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  1. Do need to update the map? Or do just need to install 4.250。 😁
  2. I hope Improving the problem of finding the road AI is more active in attacking targets (especially the infantry on the ground and in the fortifications, and the targets behind the concealed objects). Sometimes they will confront each other at close range and do not shoot.😊
  3. love you 😁 Many times, AI doesn't shoot infantry at close range
  4. https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1kJ411L7jU Piranha IIIC 8x8 video I hope you like it
  5. Please release the new version as soon as possible, can’t wait!
  6. thanks I hope the forum will have more new tasks
  7. Please do more tasks and upload! thank you all
  8. Looking forward to,Update as soon as possible!
  9. This task can download it? where ?
  10. sorry,Maybe I didn't see it,But I didn't find it
  11. commander PSS have independent Range finder ? still Share gunner ?
  12. DF30 beautiful, but Long loading time,90mm Poor accuracy。
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