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  1. 1 hour ago, Arch said:

    I started in flight before I got into cars. I think some day I should bust out the NASA documents and start studying how to make aerospace physics.


    I don't think the MicroProse re-acquirement will do anything particularly to BMS, but it's interesting to see if they will actually try to make a modern sim contender. Somehow I have a feeling it'd be simcade though.


    Yeah not to sure what MicroProse will come up with at this stage, I mean BMS has come a long way since the Falcon 4 SuperPAK v4 day´s. You might want to have a look at Reentry (sim), the dev Is heavy Into the old NASA manual (Apollo ect.)...




  2. 3 hours ago, Arch said:



    There's some in the link, and some on RD, some around the internet and on Discords and whatnot. Some resources in the link too.

    No store link as I only do private commission. Unlikely to release a commercial product any time soon, maybe in the future. Those things don't just come out of nowhere.


    Rig's built, still need to get an ebrake and figure out how to hell to mount it. Then the endless setting tweaking.


    Talking about flight, that'll be the next money sink to get back into. Luckily my standards are a bit lower so I can make do with a lot less. Been really itching to try BMS again, and DCS is finally starting to move in a more sensible direction in terms of dev priorities.


    Thanks Arch,


    Glad to see you´re also Into flight. It seems MicroProse Is also going to bring back the original Falcon 4, so will see what they bring us with there "new" acquirement...



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