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  1. Like I said, you can find some people on the weekend but not much. Bots fill in the gaps... Even though It´s a lot of fun.
  2. The game has been on a slow burner for some time now but It´s not abandoned as some say. They do suffer from a lack of communication, marketing and some overall game decisions... - The game It´s self Is very well playable, no mayor bugs or alike and you do have bots that do a pretty good job overall. The main reason why It´s still In EA Is because of two reasons. It´s not to the standard that the devs would like It to be, and two, It lacks a tutorial (more on this below). - The lack of a tutorial has put off a lot of potential players which In turn has given the game a low player count, and no new blood to keep MP alive. Although bots do a good job on the MP side too. - Communication and the basic (veterans) community have moved to Discord were all the news and feedback Is received by the devs, along with whatever MP match up ocurres. This has brought some Issues with it like the feel of unattended user support and feedback on the Steam discussion group, which In turn has paved the ground to those who think the game has been abandoned. A poor pasture by the developers overall IMHO. - Some server side support has been left behind with only a few servers working, although half empty with most activity only on the weekends. Most new users or to be users tag AFF as a MMO, so this Is a big negative for those who think likewise. There´s no Issue In setting (hosting) your own game and playing with some friends, and AFF can be played solo with bots, but you know how kids are on Steam. The truth Is that the devs are waiting to get there tutorials done, finish up some Ideas and then start a big marketing campaign. They never pushed the game marketing wise because of what I stated above (it´s not what they want as a finished product), but that alone has caused more hurt then good so far. As the game Is, they could easily state that It´s finished to be honest, but they just don´t want to, and the fact of the for mentioned tutorial also adds to there decision not to. It´s a passion project with some bad decision making, but not because It´s a bad or boring game. Runs very well and playes very well too. Discord: https://discord.com/invite/AFF
  3. Red2112


    New DLC for Mius Front... Operation Victory (Iran Iraq conflict 1980).
  4. Another player In town. I like what I see so far, we might just have a good year for FPS this year!
  5. Red2112


    Nebulous FC new patch... Can keybind now, and there´s a new function to lock azimuth (H key) among other things. https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/887570/view/3133946090940239598
  6. Played It quite a lot, thanks Los. Cool game Indeed, and fun.
  7. Yeah I agree. First time I see a dev do something like this and actually do it In a good way.
  8. I really like this game, the Avalanche game engine (Apex Engine 2.0) looks great. Also used In The Hunter Call of the Wild. Red
  9. BTW, I am playing the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Anomaly with the Expedition v1.2 mod and the game looks/works great, and It´s free! https://www.moddb.com/mods/stalker-anomaly New player In town... https://roadtovostok.com/ Red
  10. Red2112


    That´s great! Yes It´s like the last battle In The Expanse Indeed. It has a bit of Nexus The Jupiter Incident If you ever played that. Cool stuff and I am also looking forward to all the new stuff too.
  11. Red2112


    Do you play It? BTW I think the dev Is In the Navy, or was not sure, and I think there´s a skirmish coop mode In MP too.
  12. Red2112


    CAOS (Combined Arms Operations Series) has just release stage one of Operation Husky (free)... https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/1466610/view/4407338353941451543 One of the few wargames with Intelligent AI that will give you quite a hard time. Game has SP, PVP and online coop. Red
  13. Red2112


    To be released In EA tomorrow (02/11/22). Last dev log before release... Trello Roadmap... https://trello.com/b/ZNxJIGSQ/nebulous-public-roadmap Red
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