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  1. Hello! I am trying to understand complex range finding without Laser.. so for example I put a vehicle at 1500m. Then in the ULAN with the NATO reticle I determine that is more or less 1500 (imagine I miss and set 1400m). Ok.. How do I match that distance with the reticle? The MZ ranges in the card graphic, are 700 and 1400m if I don't remember bad. I press the GEFA button and it sets the distance to 830 to MZ. If I put the sight in the 1400 line, then the shoot will pass over the target. I imagined (because I didn't find anywhere explained) that those 830m is the range set as "Zero" calibration for the main gun with the MZ, so if I want to point to a 1400m target I have to look the 1400-830 = 570m. So I will need to look for a 570m calibration (something upper than the 700m KE calibration in the graphic). And that way I hit the target.... So my question is... why to set 830m and not set 0m as battlesigh default distance, so I just can target a 1400m target into the 1400 line, and I don't have to make the difference calculation? Or I am totally wrong here and I must do other way.... Would appreciate some help. Thanks!
  2. That is what I saw Rotareneg. It is wrong.... and I have put the correct ammunition to checkout.
  3. Gracias Colebrook. Confusion everywhere. If there is no documentation that explain these reticles, then I cannot figure what are the longitude of the little bars. Also I have seen a problem or bug with Pizarro. If I am not doing wrong, you go to page 33 of the pizarro english or spanish document included. First I don't know the longitudes of all bars there. Capturing them in photoshop, they are totally different each ones (the one in the simulator. Not the one in the document), so I cannot make a measure of targets to know distance.... BUT the worst is that when firing an objetive that is 1800 meters measured with the laser, I have to put 1500 in the line of the APDS and more than 1900 in the line of TP/MP. Or I am doing something wrong, or the Pizarro day commander reticle is wrong in the sim.
  4. Yes.. that is what I did... but always is better to have the full documment. I don't want to register, because usually they annoy me with spam, etc... What I saw with the NATO reticle is that the one here shown in this documment is different than the Leopard one. Here all the lines are 2.5 mills, but in Leopard are 2.5 and 5 mills also.. and even 1 mill ones. So I am a bit cunfused.
  5. Japo32

    TrackIR question

    don't know.. but wish they would include more axis (there are 4 already, need pan-view and instead of zooming going forward and backwards with head. We know can pass over 3D. We do that in flight sims for years (if they do not include a hit wall)) to trackir in future 4.x update. Dream is free.
  6. Not asking too much. Just the correct mills that are each line just to compare with vehicles. Find that FM 3-20.21 is hard to download but this page (but I don't want to subscribe) https://es.scribd.com/document/289273591/Heavy-Brigade-Combat-Team-HBCT-Gunnery-FM-3-20-21 Ok.. found the information in page 229 and 716 of that document . Will see if I can download it somehow without registering... Thanks!
  7. Japo32

    ULAN systems

    Hello. Studying the Pirarro, I saw that is similar as the ULAN. checkinout, I saw this panel: As the creator of the video, can someone explain what are those systems for? In the wiki there are some of them explained, but not that little door swich. I suppose some are for setting altitude and temperature (does them affect in the phisics of SteelBeasts if I change values?) but others I don't know what are they for. Can someone explain or point to a manual that explain them? Thanks!
  8. Hello. It is surprising to me that all searchs I do looking for tanks NATO Reticles, I didn't see anyone explaining how it works. No documentation also in the manuals, at least I didn't find it. Is there anyone that could share with me the longitudes of each bar in the NATO reticle? and how to use it? I have a rough idea, but I need more precise information. Also for example how to use the commander Pizarro day reticle. There is no information about them.. even in internet.. and at the end I have to make fire-error-correct method when not having the laser operative. Thanks!
  9. You are right. I saw in the tutorials how they explote. But in the mission I made it was left KE and Right MPAT and the explosive one didn't explote when hitting ground. I suppose it should say in the message panel that you have loaded M-Pat one, but it didn't . Don't know.... Thanks.
  10. Today I was studying the Pizarro. When you select KE it selects the Left magazine.. and when selecting HE, it does the Right Magazine. It is supposed that has both magazines with same type of bullet. So they should be KE or HE mabye? or the LEFT is for KE and Right for HE? Anyway.. as said by others there is not explosions in ground still.
  11. I don't know if this other solution would make other happy, but me surely yes. Make SteelBeast dx11 compatible (and leave the dx9 to the army clients). If not in the 4.x version, in the 5.x one. That would carry better graphics, more polygons, more FPS... etc.... But I think this was discussed in the past...
  12. Does this mean is near release?
  13. Yes.. I don't want only to make groups.. but also give them a hotkey to select them quickly without seeing where they are in the map. Just press 1,2,3,4,5,..... or whatever keys the developer choose.
  14. Ah! That is good. But only engaged enemies, or any kind that made report? Make groups possibilities in future?
  15. posibility of making selection groups in the map. So we can press shift+number to assign units selected to a group and then just quick selection just pressing that number (or something similar). And... Visual representation in the map about the last unit that reported something in the radio. That way, instead of looking the msg and trying to find the unit in the map, if we have a flashing unit visual representation on the map, we quickly know what is the unit involved in combat, visual of enemy, etc... All of these specially for single player guys where we have to deal with big number of units.
  16. Those are great news! I will wait then to make some work in Ibiza. If you are working on a new map editor, it would be nice to have the feature to set objets in a 3D view. That way we could manage to set more details.
  17. Yes, of course I understand.. I don't know if that can be only made client side so not affect others. But sometimes I wish to see more as real time replay to see situations more clear.. and why not, enjoy the battle from a cinematic perspective. It that can be done client side without affecting any other user, or just single player, I think it can be done.
  18. Well.. it would be desirable to leave to the user to choose the recording frequency. Even I would add another feature to record more frames per second in a certain period of time. Falcon does it. You press F key and starts recording all around the theater, with lots of tanks, planes, misiles, etc.. and it does it well. Then when we leave the battle zone or when we want we press F again and the file is recorded to be analyzed later.
  19. In this video I was with BG ANZAC for the first time. Have to say that they were (and are) very very kind to admit me... that with the language barrier I am some kind of "anchor" to them in the tactics and movement in real time, but they kindly embrace me in their battles. The inicial of the video is explaining in spanish to my audience. It is a resume more or less what the battle was, and explaining the mission that we were going to make. As I say in the introduction, I felt a little rare in the beggining as I never was in the same platoon beeing a 3rd tank, so every movement was driven by the lead, unless I wanted to separate (that I did twice, but I didn't wan't to bother too much to you guys as I am here invited). Well here it is.
  20. OH.. I thing that I just saw is that in the M1A2 I can control the camera with the joystick if I press the P key at the same time, as it is inside the 2D view. BUT I cannot do that in the Leopard 2A5 or 2E. I think is a bug maybe? Because the functionability is there already.. but only in the Abrams. Of course I cannot control the map view. That would be awesome.
  21. No, I cannot control the binoculars with Trackir, and no problem because of that. And no, I cannot enter the CITV just zooming. I just can zoom. But as you can see the difference beetween a zoom and entering is just that I cannot control the view with my joystick. As said, it would be interesting to control also the map from the general view if possible. Right now that cockpit view is almost decorative, but if we allow users to control both elements there, then more people will like to be in that camera position, as it gives more situation awareness
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