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  1. 1.People may show incompleteness

    2.Looking for the road problem, after my T72 minesweeper, the BMP does not follow the road and hits the mine。T72 fell off the cliff again

    3.Navigation lines will not recognize fortification bunkers when Shifting

    4.Helicopters collide with each other without damage

    5.The AH-1 20MM cannon does not fire on ground targets (close-range infantry)

    6.It may not be a bug, the Javelin missile can also hit high-speed moving helicopters


    I have attached an AAR, some of the problems can be seen in it, it should be

    The translation software I use may be difficult to understand, sorry for your troubles, I wish you a happy life






  2. My friend found some information. The ammunition that TAM can use immediately is 13 rounds. Seven of the 20 rounds of the turret are stored in a turret bustle storage box and cannot be loaded during combat. The available 13 rounds of ammunition are 11 rounds on the floor + 2 rounds on the bulkhead, similar to Leopard 1.


    There are two vertical wheeled ammunition racks at the rear of the car body, each of which is about 8 rounds, which is very interesting
    However, the remaining storage structure of the hull ammunition is unclear.


    Supplementary information is welcome




  3. On 8/21/2021 at 1:10 PM, Gibsonm said:


    Not sure how specific you want to be but from here:




    "In total, 50 rounds are carried, 20 in the turret and the remaining 30 in the hull. 13 of the turret rounds are carried on holding brackets for immediate use."




    "The bigger rear section occupies the central and rear part of the tank and houses the combat area and turret basket, with the commander, gunner and loader sitting on folding seats in this area, along with all the ammunition."


    Therefore nothing in the forward area of the hull, beside the driver, etc. which makes sense given the location of the power plant.



    22 hours ago, Ssnake said:

    All TAMs are based on the hull of the IFV Marder. Since the Marder has the engine in the front, the only place aside from the turret itself is the rear of the hull, where otherwise the troop compartment would have been.


  4. 11 hours ago, Ssnake said:

    Like I wrote, it's a wide field. At the same time our current focus is on purring the whole software architecture of SB Pro on a reliable high performance foundation for the coming decades. Once done, adding new systems will become a priority again.

    I look forward to it,come on💪💪💪

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