with Wolves of Steel, is a deep simulation of ww2 submarines, including an enigma machine, where of course noone is going to train anything now..


    RFactor2 simulates the best tyre physics in all racing simulators and the scanned tracks can mimic the same times the real cars make. 


    CMANO is sold to the real armies of the world (as SB do) to simulate real battles with all the assets the countries implied would have. It has a PE as SteelBeast where the database is modified from the real one, and has tons of campaigns and missions officially released by the team of CMANO. I think Command modern operations is the closest we could compare SB with, as it does not have a great number of people playing, but they are very hard core players. The initial price is very steep also (90$ or so) but it is a real only once payment as any change in the game is always free. Of course they did a paywared v2 version from CMANO to CMO, but they put at 25$ upgrade. What they do to fund themselves is sell campaigns and missions. And sometimes they do a 50% discount.

    This is the way I would like to see Steelbeast in.


    What I have learned through this and other game-simulators, is that we cannot have the same "numbers" that we have in LevedD sims or whatever as they are secrets, and of course cannot mimic a millions simulator, with a 100$ one. 

    In all simulators there are people that come from the area it is simulating, but that doesn't mean it is used generally as a method of being better in their works. Of course those people do, BUT the great majority of users are just people that are interested in that "world" that will NEVER EVER enter and they just want to live a second life, and the fun is just understanding and learning how things work, and learn from the professionals that play that sim as well.

    But don't forget something. They are not training for anything. They are just enjoying themselves. So they are GAMING and having FUN. Serious or addult fun if you hard core simmers preffer to hear and you are starting to feel red of anger because someone called your preferred sim, a game.


    A real simulation for home people would be for example, someone that lose his leg in an accident, uses VR to mimic the leg in his vision and calm his pain. Or sky positioning bodies to use their telescopes.... or statistic potential buyers of your product and sim future behaviours... things like that.


    And what I have seen in all those "boring" game-simulator programs, is that they can reach a high number or not of casual players that are interested in how things work for the real world through those sims depending on the approach the companies do for them. 

    For example.. Now we are watching how SB is modernizing its media approach to youtube with more TicToc videos, because anyone can see that there are a high number of users that use their Android devices to see the YT videos. That is good.. and that doesn't break at all the level of simulation SB has, but is trying to approach a younger audience with that move (maybe.. the real reasons are known by them)

    BUT what eSim Games cannot say is that another way of selling his product wouldn't work, because they never tried (or at least I never saw it to try). They can think it would be totally wrong, but I love the science method, and the only way to verify it is testing. Of course changing methods is hard, as things have to be reprogrammable... but until you try, you cannot know if that would work better or not. The only way is comparing... and when I compared how DCS did things, I remember when nobody knew about DCS and we were just a few people in Lockon series. They were selling the game just as other companies did.. and of course planes had more high attraction than tanks. But if IL2 sold a good number of their tank crew.... if World of Tanks is played a lot (because it is free) and their world of warships (that I also think is boring) is well played, then maybe they did things good that can be imitated.

    The real comparison will be when GHPC comes to gold and they sell it. We will see how many people they will have. I don't think too much if they do not offer multiplayer gameplay. But if they offer full MOD support, I think they will be fine.

    But man.. everytime I shoot a projectile in SB I am not calculating if the numbers of speed, penetration and dispersion are right now not. I just enjoy the sensation of being in a battleground. Maybe others analize all of that. I just have FUN. 


    But for lot of people, it denigrates, their sim is called a GAME. I don't know why there is an operations campaign of israel vs Siria (if I remember right) in SB then. I think that is to enjoy people. So SB cleartly is a Game produced by eSim GAMES. (called simulation game if you want. Most of poeple would put their hands in their head when they realize most of the tricks to preserve FPS in their simulations comes from game industry tricks. Tricks, not real simulation (of course there are real calculations)

  10. Well.. first I was from 3.0 so I didn't know the charges between versions in 2.x That is my fault from not be informative, but from 3.0 to 4.2 nine years has passed that let me think was different. In any case as said, that is what discovered today, and I don't like it.


