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  1. quick question snake, will the temp prices be the same as 3.028?
  2. when can you buy the license?
  3. thanks for the response, any new infantry lmgs or hmgs? is the 240 now usable by infantry?
  4. grenny made it seem like it was coming out very soon
  5. at least the infantry now have a variation of the fn mag, im semi happy
  6. i'm going to leave it as a surprise, and see if theres an FN mag and fn minimi when i play, i hope im not disappointed!
  7. i saw the sniper stuff, anything more than that? dont really like sniper rifles
  8. nvm found it, was expecting more than just an AK-5C though. bit disappointing
  9. is there anything in there about the new small arms that were added?
  10. at least we are 100% getting it this month. thanks for the update snake
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