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  1. Thanks Vikingo! I tried that settings and in single player it goes correctly... BUT the problem comes now in Multiplayer. One thing I discovered is that the server rules the terrain options, so if I put the grass distance to 50% to have more fps, and the server is 100% then mine are going to be automatically set to 100% so I will have low fps.. and when exit the multiplayer if I don't put them back to my value, it will remain in the server options. I understand that all the users has to have same grass level to not benefic some people with no grass visibility..... but if I have less FPS that is not too good, so I hope esimgames can increase the performance specially in the depth of field new thermal images. Also in multiplayer I have less fps than single. Maybe is because the continue data transfer that its produced.... Thanks.
  2. Yes... I understand the technical issues. Would be nice if modified in future to add that option. I think that the users always has to have the hability of choosing the way they want to play with the sims. Thanks!
  3. Ok.. I put down until cero the antialiasing and terrain cover to 85. Now it seems to be correct. But having a 980ti and still with this problems of fps.......
  4. Hello.... I have this problem since version 3. When I am on the default commander position all is good on fps..... But when I choose the thermal screen monitor.. then fps goes down to 9 or less. This is not only in M1 but also in Leopard tanks. both TVs are with animation of what is seen.. so I don't know why is this produced. I am in window mode with latest drivers, windows10, 980ti nvidia, i7 at 4.0ghz, 16gb ram, and playing 5040x1050
  5. Exactly... When in other sims I have same as 1 monitor but extended vision to the sides. Not as equal as 3 x vision of 1 monitor but something like 2.5 (because scaling deformation on sides) Here as you can see, the up windows and the botton of the screens are cut. Maybe for other people is ok, but I only wish to have an option were I could put the fov I wish inside the vehicles.. so it is up to the user the choose. Thanks.
  6. So in that case you may see how the 3 screens users needs more FOV. I also have the trackir and believe me with that fov really is not an advantage. I know it is small space there, but I don't want to play as I was looking "2cm of the wall"
  7. Here is an example of what I mean... inside of a hunvee (this is not my video) seems so close to the viewer. I think that user is using only 1 monitor. If you use 3 it comes closer. Minute 10 of the video. As you can see ouside views are ok.. but inside the "cockpit" or the TOW missile perspective (not looking the reticle target) (sorry about my english) it is like very near to me.
  8. Maybe in some situations yes.. but I doubt in others it is 140º. Usually I put 110-120 in all games I have or sims... and no problem.. with this one the view is sooo close inside of cockpits. In other areas (outside view of our vehicle) yes.. it seems that the view is correct at that angle.
  9. Hello, Yesterday I updated from 3 to 4.0 version... still with the same problem. I use 3 screens with a resolution of 5040x1050 In a lot of situations the view is so zoomed that I cannot see well the things. Is there any way to modify the FOV vision? Would be necesary to me to have up to 110-120º of view. Thanks.
  10. Buyed and installed. I installed over the 3 version... where I didn't read the pdf that said that I had to uninstall first.. but seem everything is working good. One thing I miss still is the posibility of modifying the FOV. I use 3 screens and in cockpits all is very near. Would be nice to have up to 120º view if possible in future.
  11. well, we are now in June!! I hope not to wait 30 more days until version 4.0 comes out!
  12. ahhh never mind.. I found the reason. Trackir hotkeys...
  13. Hello, I am making the tutorials of the pizarro and in the Commander Turret Start Sequence SCE I start from outside, but I cannot change to inside the vehicle. No F7 or F6 is working. Only F9 to driver. This happens me frequently and I believe is because in tutorials those views are locked, but in this case how can I change in this case that I need to startup the Pizarro? This also happens if I go to instant accion with the pizarro. I start from commander. I change to gunner from F6 key.. but I cannot return to Commander pressing F7. The keystrokes are correctly set, so I don't understand.
  14. Here there are... All are 3 screens screenshots. The 1 monitor resolution to the left of them. As you can see the 1 monitor resolution aspect ratio fit correctly. Other aspect ratio scales the map and vision of monitor.
  15. Hello! Recently I boutht the 3 version of SteelBeasts and I have 3 screens so I set a 5040x1050 resolution in fullscreen and window mode. The problem is that in commander possition of the Leopard 2E the map is shrink in horizontal. If you make the window X resolution lower then it will fit perfectly well until we have a normal 1 screen resolution. So it shouldn't be "attached" to the window resolution of the sim. Another problem is when passing from seat position to screen on the termal television on the commander in the Leopard. It crop some vertical pixels of the TV. If you shrink it to normal 1 screen resolution all can be perfectly seen. This doesn't happen with the normal scopes. They are ok. I think they should be corrected for SteelBeast 4, that is the one I am looking for (and waiting for the protection usb stick). A cool feature would be to manage the TV camera with the joystick without accesing to it (with left mouse button) that way we could have quick access to everything in the "cockpit" with trackir (which I would like to have more freedom axes than the 2 it has. But is cool to have Trackir support). Thanks!
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