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  1. At least it looks cool, but reloads are 😨



    Realistic, err. Will leave it as cool and that´s about it. I´ll wait till it gets on sale LOL!



  2. Yeah, well that´s how the economy works in some games.  Although the economy system in SC is in no way flushed out yet, not balanced etc. There basically testing, but not everything is about grinding in SC...






  3. I could not run SC with my old PC, so I never really got a chance to fully check it out. I made myself a new build some months ago, and just last week decided to install SC, which Iam happy I did.  It just happen to be a week after v3.7.0 Live came out, of which all of the hardcore followers say is the best and most playable patch to date.  They are fixing some bugs that came with the patch in the PTU branch (v3.7.1c), which most likely will be out very soon (maybe next week).  Patch v3.8.0 will be Live next month 23th with the upcoming CitizenCon 2949...



    With that out of the way, I can say that with the actual state of SC (v3.7.0) there´s plenty of things to do and discover.  There´s about 250 missions you can take on to make money although SC is still not persistent yet, hopefully it will be very soon, so your status gets reset after every mayor patch.  In other words your progression is lost and money (aUEC) lost when v3.8 comes live.  For the most part, you can dogfight, hunt down bountys, do cargo runs, mine caves or astroids, rent ships, and  there adding harvest in v3.8 and group missions for example. You also have a criminal stat if you decide to be an outlaw.  There´s penty of things to do now and servers don´t crash like the past.  It´s alpha though but you can definitely spend hours and hours playing SC IMHO.

  4. I backed SC in 2013, no issues aside from the fact that you need a good set-up to run it. This latest patch (v3.7.0) is said to be the best out since it´s alpha stage. Now is a good time to try it out, plenty to do but remember it´s a alpha.  Overall it looks awesome.

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