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  1. Wasn't installed in the same folder. But I garantee you that the problem was there with both installations. Now that I have removed one of them not. As said, when I uninstalled SB4023 with the intranal file "uninstall" it removed some files from the SB4.159. All the armour vehicles to choose from the first option (shooting range) where disappear but two of them remained. And as said, I installed both simulators in different folders. So there is something that 4.023 affected 4.159, and maybe you miss what. Maybe not, if you have prevously installed previous versions, but yes if you install those old ones after the new one, even in different folders.
  2. Ok, I discovered some things: When I reset the computer or turn it off, and return, just opening the SB4.159 version will remove all the particles again, and what I have to do is reinstall the patch 4.159 to put them back. So what I did was to uninstall the 4.023 version and had to reinstall again all 4.1x from scratch (not the maps. Would be nice to have different uninstallers for 4.0 and 4.1). Doing that the issue is not reproduced again, so the particles seems to be there always, even turning the computer off. What I did to reproduce this? 1. When 4.1x came out, I uninstalled 4.023 version and installed 4.1x version 2. I need to have the old 4.023 to convert old scenaries, so I installed 4.023 AFTER I had 4.157 installed. I suppose that install of 4.023 made some changes inside the files so everytime the computer was turned off, the particles disappeared completelly. It would be nice to fix this, as maybe we would like to have 4.023 installed after 4.159 to try old scenaries that we cannot play, but preserve the particles in 4.1X. Thanks!
  3. Today I came back from little vacations. Didn't do anything on the computer. Continued with the china farm campaign, where I left it. No particles again. Neither in the campaign or the shotkal shooting test fast mission. Had to re-install again the 5.159 patch to let them appear again. Have to be an issue anywhere... didn't load the previous 4.023.
  4. Then, the people that don't like that don't use it. When I have a flight simulator I can fly outside the plane or inside in the cockpit. I choose to fly inside always. If esimgames makes those tools, and there are people that don't like it, then don't use it to train as real life. I don't see problem with groups and orders simplified with real life. I am faster saying what I want than clicking over the units and choosing the orders from those menus. Even in real life I doubd that the new units are not connected via link as planes are, so you can give the units real time postions on a map. If it is not now, it will be soon. But anyway. Everytime I propose something to be improved, there are always complains from old users about, those changes are more arcade for them. DCS has the option to choose simplistic flight dynamics and easy game method... We don't argue with the users that want to use those arcade modes. We just use the most simulation ones. No problem the coexistence of both systems. Here not. Here there is a fear of movements that may seem to be as arcade ones. This is a wishlist. If there are people that don't like those wishes ok, but I want to ask for them. Maybe the 90% of the people here wouldn't like them, but then I realize why when I look for new videos in youtube about steelbeasts, I don't find almost none, even with this new updated. Not so many users use it. All are happy about that here? Ok, no problem, but prepare to die in future if new players don't come to SB (maybe). The strange thing is that I love hardcore sims, and never think that I asked something to make them more arcade. We then should remove the external view of tanks in the 3D, to make SB more realistic (I know there are matches that block that. Then, what is the problem if they block also those new tools I ask if they consider they are arcade, in their online matches? I don't see the conflict in the coexistence, and what I am asking is just the option to manage hundreds of units easier. If people don't need it, then great for you. Don't use them, but don't "fire" against them. eSimGames should be the only to decide what include or not, and live with their decitions. (this is not an answer to you Grenny. This is a sensation that I have when I ask things here). Thanks.
  5. I have had the 2 copies some days already (since the first day) and didn't change anything bad. What I did today was to resize the window of Steelbeast to match it to a single monitor. I have 3, and maybe it could be one of the reasons, as it determinated that I changed something in the graphics resolution. Don't know. But for sure I didn't touch any file or whatever.
  6. Ok, reinstalling the 4.159 fixes the problem.. but maybe there is an issue if you have installed two copies with 4.023 also? I have sometimes with the issue of seeing the Alt+D options of map in the middle, when I have always at full.
  7. They have just disappeared. No explosions.. no dust smoke.. anything. I have 4.023 in conjuntion and I did some loadings this afternoon with it. Going to reinstall the last patch version to see if they are restored, because reset the computer didn't do anything.
