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  1. gunner for somebody or dismount plt
  2. Here We go again ...

    A happy new year to all!!! sorry cant make it for two weeks - have fun.
  3. 2/3 jan best for me - tutorials
  4. Operacion La Seguridad

    22b please
  5. Hidden hostages rescue scenario

    indeed very clever - an idea I will shamelessly use - thank you.
  6. Not really a bug

    Hi Rotar - I have the same problem as you know and I am running McAfee fire wall etc- The SB Exec programme is on the list of approved apps for access - but I am wondering about the downloads, which go into a different drive - the c drive where my documents are rather than the D drive where the exec programme is installed. Would this make any difference? In addition, I have tried to find the Ransomeware protection in hte Security Centre and cannot find it - any pointers. Thank you for your information on the civilian random spawn - has worked a treat!!!