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  1. Wargames

    Might as well start a thread with regards to wargames, be it digital or board games. I´ll start off with a recent one in my library... DVG Phantom Leader for PC. Based on the original boardgame, and the solitaire "Leader" series of which DVG is famous for, this addition is for PC or iOS. A faithful adaptation of the original boardgame to PC/iOS at a fraction of the cost. As I have the "Gato Leader" box set, this one was a easy pick. It´s working for me on Windows 10 except for the online rules which don´t show up, but you do have help baloons on screen if needed. You can download the rules on PDF from the Phantom Leader Deluxe product page. Downside is you can´t change resolution but in this case/type it´s not that important. Might put up a video some day... DVG Solitaire digital games Phantom Leader rules set The smell of napalm in the morning... Cheers!
  2. Tactical FPS

    Thanks @Jaguar, although I personally don´t have a VR set, but seems cool to be able to VR in a tank indeed. IL-2 Tank Crew has received a new update (v3.012) which includes a new map (Prokhorovka), and two new tanks, Sherman M4A2 and PzKpfw.III Ausf. M. More info in the link below... https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/12826-game-updates/?page=2&tab=comments#comment-744096 Red
  3. Tactical FPS

    Just thought a dedicated thread for this type of gameplay would be usefull since some of us play FPS, or for anybody else who may be interested in tactical shooters. I for one is slowly catching up with Arma III with Kanium VU, and on my own refreshing some good memories with Rainbow Six Seige from the days I played Rainbow Six Raven Shield and Ghost Recon with the Seawolves community some light years ago! Squad from Project Reality, Insurgency Sandstorm, and Escape from Tarkov, to name a few are making there way in the FPS scene, plus others not out yet will sure give us plenty of talk. Aside from also playing The Division, a RPG FPS title, I find that Rainbow Six Seige and The Division have really made a excelent come-back from there fatal debut, which gives fans and UBISoft some credit. Unfortunately Ghost Recon Wildlands has not had that good fortune, at least not yet. Rumors of a new Ghost Recon title are in the air but will have to wait and see what happens. Most of the UBISoft Tom Clancy titles are being keept alive via season passes and DLC´s, but one should not think it´s a bad thing, as you also have the option to keep grinding in-game which dosent take long if you have the standard edition. Actually UBISoft Montreal has changed it´s marketing and because of that, and the fact that they have also fixed alot of left behind issues, has brought back to life these titles and regained it´s original fans, and some new ones too. In a nutshell, some good things are happening with Tom Clancy titles and others in the pipeline. Feel free to post your thoughts and findings with these and other titles if you so wish. Team Rainbow must stand ready! As "RedOneAlpha2112" on UPlay. Red
  4. Wargames

    Game footage of the upcoming Steel Division 2... Red
  5. 24/7 Server

    Iam talking about serious people/gamers, not some kids getting there kicks. We all know whats out there, and even with SB there´s who can ruin a match or more, so no game is extent of bad manners or someones "lousy day" at work. Red
  6. 24/7 Server

    Most simulations can be played any way you want to. There´s no real right or wrong way of doing so. There´s quite alot of descusions out there where devs admit that although they intended there game to be played in a certain way, people have totally made there own way of playing it. How you "sim" is up to you, whether you want to plan, train or go 70% by the book, and I say 70% because a sim is a tool, you wont be doing a RL 100%, without saying that for starters you don´t have ALL the hardware a tank/airplane/submarine or what ever in front of you. You sim for rutines, workflows, communications, strategies, awarness, team cohesion, and other situations/enviorments/issues for your benefit/practise, but your not obligated to do so. You may enjoy it more or less, achieve a excelent outcome or not, but again there´s no wrong or right because nothing is set in stone. Even with all the effort to planning, RL know how (mil) and what have you, things still can go wrong, or someone will go his/her own way (unrealisticly) which again brings up the same point, "is this right"? Each one has there own goal, if any, and there´s no better then other, just different. If one understands that, then there´s a bunch of ways to enjoy these "tools" (sims). Red
  7. Wargames

    Unboxing Flashpoint: Golan by Mark Herman and Victory Games (1991)... Red
  8. Tactical FPS

  9. Wargames

    Fist Full of TOWS... Red
  10. 24/7 Server

    Yes Iam sure of that Ssnake, and Iam not saying you are not doing that, but not everybody who buys SBProPE jumps in the forum, or knows anything about that, or knows they should ask you about getting a PE server version. Some of us are used to doing some research and visit forums for example, but unfortunately that´s not the case for all. Yeah, I know, people should read the manual and all that, but they don´t and go the easy way, in other words "plug and play". Just thought that giving this option straight out of the box, might encourage more followers now with the new map/terrain engine coming up. With regards to PE, well that´s what it is Gibson, a "personal edition", although the main target customers are military for the Pro edition. As you said, "if you can afford it" which is not the case for most of us, which means the PE version should be looked at and played with different eyes/attitude because one can expect just about anybody buying the PE version. Another thing is how it should be played, or intended to be played, which is a whole different story.
  11. 24/7 Server

    I think that having seperate installers (maps/terrain - core game) is a good Idea, mainly because as Ssnake stated, you wont have to re-install everything when you upgrade, or whatever changes could effect the core game. Prepar3d (Lockheed Martin) flight sim has a similar structure in it´s latest versions, basically it uses three different installers, "Client", "Content" and "Scenery". Depending on what has been updated and/or what you are interested in updating, you choose what to download/update. As for the comments above with regards to MP, I would prefer a bigger MP count/host as default then the present one, with out the need of asking for anything special. Say like a max of 18-20 players for someone that would/can host it. At present it´s a bit limited IMHO. In order words, for the PE version to be able to host a 18-20 player match. Red
  12. Wargames

  13. Tactical FPS

    Yeap! Pricing a bit out of hand for the alpha version (August 2019) but will see. If it turns out as good as it looks, then Iam willing to pay! Ready or Not home site: https://voidinteractive.net/#pre-order Red
  14. Tactical FPS

    UBOAT... rEd
  15. Tactical FPS

    Ready or Not... rEd
  16. Tactical FPS

  17. Tactical FPS

  18. Wargames

    Advanced Squad Leader Strater Kit #2, by Multi Man Publishing... Red
  19. Tactical FPS

  20. Wargames

    Gameplay of SWWaS Coral Sea, operational phase... Red
  21. Wargames

    Unboxing Second World War at Sea: Bismarck by Mike Bennighof and Avalanche Press. Bismarck is a game module from the Second World War at Sea series... Red
  22. Tactical FPS

    Dog eat Dog! rEd
  23. Wargames

    Another unboxing of my recent purchase, Sixth Fleet by Victory Games and Joseph Balkoski... Red
  24. Tactical FPS

    Hell let Loose... rEd
  25. Tactical FPS