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  1. Interesting. I suppose they can only play online. Not offline, or maybe yes but If I have the computer on with steelbeast on. Will mention to some people maybe.
  2. oh.. I was thinking about this right now. A shame.. it would be amazing to see some trucks with lights or civil trafic.. or just the tanks in some situations. Hope it can be added in future. If not possible because dx9, in dx12-12 or whatever.
  3. Wait! does it means that a friend that don't have the CM stick will able to play if I buy the second licence with me? What I mean. I have the CM sTick with 3.0, 4.0 and 4.1 licences. If I buy the 4.1 secondary licence (when is released) that user will be able without paying anyting to connect to my match via internet and play? (I suppose as much players as secondary licenses up to 8 players, isn't it?)
  4. Hello! Yesterday I saw how in a desert the M1 Abrams when firing in 4.1 they made an incredible great particle barrier of dust in front of them. Now in another map with snow, I don't see same fx. How is produced? do we have to make any option in the map to make it? it is done by all the tanks or just specific ones? Thanks
  5. if the ter file is embed inside the mission, when you try to load it in 4.1 mission editor it says that it cannot do it. So the only way I found to make it was in 4.023.
  6. To have the Blauheim.ter file you have to load the Hornfelt scenaries in 4.024 campaign editor and save the ter file in the map menu.
  7. The scenery is this old one (zip file). I don't include the map as when published it put inside the delta of one of the default ones and is big, but it is easy to reproduce what I did: 1. open that scenery in 4.023, in scenery editor 2. save the ter and theme files from it 3. in 4.157 in map editor make terrain from ter and select the one extracted from 4.023. Just publish it and load it as single player mission. for hornfelt is better to have the blauheim from the 4.023. If not you will have the terrain but no hourses, roads, rivers, etc...
  8. Quick graphics comparison between 4.023 and 4.157. Amazing particles!! Same mission both sides.
  9. Now I have another problem. https://gyazo.com/6fa406bd25525407441230f6acd95d87 how I can have a height map from the mission to just match as it is in the old mission and not have these type of problems? And then how I choose the height map in the map editor if I make the map from the ter file? Thanks!
  10. Thanks! found the folders location! It would be nice to make the point 3 tool, as not everyone has maybe 4.023 bought (if it is not included in the 4.157 buy.. but maybe in future references won't be there, and would be a shame to loose some good missions because of that).
  11. When loading old user missions in 4.157, if they are compatible, all is right, with better graphics bla bla bla.. But when you load them in the mission editor the Right mouse option (VIEW) to see any part of 3D view of the map in it, is sometimes black (night) in 4.157 and day (it is right that time) in 4.023. When going to options/date time menu I see this in both sims: 4.023: https://gyazo.com/3f8f0a8d6568d65efa3ceb14bf7d8a79 When I click view right mouse option is day (as it should be: https://gyazo.com/28dc4f776c907558c340838ecca8b451 Same mission without modifying anything in 4.157: https://gyazo.com/3fea94e875a320122eb4a806438f6a46 I see there is a change in Type (tipo: -8 in the UTC) I suppose then there is not a bug, but we need to take care of that.. BUT when loading the mission without doing anything in the single player, it loads by day correctly. This is how it is seen that time with the view right mouse option. https://gyazo.com/4e71159284fd9d42fb6d0a80955fd2a2 I have to put -8 in the utc: https://gyazo.com/f6a6604adc8ca83ae721ada30da6c4be to see it more or less the same as in 4.023: https://gyazo.com/affea4c6d33a15c2f7ffe113a175ee19 but it is not the same position of the sun as in 4.023 is more noon, and in 4.157 is more sun rising. Put +8 in the UTC to make -8+8=0 make still the mission by night.
  12. Ok Thanks for the reply! I succesfully had the 73 mission and camp hornfelt maps running and they are great!! Impresive the abrams when fires in the desert with the dust in front of the cannon!! I had to install again 4.023 to save the .ter files from the missions. I also saved the theme one, but I don't know what are they for, so here are the questions! 1. What are those themes for? 2. Once I make the map in the map editor in 4.157, and publish, where is published. Files Location? I don't find in the new maps (big data) folder that I have installed different than program data/esim games/maps 3. Could it be possible to make a tool for new SB to just extract those old .ter and theme files from old missions? That way we wouldn't need to install all the 4.023 for do that. Thanks!
  13. The update is really good in lots of areas. Congratulations! But one thing I loose is the full compatibility that we had in the past. For me that is not a big deal as I like the changes, but I would like to understand how can I play old missions. I put 2 examples: https://gyazo.com/8c4c46502975dd2d3a4a98fba4951937 https://gyazo.com/f1368a73afb95b1a3609c608b172a97e In the mission editor I don't find any of those 2 maps (I find a sweden1 but it is only terrain geometry: https://gyazo.com/b802c6dded1e609972e4a60c237c5420) I suppose those maps where in any area of 4.023 instalation but I removed all the files. Do I have to install again 4.023 to have some of the old terrains to make conversions? Or can I download them in this steelbeast.com download area? How could I play old single player missions downloaded from here. There are not so many that are compatible (4 or 5) with 4.1X version. Thanks.
