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  1. More like when Lockdown, or  Vegas was released in my opinion.  They already had a event called Outbreak in R6 Seige which was similar to this BS, they just could have gone with a new IP and let the franchise die with R6 Seige, but no Ubicrap just needs to farm the same crap over and over again!


    RIP R6...

  2. Iam playing Chernobylite which Iam liking so far, a bit on hold as the full release will be next month, but played a bit to get the feel of it.

  3. On 6/13/2021 at 2:28 PM, Apocalypse 31 said:

    This is my most anticipated game this year.


    I really hope the AI isn't a disaster like Gaea Mission.

    In regards to AI, as I see it...


    There was more talent/passion in making games 20 years ago, with some exceptions of course.  Iam afraid I don´t keep my hopes high when it comes to AI now day´s, but we gotta keep the faith or we are doomed in the PC entertainment gener, which goes like wise with movies 😆


    I see better AI in a single dev making a roguelike game then some triple A games TBH.

  4. 8 hours ago, Gibsonm said:

    I'm sure it will since the island depicted here is on  the "wrong" side - at least for the vast majority of CV, CVN, LHDs, etc. who have it on the starboard side. 😄


    The original Carrier Command: Gaea Mission is a futuristic game, so they followed the same path here. Same goes with Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak, both are Sci-Fi set. I guess they could have modeled it to it´s real world counterpart but I also doubt that´s going to put off the Carrier Command fans in any way as this is Sci-Fi.


    Will have to wait till Sea Power is released if we want a semi-realistic approch.

  5. New update for the EFT SP mod. The SPT-AKI v1.30 is now compatible with the latest version of EFT v0.


    Mod link:



    To Install:

    - Copy your EFT folder and paste it in a new directory (I used a different hard drive). Copy whats inside of the downloaded mod folder (SPT-AKI v1.30) and past it inside your new EFT folder.

    - Run the Server EXE (don´t close it), then run the Launcher EXE. found in your new EFT folder. You might be prompt to download and Install windows runtime desktop (.NET), choose x64 if running W10. Once you launch the launcher, it will prompt you to create a user and a password, choose anything you like, you will also need to choose what version of EFT to play. That´s it!


    Works like a charm.


    Have fun!

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