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  1. Battle Brothers, Is a turn based tactical RPG with deep combat mechanics.  Not for the faint hearted as you will lose a lot of men In all you´re playthroughs, but really worth the time Invested.  I am sure a lot of you already know about BB, a bit like X-Com but historical and deeper.  BTW, It´s still being updated although It came out In 2017, and has three available DLC´s.


    It´s on sale at GOG and Humble Bundle at 50% off.


    A very helpful series If you want to learn BB...





  2. 22 hours ago, Count Sessine said:

    I'm a big fan of Battletech - thanks for bringing this to my attention. I'm playing all thing Mech :)

    Glad to read that CS, and you´re welcome.


    BTW, you can use (download) MekHQ v0.49.11 as long as you use It with JDK17 which Is what I am using.  If you have any Issues just let me know and I´ll try to help.


    I really like what they have done here, and there´s a bunch of game play In here tbh.


    There´s another game called Mech Merc Company on Steam which I bought on sale some time ago. The problem Is the dev (solo) needs help finishing the game and well no funds, but It´s pretty cool game as Is and In some way better then the newer stuff. It´s more oldschool MechWarrior.

  3. Would have liked this to be for none fictional warfare as It has all the right chrome for a tabletop wargame adaptation, but I am fine with It being for Battletech. Never got to play my copy (tabletop) of Battletech back then, so yeah this makes up for It, and you can still play coop or PVP online.



    Yes I know that there´s a digital version of Battletech on Steam which I have, but for me It´s not the same.


  4. 1941 Operation Barbarossa, based on the board game title, this Is just a adaptation of it In a digital version. No AI but you can hot seat It (local) and/or PBEM. 





    Original board game on BGG:



    Haven´t checked, but my guess Is that you can play this on Vassal too, that´s If there´s a module for It. Could be that It´s also available as a mod for TTS.  This digital version just makes It hassle free IMO.

  5. Imperial Glory, same devs that did the Commandos series.  This Is Total War Empire like but without the price tag.





    On sale at Fanatical (2,24€):




    Some have crashes, just set the compatibility mode to Windows XP SP 3 on the game .exe (root folder).

    In case you don´t know how to do that...




  6. Yep, things didn´t go out well. I didn´t see the whole race, saw about an hour or two, but when things like this happen, then people have the right to complain.  I fell bad for rFactor 2 which I enjoy a lot, but like all things nothing Is perfect. Do whish they get on the ball with there MP platform once and for all. Sad to see this happen...



    Love the T...


    DDos attacks can happen, but It´s something the org knew It could happen and should have taken measures to avoid It.



  7. Falcon 4 + BMS mod.  Played this way back In 2000 as I stated In a recent video, although we used other mods at that time. It has one of the best dynamic campaigns I have ever played, and I am not the only one who thinks so.  Aside from that, It´s one of the best renditions to the Viper you can fly. The BMS mod has also come a long way since then, it really changed the vanilla game In many good way´s. Wish all mods would be like this!


    To get In the mood for BMS, I suggest reading Vipers In the Storm: Diary of a Gulf War Fighter Pilot, by Captain Keith Rosenkranz...

    ISBN-10:  0071400400

    Home site:



    BMS Home site:


    Did I mention It´s very hardcore 😁









  8. 1 hour ago, Apocalypse 31 said:

    I saw this one on Steam last week.  Its not typically a period that I favor but damn....that's a really clean UI and I'm really digging what they're doing with the combat mechanics.


    Wishlisted and will probably pick it up on release 


    Glad you like It Apoc.  The aesthetics are a bit fantasy like, but like you I dig the combat mechanics, and yeah the overall UI and aesthetics Is quite pleasing and clean.


    I am on the fence between this and Armageddon Empires which I also like although It´s a bit outdated on the graphics but don´t mind.  Shadow Empires sort of feed of this game, but It´s not as hardcore as SE from what I can tell.

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