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  1. 4 hours ago, Apocalypse 31 said:


    Just because they're using the same terrain for tech videos doesn't mean we're getting an OFP remake. 


    I didn´t say so, I think the op didn´t either. Just saying it would be nice if so...

  2. 1 hour ago, zloy.technic said:

    The modification does not affect the localization files. So with a high probability it will be launched on the international version.


    The author provides support in Russian. But I can try to help. Over the weekend I will be able to check the functionality of the mod with the English version, write installation instructions and perhaps a small FAQ.


    That would be great and very much appreciated. Very kind of you, thank you!


    On stand-by... 😉



  3. 1 hour ago, Mirzayev said:

    Not to diminish their work or anything, but why add a Panther A to a game which is set during the Yugoslav Wars of the 90s? Just to add something for the T-34-85 to fight?


    I have no Idea! I though about the same thing with regards to the Panther.


    @Apocalypse 31

    Maybe to play the campaign, or for a change, or for what they can offer later? Besides, people play War Thunder why not play this Instead.


    We have what we have In tank sims. If there a slight chance of anything getting better, why not take it. Heck there trying to mod  M1TP2 so why not give the IW T-72 mod a chance too.  Some people still play the moded version of Panzer Elite (I did at a time), there´s people for everything and like I said, we don´t have a ton to choose from either.








  4. This sim Is kind of forgotten by some and by others not, reason why I am posting, and because personally I don´t think It´s a bad sim either.


    I recently found a mod (by Castello) and will be trying it out.



    The link to the mod Is on the Graviteam forum. It´s In Russian but you can use Google Translate to figure it out.  We are having Initial Impressions/conversations on the mod over at SimHQ which you can follow If you like, and/or just post your thoughts here to help others with the mod or what ever.


    Graviteam forum:



    SimHQ thread:



    For starters It looks a lot better then the original, and there seems to be some good Improvements done to the overall game Including the addition of a M1 Abrams.



  5. Very Impressed with all the things you can do just by going through the tutorial. Now I just hope the AI gets better as It Improves which Is always the hardest thing to do In a SP game.


    For a just SP game, a big benefit would be a editor and Steam´s workshop (mod support).  Obviously coop would be the thing, but If that can´t happen, a editor and mod support would be great to keep it alive IMO.


  6. 2 hours ago, stormrider_sp said:

    One thing that I really like about Black Blood game is the R6 blueprint/maquette planning and "rehearsal" phase. I really miss that.

    That´s what makes It different to all the rest In the actual market, and at the same time similar to R6. I really hope he can pull this off, and/or at least Inspire someone who can.


    We need it bad! 😁

  7. Could be but...


    - Black Day could have been considered a finished project with some polish and chrome later on. There was certainty enough content and gameplay to opt for it to be finished. 


    - Heavenworld, much of the same.


    As a guitarist and composer, I can fairly say I am for the most part NEVER satisfied with my composition and/or guitar licks.  There´s always a way to make It better, or at least one thinks so. If you come back to it a year later, even more so! Most musicians think likewise so I am not the only one with this mindset.


    Game design Is no different.  It´s just that now we have this tag called "Early Access". With music, the tag could have been, a "demo" track, or even a bootleg recording. Basically something rough around the edges. To what extent It´s rough Is the question, and In the ears of who.



  8. ^

    That´s my attitude although I know there´s a chance that a project could be drooped for what ever reason.


    George Lucas (Star Wars) once said movies are never finished, there just abandoned. 


    As I see it, there´s always a progress to something, specially when it comes to art form or technology, there´s no end to it. A game is out, things get fixed, added and versions scale up, second parts are done as DLC´s or newer versions. In other words, they evolve as long as there´s commitment and funding as Ssnake pointed out. 


    So is a game, movie or technology ever really finished?  What determines If a game Is "truly" finished, the developer, the player base?  If most of the player base has no clue about coding, how can they again determine a game Is finished or not, do they really know the end point?


    It´s Ironic but when a dev says  a game Is finished then every one takes that as the end of there own curiosity. Technically they really don´t know If it really Is finished because that would mean It´s 100% operational, which Is hardly the case In most scenarios. They just pretend It´s finished because the author said so with no true knowledge of what really Is finished.


    Now we move on to v2.0... 😄


    Well you all get the point, I hope! 

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