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    Waterloo (Mont Saint Jean / The Battle of Belle Alliance)...
  2. CoDMW2 brings back the fun...
  3. Great developer attitude IMO... Demo: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1963610/Road_to_Vostok/
  4. Forgot to mention, It´s been released today (8GB aporx.)... https://store.steampowered.com/app/1272010/Destroyer_The_UBoat_Hunter/
  5. Looking forward to this...
  6. ^ I don´t think the casual ArmA gamer Is educated In what prototype weapons/vehicles are used In todays armies, but yeah conflicts are getting more modern. One just doesn't see them In mainstream media to justify there used for the mayor audience IMO. I also doubt your typical ensign Is using prototypes but could be wrong, I am not In the field, which brings my point...
  7. Last day for free Beta play!
  8. Still hard to digest the futuristic gear/weapons In ArmA III...
  9. Red2112


    Probably the best Alien game (RPG) out there, another game by Free League publishing... Spoiler alert...
  10. Red2112


    One of my fav TTG´s... Solo rules... (Free): https://risingsunstudios.co.uk/products/cc-bot
  11. Red2112


    Thank you Sir 😉 Here´s a oldy but a goody... Red
  12. Then I understood you wrong, my bad. That might never happen, as I stated many times, nothing Is perfect for everyone. But to name a good candidate In my opinion, that would be ArmA (Infantry only)... Core mechanics for me In a FPS: - Ballistics. - Postures. - Customization. - ADS. - Wind/weather effects. - Hit registration. - None aim bots? Were It then all falls apart Is with It´s AI and pathfinding. Other titles like Escape From Tarkov, or Ready or Not can make the bill, but each have there own special Issues too. Either way, this topic will always fall Into a rabbit hole I am afraid...
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