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  1. ^ I also do alot of hiking, and nature (+ solitude) is what soothes my soul, I add some bushcarft and I feel great out there. So yes, I understand what you mean because I have been doing this since I was a teen, and no, I would not go that route either, although I admire mountain guides, I rather preserve my nature experiences for myself. I also got into photography this year. Bought myself a Rebel T7i and a Sony RX100 III this year. A side from nature photography, I will also try astrophotography with the Rebel with a small Meade 80mm f/5 refractor scope I have, but that´s more into the future.
  2. I have to disagree with you here. Even if you don´t do what you like for a living changes are going to summon on you anyway no matter what, that´s part of the substances of life. We overcome, we procced, we change, although we try to change the least to maintain purity, self respect and discipline. At least some of us do. Working and getting paid for what you love/like is the best thing one can do IMO. I personally consider people who love, and enjoy there job very fortunate. But in doing so, that doesn't mean it´s going to be easy, or not have any issues! Even a farmer who loves his land is going to have unfortunate problems that he/she will have to overcome. We regards to burning out, well life will burn you out one way or the other on multiple occasions without warning, that´s just how it goes. As they say, "when the going gets tough, the tough get going". As for YT, you have to be very constant, 2 or 3 videos a week, have charisma and try to be a bit different then the rest, be educated and polite with no preferences or dislikes on others opinions, and be able to choose your topics very wisely. Seem that you are enjoying what your doing, and know what your doing, specially if your doing tutorials. Positive attitude, and try to be your best, at least on the surface! Not that this is a formula, but just how I see it from alot of videos I watch. Sure something can break your heart, but the more they break your heart, the better you get at it, We are meant to survive!
  3. The core camping is finally out after two years of waiting. It´s not fully Implemented but at least it´s a start!
  4. PS is on sale till the 1st. on Steam (€7).
  5. Red2112


    Kenshi Not really a wargame, more like a squad based CRPG, but nevertheless brutal and unforgiving! On sale with the Steam autumn sale (30% off): Kenshi Steam store I´am playing it with the Project Genesis mod (workshop).
  6. The dev is doing a revamp of the map editor, and squad editor. At least that´s what it says in the opening screen, so will have to wait till we see that. Played a bit with it, and only the built-in campaigns but for a fiver, it sure gets my attention too. Specially because my guess is that the editor can give you alot to play with.
  7. Budget FPS that really give a punch! Easy Red 2 Really surprised with this one, for only 5 bucks! Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1324780/Easy_Red_2/ Has SP and now MP mode, a quite awesome editor, and some really cool features that at it´s price gives other triple A FPS a bad name. -- Brass Brigade Great SP customization for bot gameplay, and plenty of maps. Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1163910/Brass_Brigade/ Both games are one-man teams, and although not perfect, pretty good for there asking price and gameplay loop. Red-acted
  8. Red2112


    Modern Armor 2.2 rules set... Modern Armor 2.x rules set WargameVault Store
  9. We need to get some beers together 🍻
  10. I see, well the price is right IMO, and it looks/feels right. I even bought Iron Curtain just because it reminds me of Operation Flashpoint 😁 Watching you´re vid now, and most likely I´ll download it too. Thanks for putting it together <S>
  11. Red2112


    Decisive Campaigns: Ardennes Offensive is out although it´s only available via Matrix Games. Yeah, some games are only available through Matrix, that´s the way it goes! I gather this particular title will be available through Steam in the near future as other VR Designs games have been in the past. Great series BTW. Red
  12. @Apocalypse 31 You toyed with the Sahara DLC yet? I bought the 3 DLC´s I was missing yesterday (S.O.G, Global Mobilization and Western Sahara). Had some fun with the Sahara DLC in SP, haven´t tried the rest yet.
  13. Unfortunately I guess the tempo goes with the times. You jump into a WW3 server and everybody is running around like they were nuts! In a way, the world is nuts right now TBH. But yeah, I catch you´re drift, it´s not my cup of tea either.
  14. It just might be that 2042 is worth it just for this... At least for now.
  15. Red2112


    New entry for MMP SCS series...
  16. Red2112


    Urtuk: The Desolation is a cool turn-based tactical RPG that does not use random dice rolls for hit points. This is great because you then only relay on you´re tactic/gameplay abilities. You screw up, it´s you´re fault! In a way, it´s similar to Battle Brothers. It is a bit repetitive, and there´s no real story line, but you do get a procedural generated campaign, and the option to build different squads so no gameplay is alike. Still on sale today (some hours left): Urtuk: The Desolation GOG store It´s also on Steam but not on sale right now. The game is out of EA, It´s in full release now. Red
  17. ^ One down, and quite a few to go! Is it that hard to get it right? For now, there is just about one FPS that at least it´s going to be fun... and Helios is a one-man team for the most part. I´ll get a free copy because I have Black Day and this is supposed to be the upgrade, but he dropped the project and started from scratch with this. Might not look like a triple A, but at least the concept is right, just as Zero Hour. They might be a small teams but at least there doing the right things. Just my opinion. Operation: Harsh Doorstep "might" hit the cue aswell. In my opinion, most devs want to grab audiences from all styles of FPS and make a mix bag of sorts, and there´s where they screw it up!
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