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  1. I totally forgot about this thread! Now this Is a surprise! P3D (Prepar3d) hits back with It´s version 6 this July! While P3D wont look or be like the most recent MSFS 2020, and honestly I don´t think It´s aimed to do so, It does cater to some of us due to a better flight model (at least for now) and a weapons simulation. Back In the day´s, their was a mod for FSX (Microsoft Flight Simulator X) called FSX@War which basically turned FSX Into something like DCS. It also had a editor to create missions. You could already buy dcl planes which had weapons on them but had nothing to shot at, so fsx@war was created. Here´s a example.. The VRS Superbug was quite a good addon! Any how´s, back to P3Dv6... All this Is missing In MSFS2020, and while P3D Is more focused on a training sim and might not have the visual fidelity that MSFS has, It will have these multiplatform tools for those who are not so casual flight simmers, which Is a big welcome! Home site and source: https://www.prepar3d.com/news/announcements/2023/06/121241/ Let´s see how this goes!
  2. ^ @Apocalypse 31 day 1 purchase for me too. Just In case someone wants to start off... Personally I didn´t pick the medic class but did the M4A1. As a beginner, and with older eyesight, I did pick a medium mag scope paired with a canted sight. Apart from the eyesight thingy, the other reason Is that as a beginner you need to get used to being able to differentiate the players from the surroundings at long distances, and to look ahead before running Into a new AO, a medium mag scope will help you with that. Aside from this, It makes sense to pick the medic as the video explains. Didn´t bother with the other attachments mentioned aside from the underbarrel handle and muzzle (not the one mentioned).
  3. Yeah I was about to post about It a few days ago. I asked damsonn (a friend from SimHQ) about the flight model, and It seems to be more on the sim side. I didn´t post It thinking the the futuristic them might not appeal to some, but hey glad you like It. I hope It get´s released soon. I put a price tag of 20 bucks on It 😁
  4. Yeah I agree. I have become more conscious as to what games I buy now day´s. I can maybe spend 10-15 bucks In a EA game that shows that the dev(s) are still working on the game at present, but that´s about It. I mean If a guy Is a solo dev and he has been working hard on the game since release, then yeah I might give him the benefit of the doubt. But I am a lot more picky now. Aside that I have a ton of games which Is embarrassing! 😄
  5. Insane the amount of players playing BattleBit, 70,000 peak! Steam stats: https://steamdb.info/app/671860/charts/ Some Indy games are taking over the AAA market and this one Isn´t even a graphical masterpiece! One of the main reasons Is that It runs on a potato and adds some cheddar and beacon toppings to It. Add to It that you have basically everything that makes a FPS mechanically good and you have a winner! Can´t say I am very good at It, but as all BF like FPS games, the more you unlock and rank up, the better It gets. Can get very crazy with shots flying all around, and frustrating too, but honestly It´s tons of fun when you get past the frustration. The VOIP makes It even more fun, some players are nuts haha! For me, It keeps my reflexes In check at my age and I really don´t have any Issues playing PvP and getting my but kicked around, It´s all part of gaming In general and I haven´t heard anyone being disrespectful so far. I bought Six Days In Fallujah yesterday and refunded It after 20mins. Reasons... Cons: - Wont run on my old PC even on low settings (did run In high In the training). Now that´s not a big surprise to me but It Is a bit of a let down due to the fact that my "other" PC Is moving to a dedicated sim rig next week and It wont be to comfortable to play any FPS games with It. Will see If I can sort that out In the future In some way. - Price, well It´s not cheap for what you get and In EA. - AI, from what I saw the AI does have some hiccups In some situations were It can momentarily get stuck. They can overwhelm you though! - Solo play Is not tough, but the next think to It! No team AI so there´s no way around that for now. - MP co-op with strangers. This could be good or a total shit show. Some players really think they know what CQB and/or recon Is on the ground but then forget, or have the lack of what security Is all about In a fireteam. No security discipline or coms discipline In the majority of videos you see on YT, no matter what shooter they play. Which In the end makes for a poor playing experience due to the doctrine behind any platoon, squad or fireteam, which Is "teamwork". So matchmaking can be a hit-or-miss situation. Worth 40 bucks just for that? Hmm... - No AI team In game for now. - Future Is yet to be seen when a recession Is Inbound, or already here for some people. This will surely Impact the gaming Industry If It hasn't already. So EA Is leaning more to be In a precaution state the more we move forward no matter what the game Is. Pros: - Game looks AMAZING, It just adds so much to the Immersion. - Great If you have friends to play MP co-op with. - Changing environment. Makes for great replay value. - AI Is competent to some degree. - Restricted gear to player role. - Demands teamwork. - Can be a very good game In the long run. Not that It´s not now, but It´s In a early stage so speculation Is In the menu. Any how, just my point of view for now, which also brings me back to BattleBit. BattleBit, or even Easy Red 2, just show that cheap games can and are a lot of fun for many people, and that a great looking game doesn't make a game good. Just add that I am talking about "having fun" and not If It´s a well "simulated" themed game as would be ArmA which Six Days might fall Into. The devs have a good mindset too...
  6. A2A Simulations is finally coming to MSFS 2020 😊
  7. Assetto Corsa... On sale 80% off (3,99€): https://store.steampowered.com/app/244210/Assetto_Corsa/ If you want to get Into sim racing, this Is a great and cheap way to start. I would buy the Ultimate Edition. You should consider a wheel and pedal set. Entry level (belt drive) wheel sets are bound to get cheaper as Fanatec have announced they are offering a wheel set bundle (Direct Drive) for a very competitive price, that Is their CSL DD Ready2Race BMW bundle: Fanatec Ready2Race Bundle
  8. Red2112


    Airships: Conquer the Skies, solo dev passion project. Kind of 4x were you build you´re own empire and fleets sort of like High Fleet. On sale 40% (€12,59) off on GOG: https://www.gog.com/en/game/airships_conquer_the_skies
  9. Fun game, I have about 10hrs. and aside from the Initial grind to unlock gunsights, and getting shot every 5mins, It´s a lot of fun. What you would expect from the good old days of BF. It actually looks pretty good In game, not a fan of the blocky avatar but besides that, It looks quite nice. Runs on a potato, stable, and no sync Issues. Beware, It´s "run n gun"!
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    Shaping nicely...
  11. The missing link... It would be absolutely great If the devs of DCS would implement this In the core game, or as a DLC. GR has done a pretty good job, but a actual sonar suit with It´s screens would be awesome! Let´s hope someday this gets done In a professional way, with all due respects to the GR crew.
  12. When push comes to shove, gameplay over graphics... BattleBit Remastered Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/671860/BattleBit_Remastered/
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    Haha 😄 No worries CS, but to answer you´re question, no not yet. Main reason being Is that there´s no controller support yet and I don´t feel like playing a space sim with the keyboard. The other reason Is that there´s seems to be very little content at the moment. What are you´re thoughts? I have SpaceBourne 2 which Is also pretty good and has plenty to do for now.
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    TCS (Tactical Combat Series) series by MMP...
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    Thanks CS, very glad to know that! I was wondering when It was gonna release, I´ll be a happy man when I get back from work tomorrow!
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    Been following this for awhile...
  17. Rennsport, the next new sim...
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