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  1. COOL Can I reprint this video?
  2. Curious, in reality, if the Leopard 2 loader is killed, can the vehicle continue to fight? After all, the loading panel is in the loader position
  3. Thank you, I sincerely wish you good health,
  4. I respect your decision and like this game, I hope everyone can resolutely avoid discussing politics in this forum It's just a game enthusiast / tank enthusiast forum
  5. WeChat and Alipay are the payment procedures of the two companies, that's all.
  6. No investigation, no voice This forum does not discuss politics
  7. What does this have to do with the Communist Party of China
  8. Can we increase the payment method of WeChat and Alipay?😍
  9. When there are major updates, How will I upgrade
  10. 7 hours Version 3.0, single mission, name forgotten
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