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  1. Hi! Thanks. Yes, the are great! Not too big and a very friendly breed. Google for "Blaue Wiener"! Now, for the love of God, someone tell me please how get PE3 running... Regards, Hase
  2. Ok, still no success. All of my usual PWs don´t work, "CodeMeter" doesn´t work, either. For simplicity's sake let´s assume that that´s my own fault, but what now? Can the license transferred to a new stick (for $ of course)? Regards, Hase
  3. No luck here. Every password I enter is wrong. Can´t change it, too, as the old PW is wrong off course. Off fro the weekend now. Regards, Hase
  4. Hi folks! My problem seems similiar to Superbus´, see screens attached. Seems I messed up the installation of the license somehow: * bought the license (40$ update) and made an offline install (I believe...) and everything looked fine. * installed PE3 and it seems to have updated the CM firmware * now my licenses seem to be in the 1.10 container (?) while 1.18 is empty * I see no way to move them or to update the 1.10 * I´ve never known I have a CM password * obviously I don´t know what I´m doing. Havn´t understood this CM thingy Can somebody pleas help?
  5. Hase

    Graphic freezes

    Thanks for the hint, Retro! Downloading alternative version right now. Will let you know. EDIT: Installed newest nvidia-drivers => problem solved! Great. Thank you! Hase
  6. Hase

    Graphic freezes

    Hi all! I have severe problems with graphics freezing in. Symptoms: - Tank range works - starting a mission from editor (to play around with the new stuff) causes freezes of the graphics after a split second, sometimes after a few seconds of looking around. Only mouse arrow still moving, sound playing, vehicle seems to react to orders. Sim still alive in the background? - seems not to affect all maps: flat and empty works, e.g. new Wolfsburg and old Beedenbostel don´t - alt-tabbing allows changing to map view and back to 3D view, then freezing again - quitting the mission requires alt-tabbing to get hold of the EXIT button I did/tried: - uninstall old version - renaming the old mod folder - re-install of new version - downloaded DX9.0c and installed it System had run well with SB before for years. Windows 7. Any ideas? Greets, Hase
  7. Thanks folks, I didn´t want to sound harsh or impatient, only wanted to remind of this bug. @Tacbat: Yes, I would expect an small explosion with at least some effect on nearby infantry instead of the ricochet. Greets Hase
  8. You cannot be serious! If I want to kill infantry by direct hit or BMPs, I use AP.
  9. 2.546: Pizarro 30mm HE now bounce of the ground and occasionally explode in some tree or building. H
  10. Ok, will check settings (AA, AF etc.)...
  11. Reticle has was symmetrical in the previous release AFAIK and is in RL. Running monitor on its native resolution. Hase
  12. For me the Leo2A4´s TIS reticle is buggy: the small cross in the middle is asymmetrical.
  13. Hase

    Windows 7

    Jens, I like DCS:BS very much due to its depth of simulation (compares easily to SBProPE) and it´s very few bugs. On the other side there are the coarse terrain, the non-collidable (and for AI non-existant and invisible) trees and the (for me) a little bit boring concept of this pure tank-killer. There are good reasons for all these things, so all in all I would say: One of the best sims ever made. If your a at least slightly interested in heli-sims, get it. No doubt. I, too, am anticipating the A-10 module very much. Hase P.S.: I fear I have to say goodbye to my old trusted MSSidewinderFFpro joystick (joystick port...) as there seems to be no way to use it with my new puter and Win7. Sh*t!
  14. Hase

    Windows 7

    Jens, you are right! Problem was solved when I installed DCS:Blackshark. Gave it´s directx install a try and it added some files. Tank you! Hase
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