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  1. Hi Capt. For some reason whilst I have loaded the four map files in the map package in my map package directory - on start up it is failing to find the map - any ideas what have done wrong. Don' normally havea problem but can't seem to see this? SnS
  2. grenny, still confused - do I have any slot for tonight? The manning list is still not showing me in a Wglifs gunner position or do I take it that is okay?
  3. or A31 if avaialable - did not see that before?
  4. anywhere you want - recce or tank preferably rather than CSS or failing that a gunner position.
  5. I do speak german so will take anything on offer
  6. Hey Cavgunner - what sound MOD did you use as it sounded great. Gald my RPG gunner waited until the last moment, you hav eno idea how long it took to get them in that position - your cry of anguish was worth the whole night of fustration of the T-62/55 engagemetns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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