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  1. nice thing version 4.1 arrived in the UK yesterday also nice I'm pleased about the performance on my machine using 1080p i5 7600k @ 4.7 Ghz 16Gb ram Nvidia 1070 SB Pro on SSD the maps are installed on C: drive Thanks to everyone at Esim
  2. I had an issue with a corrupt file it turned out to be a partly downloaded file part 3b the file size was only 400Mb when I tried again it downloaded the full 1.5gb unpacked the maps everything installed error free
  3. I hope alien invasion only happens in Arma 3 ☺️
  4. Thank you Ssnake it's very generous of you to offer this esim really do look after their customers
  5. Can someone please help does the upgrade bundle include the maps on usb a new manual and an upgrade from 3.028 to 4.1 for $53?
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