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  1. For those who have a Nvidia graphics card, you might want to try this Game Filter option on SB... I haven´t tried It yet, will be re-Installing SB soon. Red
  2. Red2112


    Lone Sherman: A Solitaire Wargame by Mike Lambo... Available on Amazon. Red
  3. Aside from the alien princesses, which I would not discard due to the fact that It´s online play and some woman (as men) are a bit "alien" haha, but the fact Is that all this can already be done In The Verse (Star Citizen). No creatures on planets at present but everything else Is there. SC has plenty of online gameplay... 341,306 players daily: Star Citizen Server Population I wont go Into Chris Roberts business model with Star Citizen, but he sure as hell makes/made a lot of money with It, I would also add that technically SC Is on a league of It´s own. One really has to try It to see what he has achieved In his "The Verse". Yes the project Is been out since 2013, that´s when I backed It and since then It has had some ups and downs, but has always been Innovating and keeps on doing so. Yes he has made a lot of money, but has also Innovated In almost all fronts, Including money making!
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    Glad you like It. Not to many mention Segas Mega Drive now day´s, I had the Mega Drive II. I can´t remember the NBA game I was hooked on (NBA Live 95 maybe), but It was one of the first games I won a NBA championship. I was playing as the Chicago Bulls when the bulls were really kicking a**. Those were the days! BTW, they still sell the Mega Drive II mini on Amazon, I was shocked to see that! I also like Pro Strategy Football. But this Is more of a management game. It´s also more relaxed... Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1935910/Pro_Strategy_Football_2023/ Red
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    Hard to master, but fun to play. Legend Bowl, don´t let the pixel art fool you, It´s a tough game/sim. On sale (50% off - 12US$) ends tomorrow... Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1106340/Legend_Bowl/ There´s a NFL mod on there Discord. Controller recommended.
  6. As for Microproses comeback the weirdest ever, I am afraid we live In a weird world now Apoc. Everything seems to have done a 360 on us down to earth folks.
  7. Yes Bluedrake pulled back (going solo)... https://store.steampowered.com/app/736590/Operation_Harsh_Doorstop/ As for Outerra... Yeah I guess I did give my opinion saying I could not give my opinion on something that shows no progress for now (grins). Can they pull something off with this game engine? Sure, plenty of things. The question Is "how many things", and "will It render". While rendering the whole globe Is a task on It´s self, and not a easy one to pull off (my hats off to the devs), the question Is will It really work? Because aside from rendering, you then have the simulation(s) calculation(s) to be done aswell which can be a hell of a stress on even today´s hyper PC´s. As Cap. Colossus stated, yes portions of maps (DCS) have been done before (IL-2) with "some" degree of achievement on behalf of the game engine, and the reason why maps are made (loaded) In chunks to relief computing and rendering PC stress, thus I can´t yet see how Outerra will manage a whole earth planet with some kind of fidelity In warfare. Unless It´s a very dumb down simulation version. So far that I know, Microsoft with It´s MSFS 2020 has been the only publisher, along with there dev team (Asobo Studio) to successfully model the whole planet with minimal stress (to some degree). With X-Plane 12 (Laminar Research) coming In second place, but both of these simulations only calculate flight models aside from the terrain, so how will Outerra overcome / manage other simulation calculations Is a mystery to me, and that´s without blowing up your PC In the process!
  8. Outerra / Anteworld tech demo: https://outerra.com/demo.html This video Is 5 years old... It´s no secrete that Outerra has been around for awhile. The thing Is that all of a sudden people are talking about It like If a new kid was In town because Microprose has released a trailer. I don´t see nothing new In the trailer, and I see nothing new stated from the dev team, so for me there´s nothing to really base my personal opinion about something I really don´t know were It´s going, or even If It´s going to go somewhere. What Is known, Is that Outerra now has a publisher, Microprose. Will It compete with ArmA III? That´s something that Shermanator came up with, not me. For all I know, the dev team can drop It´s publisher (Microprose) any time, just like Bluedrake has done with his project Operation: Harsh Doorstop recently.
  9. Yeah I know, NO tanks 😄 but got to give credit to the art of low-tech back then...
  10. Outerra Is not even out yet. Who ever has his/her hands on It must have a test demo of sorts, so personally I wont speculate on what It Is, or could be so far. Yes, I agree Shermanator Is another clickbaiter, there will always be content creators like this I am afraid.
