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  1. TrackDayR recent update... Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1511630/TrackDayR/ Red
  2. Reentry A Orbital Simulator Home site: https://reentrygame.com/ v0.97 Is out. Red
  3. Nebulous: Fleet Command Devlog #26... Steam (on sale 20% off 15.99€): https://store.steampowered.com/app/887570/NEBULOUS_Fleet_Command/ Red
  4. Need more practice 😄, great little sim... Red
  5. Helos and gliders are now available for MSFS 2020... Plenty of other good stuff In there 40th. anniversary update. Red
  6. Another game/sim I look forward to, Alliance Space Guard. Dev Is a super nice guy. Might be out next year... Red
  7. Having some fun with MudRunner and It´s mods... Red
  8. I used the Logitech G13 for SB, It also has a built-In mini joy stick If needed. It works great for me. The problem Is I don´t see them available any more, at least on Amazon EU. You do have the Razer Tartarus V2 (you gota love the names the put on this stuff) If you want something similar. You do have cheaper options, like the Redragon K585 DITI mechanical keyboard and a few others on Amazon. Any programable add-on keyboard will work, and personally I find these keyboards great for the sole reason that you can program them, and have different profiles on them If they have that option. Works great for SB, FPS games and even for software like video editing, streaming apps or graphical editors as "short-cut" keys. Add to that a programable mouse and you got you´re self some QoL on PC. For apps there´s JoyToKey, or x360ce which I used before... https://www.x360ce.com/ Or, Touch Portal which Is a remote macro control that pretty easy to use. I use It on my smartphone for MSFS 2020 and DCS. It´s basically a cheaper, even free version of elgato Stream Deck without the casing. https://www.touch-portal.com/ Hopefully you will find what you need.
  9. rFactor 2 is my go to racing... Red
  10. Red2112


    That´s a great "monster" game by Mark H. I was about to get the older version a month ago but I already have to many games I have to get to first. I have Flashpoint Golan and Gulf Strike by Mark H, and I also have the newer Next War series Korea and Vietnam, roughly Inspired by Mark and Jim´s Next War (SPI). I hope you enjoy Marks Pacific War.
  11. Red2112


    Mr. Mark Herman... Red
  12. MudRunner and SnowRunner on sale at GamersGate (official keys)... MudRunner American Wilds edition (82% off - €4,59): https://www.gamersgate.com/es/product/mudrunner-american-wilds-edition/ SnowRunner (45% off - €16,55): https://www.gamersgate.com/es/product/snowrunner/ Sale ends In 5d 07h as of posting. Red
  13. We all know Snowrunner/Mudrunner... Red
  14. Another crawler sim worth checking out... Pure Rock Crawling: https://store.steampowered.com/app/824720/Pure_Rock_Crawling/ Red
  15. Didn´t notice that, how come It showed up In bold text as If It was a new unread post? Oh well send me to the galleys!
  16. Other sims and Interesting stuff some might enjoy. I am also Into car/racing sims so I´ll start first. Feel free to add you´re own so we have them under one roof (thread). Jumped from Overpass to BeamNG for my off-road/crawl pleasures. I admit that sim rock crawling Is very relaxing and satisfying for me and thought I would share It with you all. You don´t really need a wheel set-up for this type of driving, a Xbox type controller will do you good. I use the 8BitDo Pro 2 Wired Controller for Xbox. It´s well built and Is like the PS2 controller which I find very comfortable whilst I do have a proper wheel set-up on my other PC for other racing sims. Red
  17. The dev Is from Spain, and I haven´t seen much news and/or feedback as of late. He Is a solo dev so things can go slow. There has been open windows to opt In for EA In the past, and those who did get a chance to support the dev have current builds and Info, but that´s about all I know for this sim.
  18. Oh well, a waste then. Sorry...
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