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  1. or my old Scimitar C/S as recce depending on what you want me to do!
  2. Fantastic - keep them coming really enjoyable to paly.
  3. Hi All, I may be doing something wrong, but all of a sudden I cannot access the Map Download maanger - see attachment error. I only double click on shortcut or try to open from menu but keep getting this error. I have uninstalled and reinstalled but same result. Any ideas?
  4. when i look at graphics no B1 BPs in purple areshowing - can you send again?
  5. cant tell the difference between a Sat & Sun - so will be there on time!
  6. I have just got tickets for a bigger battle - England v Ireland at Twickenham - so I may be about 15 mins late - Best KT takes over Plt or somebody else. Hopefully I will be on time like last time but Guinnes can do strange things!
  7. This is no longer by me as it has been altered, probably for the better. Therefore, please credit Grenny's name and not mine. Thank you.
  8. Mirzayev, if you have any questions just shoot me a PM and I will reposnd when around.
  9. Only if yo uare US - this is a Scandanavian Coy Gp and both nations have signed up so.................
  10. APOC, the Blackhawk realease is incorproated within the sce dessign. The sce brief provides undrtanding of the risk of loosing it and its utility in the operation. You know what these kind of operationa are like in africa- no INTEL, no time, changing situation, unreliable partners and unrealistic misison objectives. Have fun.
  11. I recognises the command but game does not react
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