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  1. quick question snake, will the temp prices be the same as 3.028?
  2. when can you buy the license?
  3. thanks for the response, any new infantry lmgs or hmgs? is the 240 now usable by infantry?
  4. grenny made it seem like it was coming out very soon
  5. at least the infantry now have a variation of the fn mag, im semi happy
  6. i'm going to leave it as a surprise, and see if theres an FN mag and fn minimi when i play, i hope im not disappointed!
  7. i saw the sniper stuff, anything more than that? dont really like sniper rifles
  8. nvm found it, was expecting more than just an AK-5C though. bit disappointing
  9. is there anything in there about the new small arms that were added?
  10. at least we are 100% getting it this month. thanks for the update snake
  11. is there a possibility of 4.0 being delayed till december/2017 still? thanks for the update
  12. its a little past tuesday now, was the decision made?
  13. i think a couple of pages ago, you confirmed a few new pea shooter models? can you confirm whether we'll be seeing an fn mag and minimi model? thanks
  14. so i guess you decided to opt with releasing in july and adding the new map geometry technology in december?
  15. something was mentioned about having a medic in the new SB version, so maybe there is a wounded state now?
  16. ive followed this game for a while now, never really bothered getting involved on the forums
  17. i'm very happy to hear this, looking forward to the coming weeks it'll be nice to finally have some new lmgs and mmgs
  18. i think most people would be happy with a fn mag model, and a minimi being added as these are very heavily used by most major militaries. its very immersion breaking seeing a us army man carrying an MG3 instead of a 249, or a 240 if you're an MG team (infact its what turned me off the game after i bought the one month trial thing). i dont think that there is a need for complex small arms simulation, but having the right weapons for the right factions would be a major step up.
  19. are there any plans to improve the infantry small arms? e.g adding a Minimi/FN mag/pkm/rpk etc so its a bit more immersive (kinda strange seeing us infantry with an mg3.)
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