  8. I just loaded today steel beast, same mission where yesterday I had lot of dust when firing.. and after the vehicles moving and now.. NOTHING? Graphics are high: https://gyazo.com/d122f60e98c10d84b9de3a63d68693fb And terrain also: https://gyazo.com/55bc778f39c127bcc1323d400a8abb8e
  9. I suppose it is not easy, but they really do with the platoon formations when they move through woods. I know the AI won't never do it perfectly but at least they will save us from lot of micromanagement, and orders would be more similar as real life where a commander would say little orders to manage lots of units. Each right-mouse menu selection is like a phrase-order in real world... so communications would be endless.
  10. Ok, I tried the march route, not in a road, and they didn't follow. The group is disperse when I connect to the single route. It would be nice to improve all the groups thing. It would give us the option to manage great number of units very easily. I know this example is a game, so please don't tell me again that. But some good things can be imitated from Total War:
  11. I don't know if also we have the limitation of space in the maps as you rule the non PE edition? Anyway.. always is maybe good to pick an small piece and see what we can do with it. Of course against the AI. Not team versus teams. I thought those TGIF scenaries where shared in the downloable area of the SB website. Maybe it would be good, if you don't mind to post them there?
  12. It would be nice to be shared those scenaries, as I cannot be all the fridays up to almost 5am to just download each mission. Please!
  13. I saw the movement of the group when you press the Control+ key before the click mouse button. And I tried but didn't work also. Mabye I have to click one point before the already created single route to make coincidence of all routes to that point. Didn't try that. But still I would need to change in group the speeds and formation because all the lines are in the same position. Are not a single line, but all of all the units that form the group in the same exact position, and each one has to be modified independently. Something not easy to do.
  14. Thanks, so connection has to be made in a road, or a march route option only? Will try anyway... I didn't know about the previous pages (I cannot read all of the wishing pages to see if was asked or not previously, but is good to know other people ask the same). I think there is a lot of improvement with preset groups. I think if the group could be graphically assigned as a box with all the content inside of it and you would open it with double mouse click and break it with shift+double click (or control+....); you could apply that that special unit, or box or whatever, same speed, formations, etc... I think this is important, to make single player manage possible in large scale battles (I know here are aliens that know how to manage all by themselves... but you know, we are rookies and we would like to spend more time in the 3D than in the map (which is the most important part of SB) Also, please remember the option to save groups already set in the planification files (Pln). Thanks!
  15. Would it be possible to save the group selections in the saved tactic? It is a little tired to make all groups again everytime we want to try again. And also, When I make routes from control points in the previous map (or real time) and I make a route, I would like to connect the group to that routes, so all the group follows that route. Now is imposible as only the first vehicle selected is the one that follows even I put to all the group the group route to that initial point. It would be very interesting also that we could manage easily group formations and speeds. right now appears lots of routes that has to be managed manually, and I suppose when we are in multiplayer, several players can do it, but in single is a nightmare. Thanks!
  16. A shame couldn't be solved in the latest X.159 patch. Will wait to continue operations until is fixed....
  17. I already had this problem with a converted map, BUT this one is with the main campain of Yom Kippur war china farm, that I din't touch anything. There is no holes. Only textures. Image: https://gyazo.com/1776be9c0325a9bcd456aac18ba3ed3f
  18. aqui en espaƱol. SteelBeasts-Profile.vap
  19. Thanks! I already played some TGIF and with Australian people.. but timetable is very very bad for me in Europe.
  20. received the PM. Bad thing that someone could use your primary licence. Would be nice to add somekind of "protection" to that.
  21. Thanks! there is no rush as there is no secondary licence still.
  22. Understood.. so as I asked in PM you cannot switch on/off easily that licence. Only disconnect the stick from the computer.
  23. very interesting. One of the thigns that don't make me play so much with SteelBeasts is because I don't have people to play with. I suppose that if I buy a secondary licence, then anyone I choose can play with me online.. so for example if I have 2 friends A and B, and I buy a secondary licence, then A can play Mon-Tuesdays and B can play Saturdays and Sundays for example. It is not a "fixed" friend that can play.
  24. I suppose it don't have to be easy with the engine. When I was working for Laminar they had dx10 I think.. and they made lots of 3D illumination without any cost to the cpu. All GPU based. Well.. you were succeed with terrain definition. Maybe in future you can achieve this one also.
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