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  1. From the same dev (Helios Productions) as Black Day. He is dropping support/development for Black Day, if you have a copy of Black Day, you will recieve a free copy of Black One Blood Brothers... Red
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    High Fleet Deus in Nobius, Dune/Homeworld like RTS by MicroProse. I Like the aesthetics, could be cool... Steam store (release Q2): https://store.steampowered.com/app/1434950/HighFleet/ Red
  3. Caliber gets it´s NA servers up and running. NA servers live now! The SOCOM of 2021. -- I play it quite alot, I like it and can be Immersive. Almost everybody plays as a team in PVE, you wont win the match if you don´t, play your role for a team win. So far I have all 4 Polish operators and didn´t pay a dime. Red-acted
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    Oh dear! RIP John Tiller. He will be missed.
  5. As long as your neighbours are cool about it 😁 TBH, I wish I had a tank last night! They don´t get roudy to often so I let it slide but they woke me up at 4am! This also popped up...
  6. Yes it does, on to my wish list.
  7. Played this for the first time this weekend and was alot of fun. And it´s free...
  8. @Los That was fun to watch LOS, you all seem to have had some good fun! I also liked the dedicated music, and op BBQ 😁 -- 4all a guide... Red
  9. Hey LOS! Long time no see! 😉
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    Thanks Galileo for sharing. Can´t remember if "Wargame" has breaching elements. I liked it here although it was to fast in my opinion, but there are things in Regiments that I like better then Wargame, at least from what I see on video.
  11. Caliber is a team based PVE/PVP shooter by 1C Studios which just got a english translation and EU server update recently. Game is free so I downloaded it yesterday and put some hours into it. Game loop is fun, and the gun plays feels solid. Hook me up if you want to team up (same nick as here). Caliber home site and download page (17GB download)... https://playcaliber.com/en/ Red-acted
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    I know Ssnake likes to read good AAR´s, so this bud is for you Sir... DC Barbarrosa Campaign AAR Cheers!
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