    Second, Steelbeast don't have the numbers that DCS has because its price. Countless number of times I told people that love simulation to enter SteelBeasts, that it was not expensive, because 120$ are just 2 DCS modules price. But they never tried. As I think they would never try DCS if DCS would cost 120$ enter. FlightSims are more popular? well depend on what sim, because DCS is not friend of newcommers also. The step to learn is huge, as SteelBeast, and the problem I see to make your communty grow is the initial entering price. And I know that there are 9$ 1 month etc etc... and that is the product those people that are curious take, but when they see that there are not people to play with, because I am here since 3.0 but I am not a hardcore tank simmer, then they realize that they did well not expending the 120$. And examples like this type of people... countless. But of course as you said, nobody changed your mind, so I won't pay too much attention trying to change it now. Even I tried in several wishlist during the years, and always there was an explanation to say a "no". So....... that is...


    For 9 years I know very well what are the strong points of SteelBeasts. Never ever wanted or imagined to reduce a bit of programming in those strong points. I love simulation, and do simulation a lot (DCS, XPlane which I worked in the main team Laminar Research for 8 years), Silent Hunter with Wolfpack, Dangerous waters, Cmano, Run8 train simulation, and tank sims as SteelArmor Blaze of war, Combat mission (more strategic one), and of course SteelBeasts. You don't have to introduce me World of Tanks (which I don't like) or any other soft game. I know all them well... remember I work in game indrustry for 25 years so I have a  deep vission of arcade and simulation, but it seems that when hard simmers heard something of making gameplay they want to burn in fire the witches, and call you blasfemous to comparing them with an Arcade more casual game. 


    but enough talking. I am not going to convince you and you are not going neither. In any case, thanks for sharing the plans with SB, more or less. Then I know there will be 2 more payware updates in SB before reaching an dx11 probably. That would make the expends to continously reach each new updates up to 120$ more or less. So I think I preffer to wait for that dx11 future patch and expend maybe those 115$ with a new licence in future if it is good enough. Or if I see something that interest me in future pay de upgrade one. 

    Thanks for chatting with me and not sending me to hell.

  11. I am only asking about more or less future plans. In the past it was clear to us (I think) that charges were only from major version changes. So from 2.x to 3.0, 3.x to 4.x, but that changed with the 4.0 to 4.1 

    Is eSimGames going to continue doing that plan of charges in future? Can we expect a change of engine for Vulkan or dx11 anytime and will it be payware or free from 4.3? 

    As said, I clearly understand that are people that are more than happy to pay for the new vehicles 4.3 is going to bring, but appart from what I have seen in the new tictoc youtube videos, they don't show me anything that is a game changer for me, and that is the reason I wouldn't like to pay for the update. But the problem is that if I don't pay the update, then I wouldn't be able to play with my 4 friends that have the game... so to continue multiplayer sessions unless they remain in the 4.2x it wouldn't be possible.


    If eSimGames don't see there a problem... ok, but I clearly see it, as the continouly charge of updates can make people jump off the train and leave the community weaker than it is already (at least in my local area).

    That is the reason, I said about the DCS solution. charging for the vehicles to  costummers and giving free updates. DCS has updated from 2.x to the version we have for years always for free, and that makes the possibility to let us play with people that even didn't buy a module (just use the free ones), making an strong community. You only have to search for everyday new videos in youtube about DCS and SteelBeast. Wouldn't like eSimGames to have an strong community as they do? And they also has milirary contractors.

    I don't feel fair to be charged for an update that brings me vehicles that I don't care. I have enough with the ones I have. Of course I would pay for missions, campaigns, even a deep modelling system vehicle, better graphics, new pbr textures, Real sensation landscapes with real cities and villages apearance. Real weather problems with rain, mud terrain, etc etc. etc... and I would pay more than the 190$ I spent in SB, as maybe 2000$ I left in DCS world. For me is a matter of value for what I pay.. and of course I repeat, I totally understand that there are people that are more than pleased, and would pay more for what the 4.3 version will offer.


    But I understand that SteelBeast PE is link with the military version. And military don't want such updates, making a better GAME, preserving the SIMULATION it already has. For that reason I ask eSim Games for the consideration of giving us a plan for future charges, and changes, that of course cannot be acomplished, but forgiven with good reasons, and the option to not make future updates payware  yes or yes, to continously play with your friends, but fund with not necesary updates.