  14. Understand your point of view, but I have been for many years hearing people belittling games against simulators. As you said educational is where you go, and I have to say that the way the children learn, is with games. Games are a very strong tool to learn, and in every hard simulator I have been in (x-plane, Command modern air naval operations, iracing, orbiter, steel beasts, run8, etc...) users were all of professional, but all at the end of the "matches" they had in those sims that had multiplayer where with a big smile in their face (or happy by voice) saying that "it was fun". With your mistakes you learn, and maybe (hope not) I learned that if in future I will be in a middle of a real battle of tanks, because any reason, I will undersand, they have optics that will catch me very easily. That is the closest I am going to be, to become something professional with tanks. And the same with planes, trains, race cars, astronauts, etc. For me is fun to learn, and I love the sims as much as the good games. With that said, if you want to make things as real, then you will need to achieve the hability in real life to give orders fulfill them. I suppose in the battlefield communication has to be clean and fast. When we, in our 50 people arma3 battles online receive orders we do it via voice communication and we do what the command says. In Arma3 we are owners of our own body or single vehicle, but in SB we have to deal with several units. sometimes hundreds of them and can be very problematic undestanding where they are. I think adding those features would make things easier. Thanks.
  15. They sell me a PE game version. Not the PRO without the PE version which has limitations over the PRO one. Because they have different features don't see any problem implementing more features in the PE that wouldn't have the PRO one to make everything easy. As said I don't have a tank in my garage and most of the PE users don't neither. Of course I understand the importance of the PRO military part. But I think eSimGames would have more profit in the PE version if they would apply different politics.... but hey man! everyone has his own personal valid opinion, of course (as stated in the past, I work in the videogame industry for +25 years already)
  16. well lasso selection is too problematic maybe to make. Nothing you cannot do very fast with shift + quick square selections. Of course I understand the limitation of time but I think these quick selection hot keys, color for groups (understand that maybe are other army colors around, so could be done a marquee color around the units to identify them, preserving the main color of them), would make the sim more visual playable and make decisions better. of course it would be caotic if the tools are not corrected. The right menus will be still there, but imagine you have the option to have those right-mouse options with hotkeys you select. You learn those selection keys (or just give assignations to voice attack program) and then with group hotkey selection selects your units and make quick movements in the map. we don't have to be Koreans, but these guys with the right tools can be very fast. Maybe not good strategical but for sure they don't waste time giving orders. But for sure, yes!! Starcraft is a very total different type of game, but do the group selection and task very well.
  17. Yes, of course I understand that there are people that don't need those features, but as you said we can ask them (devs will decide to implement them or not). For sure you guys that have been making hundreds of battles in steelbeasts for years don't need those new features as you have already trained to be quick and fast, but I ensure you that if you engage in a Human vs Human battle, both with same skills.. One uses the starcraft method and other the SB method of selection and grouping, the Starcraft one will win most of the times because he will be faster. "SB is not primarily a RTS game" but when I see people playing in youtube videos mostly all the time they are in the map view. So it is a RTS game - sim or whatever you want to call it. It is a Real Time Strategy simulator so anything that can make us be less time giving orders but making the units do the orders, I think is better. If esim want to bring new fresh people (I don't know if they want to) to SB then I think the good things that are already invented and working in other RST games (still think SB is a sim-game as I don't have any real tank in my garage to train with) would be good to have in SB. Meanwhile I will be ranting while I move units in the map. Another good feature to add in group viewing would be to change the colors of the groups, so they could be identified fast in the map.
  18. Didn't know we could create groups. That is a great addition! (long time since I played SB) BUT still I don't find the options I ask... These are my thoughts about the system. (I read the manual searching for the preset groups but didn't find what I wanted) 1. To make the groups we have to search for the unit name and add it. Sometimes we need to be quick. In RTS games you choose your units visually in the map and press a key or option menu and add it to a group number. Fast an easy. 2. When we want to select a group in SB we don't know which group are part of. Even we don't know if they are part of a group or not all the units. We have to select one unit and see if the right-mouse options appear the new "new group route" option to see it we did it right. When we are in a middle of a battle with several units all can be a mess and we cannot know where are all the units. The hot key selection would fix that. Pressing for example Control+1 would select Group1, Ctr+2, group 2. BUT the way SB is done wouldn't allow to have the option to make the "new group route" as when we select several units, even they are part of the same group, the system don't show the option to make the group for all. 3. When we mark a new group route, we have to give the order to "proceed all the group" so we have to make lots of clicks to make the group move. We want to be fast in case of sudden attacks. The ideal would be: Ctr+number of the group, then ctr+alt+left click on the map, (or any other combination) so all the units would move quick to that point (I don't know if that option to move quick units in map is implemented already. Anyone that has played starcraft would see the fast you can move units with key combinations and click over map. I know this is a sim, but even I can say in real life "group one, retreat 200 meters to the west" very fast and the units would do it. Here in SB I have to make several clicks to achieve that and some of my units would be dead trying to find which ones where part of the group. Since this sim, is more a "almost all time in map moving units" sim, it would be nice the addition of these selection and order features in future. If I miss something please tell me. Thanks!
  19. I will like to see the option to make squared selections with mouse and move all the units with just one order of movement. Also would like to make hotkey quick selection of group (or single) units as RTS games has (Ctr+1, ctr+2, etc.. or whatever hotkey we want to press).
  20. single and only in bradleys. will try to remember the alt+f10 next time. Thanks!
  21. when I load those missions and a bradley is destroyed or with damages and I get inside of them, then, I cannot go back to the F5 map screen. Tried 3 times, with same result. In SB 4.157 update: it is not only because those missions. The Guard the Lake one also happens the same. Once chosen a broken bradley or just destroyed when we are inside, cannot choose the map again. Have to exit.
  22. Thanks... well I know that one. Maybe I thought was another one with more options. Anyway. Thanks.
  23. Was my imagination or I did see a visual rendering options menu on live in Steel beasts in one of the videos I saw... I was using sweetfx in sb 4.0X and was working good but now not. What I THINK I saw in one of the promotion videos was the option to change on live the rendering to make more "bloom" or "contrast" in the image. Or I was dreaming about it? I know the ALT+D (terrain detail) and Graphics one (Alt+G). The Visibility (Alt+v) doesn't do anything to me. Does that menu exist? What is the combination key in case of it? Thanks!
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