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  1. 7 hours Version 3.0, single mission, name forgotten
  2. I'm looking forward to this chariot­čść
  3. bob semple tank and DM73 Is it an April Fool's Day joke?
  4. Add video´╝Ühttps://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1o5411P7af
  5. Yes, the current explosion and fragment simulation progress is obvious I'm happy to see that progress, too It's just that Hesh really surprised me, especially for modern AFV But I also understand that the lack of relevant data may lead to differences in simulation results
  6. HESH Is it too powerful´╝č I tested three scenarios, one of them´╝îT90 One shot is destroyed Composite armor and explosive reaction armor have little sense effect Hitting the tracks and fender can also destroy the tank HESH_25432_032021MOMO1851.aar
  7. Will it support Alipay or WeChat payment? I hope so
  8. ok´╝îthanks
  9. ok´╝îthanks
  10. The goal of BMP is Pandur 6X6´╝îAnd the distance is within range I think there is still a need for improvement
  11. The goal of BMP is Pandur 6X6´╝îAnd the distance is within range
  12. It's not a test. I'm just looking at the cartridge case AI will only blindly load anti tank missiles In the BMP image, the distance is within the range of the main gun, but AI will only load anti tank missiles in place When the target is APC, shouldn't the main gun be used after launching the missile?
  13. 1ŃÇüM2A2 priority loading missile not assault 2ŃÇüBMP 2 priority loading missile does not fire main gun
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