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  1. ^ I would not think likewise judging by the guys playing in the videos, but taste are like colors, each likes his own.
  2. Red2112


    Iron Harvest on sale 78% off (€10,99) on Fanatical, not many keys left! Fanatical (official Steam keys): https://www.fanatical.com/en/game/iron-harvest Red
  3. Red2112


    Combined Arms Operations Series (CAOS) Steam store: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1466610/Combined_Arms_Operations_Series/ This can be played as single player, PVP and Co-op 😊
  4. ^ Solasta is quite challenging, really like the combat although you´re subject to the dice rolls. I get my butt handed more then I would like too! 😁 Upcoming next month, looks fun! Red
  5. I had one but I did have some Issues with the drivers sometime ago and had to keep switching version which led to me losing saved profiles.
  6. For all those D&D from the past, or maybe even present/future players... Solasta: Crown of the Magister Basically it´s D&D 5th. edition CRPG with a bit of hombrew for PC, and with a big emphasis on 3D combat. Available on Steam and GOG, currently on sale (20% off) on Steam till the 19th. of July. Red --
  7. Red2112


    Yes I know you were referring to FCRS. I don´t mind the EA status as long as it goes forward, and dosen´t screw up something done before to bad. If we think about it, it´s like game versions, we could say versions are like being in EA, or just "other" cycles till the game dies, or reaches it´s end term. Basic foundations are done and 70-80% of the intended content is coded yet not polished. Then we go through the public "testing" phase, but there´s always something to be fixed, polished or added. It´s basically the same process in todays games, EA is just a way to do the same but from a alpha stage, and provide early Income while the devs test the waters. As I see it...
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