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  1. She speaks one minute In the whole video, and she appears another one whole minute In the video, the video last 23min. The rest of the video, which she Is filming Is about a mechanic talking about a BMP2, so I don´t know what your rant Is all about. What I see Is you just wanted to blow off some steam (like you usually do) on somebody here just to prove how right you are with everything. Very profesional of you. Wrong guy because I could care less what you think about women or what Is boring to you, and this is not the place either to do so, like you stated. Live, and let live If you can...
  2. I try to look at It from the bright side. Maybe her funds go to the restoration/museum and that really makes a big difference for them money wise and promotion wise. I really doubt there not aware of that. I mean there´s plenty of business that hire attractive women to attract men. You go to a bar with a attractive woman, best chances are there will be plenty of men, which In turn will also bring women so It´s a win/win situation for some. Yes It´s the same old trick, but as one get´s older he also gets wiser so we learn to live with it. They also learn to live with It because they know what´s on a mans mind so It´s not like we are the victims here. While at It, my eyes are grateful to me and enjoy the sight. If she does keep It all to her self, well as my late dad use to say..."If you have more eat twice". BTW, I worked with some big time music celebrities In the past as a production manager. I know very well how queens and there counter part can be. That´s even worst then what we are talking about here. TBH seeing so much destruction here needed a pretty face for a change...
  3. In the video I posted she doesn't even show up half as much as some of her earlier videos, so this one Isn´t that bad. Yes there Is a tendency (a lot more recently) for women to take "some" advantage of there good looks to gain views on there YT channel In form of clickbait. The thing Is that some of these women actually know a thing or two about the subject there videos show. I really don´t see anything wrong In her case, on the contrary, I rather see her then some dude with a beard with high grade of testosterones coming out of his head. Can she shoot? Oh and she´s even pretty. Don´t see anything wrong here. Everything Is PERFECT to me 😄
  4. Don´t know were to put this so here It goes... You can chew tobacco while you play too! Super Mega Baseball 3. A fun baseball game, and don´t let the art style fool you! On sale (60% off): https://store.steampowered.com/app/988910/Super_Mega_Baseball_3/
  5. My thoughts exactly Nike 😁
  6. Personally I use... Screen capture/Streaming: - Gecata. https://www.gecata.com/ or - Debut. https://www.nchsoftware.com/capture/index.html For video editing/export: - Movavi Video Editor Plus https://www.movavi.com/video-editor-plus/ DaVinci Resolve Is great and a very powerful app but you have to know what your doing, as the likes of Sony Vegas.
  7. Yes your right, I forgot there´s the newer version cinquecento (500 In Italian). Thank you Ssnake, picture was a bit small and I am getting old! I wont make the joke of how to fit all of Italy In a 600 just In case 😁 But I prefer the original classic 600 which Is from my and my parents era. You could basically fix that thing with a piece of wire and some Bazooka gum If needed! It fits the "they don´t make them like they use to" saying. Oh and that thing was more economic then a gas lighter (depending on how much of a smoker one Is)! Good memories and they still make heads turn when seen on a road. A true European classic for those who never been to Europe. Anywho´s sorry for the derailment here!
  8. Sorry to go off topic here (like If I never did that!), but Is that a Fiat 600 In your avatar picture?
  9. Seems he Is working on live comms...
  10. As titles says... Fun game and at the price of a beer even more. 🍻 AI could do better, and content Is minor with only 3 maps at the moment, but this could be a lot of fun with friends. Art style likes real nice IMHO.
  11. Red2112


    Ok, I see what update your talking about. It´s v1.05 and It´s a Beta build so It wont show as a update unless you enable the beta branch. I´ll wait till It´s clear for the official branch. Again, thanks for the heads up.
  12. Red2112


    New update for Nebulous FC, v0.1.0.7. Added a much needed plane rotation (flip) view (Ctrl+Shift+Space) for tactical and regular view. Some balance tweaks and fixes... Change log: https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/887570/view/3133946724561202910 Red
  13. Red2112


    Hmm, strange didn´t update on my end yet, but thanks! BTW, Tank Warfare Tunisia 1943 Is on sale (80% off) on Steam. Graviteam Is based In Kharkov Ukraine, so any help Is welcomed. Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/549080/Tank_Warfare_Tunisia_1943/ This War of Mine Is also on sale and all the money goes to support Ukraine. Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/282070/This_War_of_Mine/ Red
  14. Red2112


    Better off posting It on the "Tactical FPS" thread, and yes personally I like MoH over CoD or BF. Thank you for your recommendations. Tank Ware Tunisia 1943 has a pretty good price on Steam If any one wants to get there feet wet with the series, or simply give it a try. UI has It´s learning curve but so does CMO (Command Modern Operations), so it Is what It is but well worth the effort IMO.
  15. Red2112


    Very promising, due out Q2 2022... https://store.steampowered.com/app/1176470/Terra_Invicta/
  16. No, Helios Is a French dev, this guy Is from Finland.
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