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  1. 6 hours ago, Arch said:

    There aren't a lot of genuine study sims worth playing. BMS is pretty much the only one, all of the other ones lack content severely or are just dysfunctional for simulation like DCS. If having simplified systems means the sim gets to have all the effort put into the FM, weapon modeling and scenarios, then it's probably gonna be a better (civilian) sim than a DCS module that has everything clickable, but a dysfunctional FM and no realistic content to use it in.


    Of course I'd like everything to be quite simulated, but it is what it is. EECH and such have value, but they're a real pain to run on modern systems and haven't been kept modern like Falcon has. This one just might be a successor.


    The best FM that I have found Is with Condor 2, If you can get past the old graphics. Their Is a lot of multiplayer races going on with this sim. All the Info over at the Condor Club:



    There Is a handy app for Android called XCSoar that works via Bluetooth with you´re PC...





    After all, It´s the true art of flying...

    Condor 2 Home site:




  2. 8 hours ago, Arch said:

    Oh wow, I wasn't aware a new helo sim is in dev. I'll keep an eye out for this one, gotta build up my flightsim gearset again.

    It´s more of a sim-cade I am afraid but It´s a fun oldschool Gunship 2000 like sim-cade.

  3. Really dig how this guy builds story's with CDDA...



    See side bar for the rest of ep´s...





  4. 10 hours ago, Count Sessine said:

    Wow, that guy really went all in :) Thanks for sharing.


    I bought F1 23 the other day, went through the whole process of setting up the steering wheel etc. Then 1.5 hours fixing in-game settings to make it run in VR.


    After 20 minutes of driving around, I remembered why I don't play racing games anymore (was a huge fan earlier)... By their nature racing sims are very repetitive.


    Refunded the game :)


    As I see It...


    The first part of racing Is all about beating the timer and knowing the track you´re racing which both aspects go hand In hand. The better you know the track, the better timing you do. The second part has to do with technique, corner entry/exit, apex point, trail breaking/breaking zones, foot play etc. Then comes the actual race were you go against other drivers and what strategy you use. Probably the most difficult part (for me) Is the car set-up, which also plays a big part In the over all picture.


    But yes, It´s a repetitive process of learning the track and proper technique over and over again to beat you´re own time trials, and later on other drivers time trials.  It´s like playing solos on the guitar, If you want to be agile and have good technique you have to practice every day and play the same scales every day till you can do It with you´re eyes closed! 😁


    I guess It´s not for everyone. 


    Although I find that joining RaceRoom Experience and climbing the latter (tier) as a beginner to gain access to newer races against others makes you want to get better, but the process mentioned above Is the same, It´s just that you have a reason to do It.

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