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  1. The same happens with the Kamov Ka 50 (Black Shark). Done it, and can be done. Most serious flight simmers have two monitors, and added key pads to assign key-strokes, read +500 page manuals etc. Then some complain there´s not enough realisim, or it´s to arcade like... Someone ALWAYS has to complain. Especially when they don´t have it there way, aye Sir! What ever you play, ENJOY the ride! But no, then someone will bitch at one because you misfired, like if there life depended on it, or if you were under there command in RL. To miIsim when they play, but then, oh this is to geek for me. Yeah sure, been playing for the last 50 years, and I can tell what wheel rim belongs to each AFV hidden in the bushes by only seeing the wheel rim. Looks away when he hits blue on blue! No thanks! DCS has been at it for 20 years or so, BIG fan base, that means something weather some agree or not. Fanbois or not, theres plenty of them, for the good, and the bad. There´s NO one ring to rule them all, but at least it´s as close as a combined arms sim can get for now. GUNNER FRONT!
  2. It´s hard to consider anything "finished" in the computer world, as everything is pretty much evolving constantly, weather it be with patches, updates or additions. Then you have the dependency of hardware and OS, which they too are in constant changes. So there´s always a chance that a fix, breakes something else, or a update needs other things to be fixed. So is anything really finished? In a way, if you Isolate yourself and your PC from the world, but even then there will be some aspects that never got fixed of what ever hard/soft you have installed. Nothing is perfect, the same way that people are not perfect playing a game... Just my thoughts.
  3. Red2112

    Tactical FPS

    New map available today for download (+3GB), Purple Heart Lane... Red
  4. Red2112


    A bit short on unit types though... Red
  5. Red2112


    It seems it´s going to be released on Feb 26th... https://store.steampowered.com/app/964650/Invasion_Machine/ Same as Naval Battles Simulator... https://store.steampowered.com/app/936980/Naval_Battles_Simulator/ Nice!
  6. Red2112


    I like this style/type of gameplay better... Red
  7. Red2112


    I don´t get why the floating Icons are all of the same color. Looks neat, but does look like a Wargame clone too.
  8. A smart kid that dosen´t waste time playing Fortnite, instead he plays...Dream Theater. Red
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