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  1. Simply put, head bashing fun goodness...
  2. Yes, best thing tp happen in 2020! 😁 Anthrax has most of the tracks done for there new album which should be out 1Q of 2021. Scott said in a interview that if they can´t do live shows (covid-19), they wont put it out till they can. Hey Exodus was my fave then, still is.
  3. Mr. Bungle (Mike Patton/Faith No More) doing there thing, New album out end of Oct. with Scott Ian (Anthrax) and Dave Lombardo (Slayer)... Red
  4. Red2112

    Tactical FPS

    How do you know Squad does it better when the mod ins´t even out yet? And when it does hit release (December 2020) it´s going to be in it´s infancy (just infantry) 😀 And the mod will be free BTW... Destructive enviorment and being able to host your own server already beats Squad 🙃
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