  12. what is untrue and unjustified? talk about yourself. I have reasons to believe this is not a fair charge update. You can feel whatever love for the product, that I am not trying to convince you.... but heyyy sorry for feel and think different than you.

    But ey... I like to debate.. what is untrue of all I said? That it was abandoned? well.. that is not the right word. True. esim games didn't find the way to put the terrain engine in steelbeast, but with their words more or less... they didn't have the time to investigate very active over it for years, because they "had contracts to deal with their military contractors" (more or less) and hey after the long wait when it was promised in 4.0 to have the terrain mod for free, I paid for that update. In total as said I have left 190$ in Steelbeasts (don't ask what I have left in DCS because I have all the modules). For sure here people more than that... in any case I still think is not a fair update charge... so that makes me clear that this is not my type of game. That is all. So "move on" but man.. I have sometimes hopes to change things for better. In fact I work in the videogame industry becasue of that.

  13. and again the example of "it cost a meal". It is true.. it cost less than an meal. But start to count all those little payments you do. I think I don't remember when I went last time to have a meal.

    As I said, there will be people pleased to pay whatever is asked for their hobby. No problem at all. You see it as an upgrade and not an update... I don't see it at all like that. And the example given that they charge us each 3 years is a bad example:


    We paid from the 3.x to 4.0 40$ if I remember well.. We received some updates for the 4.0x versions and then eSimGames stopped releasing anything, almost abandon the product because they had to deal with their military private contracts. We waited 3 years to have the 4.1 update and they told us that the ammount of effort put in it deserved an update charge that we paid (the ones that did it). They didn't talk when was the next charge to be. Of course I was a fool and imagined that with 4.X to 5.0... and now after several months again without any updates, it is charged again 40$. Next one what will be? 4.4 to 4.5? Would be nice to inform us what is the roadmap of their releases.


    Again.. this is just a rant. I am not going to change anything so "go on..." but next one to have the rant can be anyone of you that now is paying "happy" that fee for the same engine, because in fact still is a 4.x version. So no much changed it.


    I understand eSimGames has to survive and pay bills. And I clearly see that the most of the changes usually comes from new vehicles (of course appart of other features). Why don't you just grab the DCS method and sell tanks each x months. You release a vehicle each time, but the core system updates would be free for ever. I could play with other people without spending an update, because I did once those 120$, but couldn't use the vehicle released.

    Of course esim can say that they cannot do that. Well..... anything can be done in computing, so "cannot do it" is "we don't want to" but as said.. this is their business and I totally understand that those people that enjoy day by day the product pay whatever is needed to enjoy it. The same is the people that is lost in the path. It is not easy to catch new players. I know as I also sell videogames.



  14. Yes, I know that is valid... and that is the one I will use. But is not a matter of years... if you realease an update each 6 month, then it is not the same as in every1-2 release patches and updates. And remember that you didn't make any update (cero) before the 4.1 for some time (I think more than 3 years?)

    I undestood that with the new terrain feature we had to support the team because the effort, but now in 4.3? Yes.. some new vehicles, maybe mirage effect heat distance... and of course some improvements in simulation, that will keep the fan people happy. 

    But clearly for me this is not a deserved payware update. Specially when I don't find any people around me that plays SteelBeast, because all the people says it is expensive. And of course I understand that you have to pay bills (that I suppose you also has the military contracts to support you). But it is totally demostrated that the same product with lower price IF sell much number of copies, can make more proffit than with the higher price. Previously appart of 4.0 to 4.1 we payed each change of first number... now I see that is not going to be the case.... 


    Anyway.. it is your business. I am off now, even I have supported SB and made recomendations to the people to buy it since 3.0. If a day I see a significan change specially in gameplay I will be in. Of course if I don't have to pay again 100$ to update... that I suppose it will be the case (I already paid from 3.0 to 4.2 190$. Are the newcommers to 4.3 going to pay 230$ as I would have to pay to enjoy it?). I would be happy to pay 40$ or even 50$ if we where in a 5.0 version with new maps better nowadays graphics leaving at last the directx we have... with the missing 3d interior tanks complete and PBR textures. And of course single player gameplay, that I still don't understand that are people that still don't see necesary in a game.


    good luck.

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