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  1. Thanks for the updated state of things Ssnake, looking forward to all the new goodness incoming ASAP 😊 Good care <S>
  2. Red2112

    Tactical FPS

    So you don´t go "nuts" with your carrier landings! (AOA) Red
  3. Red2112

    Tactical FPS

    Thanks Ssnake, I agree with you. Red
  4. Red2112

    Tactical FPS

    Actually It´s IL-2 BOK, which is still on sale... https://il2sturmovik.com/store/battle-of-kuban/ Hmm, now that´s neat indeed, but is there VR yet for SB, or is it a side project and/or just for SB Pro? Red
  5. While people starve/homeless, that´s the real shame...
  6. Red2112


    At last ☺️ A look at whats in the box of Harpoon 4... Red
  7. Red2112

    Tactical FPS

    Thanks @Jaguar ☺️ No VR set as of yet, but on the whishlist for next year. As a side note, I do have Reentry - An Orbital Simulator, although it´s still in EA, it´s quite cool. Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/882140/Reentry__An_Orbital_Simulator/ Petri is a one-man dev... Red
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