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  1. Manual received! Thank you very much, Ssnake! 🙂🙂🙂 Txema
  2. Hi Ssnake, Is there any reason for not allowing to download the new PDF manual file? If I understand it correctly, anybody can download the SB Pro PE 4.1 installer and then install it to get the manual... Txema
  3. Hi Ssnake, Thank you very much for your quick answer! I can not install SB Pro PE 4.1 in my computer yet, but I would like to start reading the manual soon. That's why I am asking for a way to download it. I would appreciate it very much if I could start reading the manual now, although I will install the software in some days/weeks... Thanks again for your help! Txema
  4. Is it possible to download the manual for Steel Beasts Pro PE 4.1? I guess it is included in the install files, but I would like to read the manual prior to installing the software... Thanks in advance! Txema
  5. Does Steel Beasts Pro PE 3.X (or 4.X) support Ultra-Widescreen monitors (aspect ratio 21:9, resolution 2560x1080)? Is it confortable/recommended to play Steel Beasts Pro PE in those monitors? Thanks for your help ! Txema
  6. And while we are speaking about aesthetical issues (3-D infantry), please do not forget to add shadows to the simulator !!! A lot of the models in SB and the scenery look very good indeed, but the lack of shadows is a very big problem for the credibility of the overall image. In Steel Beasts you can get very nice screenshots... provided that the angle of the image or the climatic conditions make the shadows not necessary. If you take a screenshot and the shadows are obviously missing, the image looks clearly fake and it is a pitty because the rest of the elements are properly done... Summing up: are you going to add shadows to the game soon ??? The whole image would benefit from them sooo much... Txema
  7. Nice work on the vehicles!! ... BUT we need shadows in this sim. The screenshots look great as long as the weather or the view angle make the shadows not necessary... but when they are needed the realism of the screenshots suffers enormeously. Developers: when are you planning to add shadows in the code? In any case, thanks for your excellent sim !! Txema
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