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  1. On 11/25/2019 at 11:02 AM, Ssnake said:


    I'm 10 minutes into his rapid fire jumping all over half the globe; maybe there's enjoyment in this for people who know the game in and out. But I'm not going to watch another 40 minutes of that. And frankly, from what I've seen with the submarines, it is so heavily abstracted that I just don't see how you would replay the battle of Midway with this game in a way that would adequately challenge the player with the kind tactical dilemmas that the historical commanders were facing when casting their decisions.

    Around the 12:45min mark is when he starts his admin duties which is a big part of this game. and were one of the challenges arises. As commented by @Captain_Colossus, it´s difficult to mix  Operational and a Tactical scale in a wargame, thus some things always get abstracted no matter what scale. It´s the nature of these games. Some do it better then others though.



  2. 50 minutes ago, Vikingo said:

    Still hope to be alive to can play the "final" version somedayTM



    Yeah, it´s taking it´s time, but if you consider that they had to change game engine (Crytek), to the new Amazon Lumberyard some time in 2016-17, then it´s really not that bad, as they had to start from scratch amost.  Squadron 42 (ep1) is to be done sometime next year.

  3. Iam waiting to see how this turns out...



    You also have Victory at Sea Pacific:



    I personally like the "Second World War at Sea" system series by Avalanche Press:






    In the works Task Force Admiral...



    YT channel:



    Although the most detailed WWII naval wafare game in the form of miniatures is the Command at Sea...




  4. CitizenCon 2049 starts tomorrow...




    Funny how 2049 is also stated/set in Blade Runner as in Nov 2049!


    Star Citizen (CIG) has said that they do plan to introduce "Titan" suits (armor) in a near future of there development. For all the Battletech heads out there 😉 


    The Surge, is a game I had alot of fun playing.



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