  11. Some might remember the Outerra World project some time ago, well here´s some news on the Titan killer... Outerra World Sandbox Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/575020/Outerra_World_Sandbox/ Red
  12. Nice! 👍 I did check this weekend, and yes there were about three full servers (one was Powerbits) but I didn´t join any. I wanted to look Into the editor/solo conflict mode Instead. One of the good things about Reforger Is that It´s not stressful on medium to low PC´s as with ArmA III. It runs pretty smooth on my older i5 with just 8GB of ram and a GTX 1060. It will eventually pick up pace, and people will come back to It. I was very frustrated the first three months but have calmed down now that It´s working 😁 As soon as they officially add Helos, some more IFV´s and armor, ArmA fans will be all over It me thinks. I do see a lot of crossplay on the full servers. In a way this Is good for player count because In real life there are more console players then PC players, whether we like It or not. At first I was spectacle about Xbox (console) players, afraid of mass kids play, but actually there Is quite a mature Xbox mil-sim player base from my experience In game. The thing Is that the ArmA platform has always been tailored for PC´s for many reasons, one of the biggest hindrance for the console players Is the controller handicap (mapping limited), even some say this has crippled Reforger to be more limited due to BI wanting to use/add crossplay. Although this also has It´s good side, we might not see a truck load of mods In play due to this crossplay limit thus making It easier to jump In a game without having a external drive with 100GB of mods! Will see... The editor does look quite complete, but can seem overwhelming to some. I think It has a lot of potential. Great foundation for this to grow, and to add for the upcoming ArmA 4. On the other hand the Game Master mode seems quite easy and agile for on-the-fly gameplay. More so after this recent update. Here´s one Insight on the new update... Most likely, things will get balanced and/or future content will counter what Is breaking Conflict mode for now.
  13. While overwhelmed by the sheer amount of feedback 😄 I´ll just answer my own question with a video which reflects my opinion on the subject FWIW... Vehicles and the netcode, among other things have been fixed since this video was uploaded to YT.
  14. Gonna put some hours Into the Game Master option as It does seem easy to get Into. I am sure there´s more In depth videos out there but just so you get the Idea, similar to the Zeus system... Recent update (today, 3GB) has fixed/added quite a amount of stuff on all sides of ArmA Reforger. Back to what I was saying In my previous post about GR, they seemed to have fixed some Issues with the AI (smarter AI) In this recent patch, so this would be pretty good for a squad/fireteam(s) to play out some of those early days GR missions which were based around a squad and nothing else. There are other assets Included now (vehicles) which one could also add In, and as I have red, they will be adding a lot more, so the more the merrier for mission. creation. This, and ArmA III are the only games that can recreate the "feel" of the original Ghost Recon series (GR, Desert Siege and Island Thunder) In my opinion. I mean, look at this video, If no one told you It´s ArmA III, you would think It´s a awesome remake mod of Ghost Recon! 😉 Maybe Iam just hyped today haha! But yeah, me thinks so, and I really can´t find a substitute for the early days of FPS greatness. What do you all think? Red
  15. As Is, Reforger makes for a great Ghost Recon (original) remaster.
  16. Swedish Force Pack... https://reforger.armaplatform.com/workshop/5A9D3BF26139101E-SFPReforger
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    I bet It´s 50 bucks on release, at least!
  18. Definitively would not fit my room, glad eSim Games came along 😉 They did put a lot of love/effort In to the restoration, hats off to them!
  19. Red2112


    Thanks @stormrider_sp I put mine In about a week ago. This will be the 3rd. module of the C3 series with two more to come. Special Interest for me on this one because of the order of battle (different countries). Can´t say I like the box cover though 😄 Best wargame series on the topic IMO. I was about to get Doomsday Project Ep 1 Battle for Germany (Compass Games) because I like what Adam Starkweather has done with his OSS game engine, but to be honest Fabrizio has done a excellent job with his C3 series. Might get Adam´s Test of Faith, also a OSS title but then again I have Mark Herman´s Flashpoint; Golan (Victory Games) which Is also on the same topic. Both Mark H. and Adam S. are very Innovative wargame designers, I like them both and respect there games. To many games, to little time!
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