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  1. Been wanting to pick this up since it came out, since it´s on sale and out of EA, I did. Cool game with some unique aspects to it. Dropped Conan Exiles to play this as my go to survival game. Now all I need is some time to play it, 😁 Red
  2. Red2112


    BTW it has co-op mode which is a neat game mode in a game like this. Red
  3. Red2112


    I really enjoyed playing the Commandos series 20 years ago, it was like playing chess in a way, alot of fun over all. Now we seem to have a more brutal and epic take of what Commandos gave us 20 years ago with... War Mongrels Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1101790/War_Mongrels/ Game looks awesome too. Red
  4. Yeah Market Garden would be nice along with the UK/CAN units. As for a private controlled group. that would be cool too. The VU I was In (defunct) is called Task Force Bravo (TFB), nice folks and they had there own rented servers.
  5. Red2112


    TCD release... Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1298010/Tactical_Combat_Department/ A mix of X-Com and Swat. Red
  6. No I don´t think you hate everything, but there are days that you do hate everything 😁 We all have our days, and yeah, games are not what they used to be Apoc, I agree with you on that too. Hell Let Loose has to be the most Immersive FPS I have ever played, and I also agree on everything you stated about HLL. I haven´t played it much this year, In fact I don´t have it Installed right now, but I might Install it again along with WW3 soonish. The only Issue I have (as with most of these MMO´s), is that the servers are huge! Meaning that each server holds 100 players in HLL, so even if you´re in a VU (which I was), you do feel like you´re by you´re self. Unless you tag along with some buddy which is never the case for what ever reason (time frame etc) Glad you like it, and I´am sure you have plenty of other games you like!
  7. ^ I don´t think SW is aimed to be a realistic sim, it has a physics module Involved (Bullet engine) but I doubt it´s 100% realistic. Not even dedicated PC sims are fully realistic in all there glory. There training tools for the most part. Nevertheless, SW with it´s DLC has a lot of work to be done ahead, It´s fair to say the DLC is at it´s basic core right now and WIP. With regards to weapons been awful, it´s a voxel style art, what do you expect, and there not using proprietary designs. Just my thoughts. As far as CC2 abandoned, recent update was Sept. 17th. (v1.0.18) They have been releasing updates patches/fixes almost every week last month. Care
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