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    Build a tank, with Sprocket Tank Design... Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1674170/Sprocket/ Red
  2. It´s not like you were going to get court-martialed if you didn´t salute, it was more like a way of saying hi and/or acknowledging that someone entered the room. Alot better then getting biched at by someone who had a bad day, had a hangover, or though you were in his unit under his command. FWIW, The Seawolves.org was founded by ex and active military personnel, and alot of the members were ex, or active in there respective armies as myself. Not everybody has the same mindset...
  3. I don´t think it´s a game design Issue. Even more, devs come up with anti-cheat apps and while they do stop alot of hackers, there´s still some who find a way to wall-hack or what ever tactic to ruin fair play. The defunct Seawolves org (community) had a pretty good structure to deal with these issues because it was based on a military doctrine. Any one joining would start as Ensign and move up the rank chain as requirements were meet no matter how good you were with the sim (division) you were joning. Any one In the lobby would salute (<S>) when a higher rank entered the lobby, no one Interrupted a higher rank and permission was asked to speak, just as you would with a military protocol. The Seawolves even had there own advocacy department in case things got out of hand. Everyone was very respectful with each other (circa 1,500 members in 2000), and although some issues always arise between us humans, things were pretty much under control. We didn´t always play co-op. Almost all sessions in 688i H/K were done PVP and no one ever made a fuss! One can get very angry while a pinging torp closes in on him knowing that it´s coming from a human player, but that only showed that he/she was better then you on sonar and TMA. We took things very well. Here´s a recent vid I was gonna post in the FPS section here, and guess what... Drama shows it´s ugly head 😁 Red
  4. Most of the drama is not about Immersion to be honest, it´s about not doing right what you are expected to do by others in that game session. No room for mistakes with added win win attitude no matter what. But then those same one´s who get on you´re case are the one´s who, "do as I say but not as I do" which really makes things worst as a community guide line. I understand that in a RL situation there are lives dependent, but this is not the case in a game/sim. You don´t have total peripheral awareness of your senses to begin with. While playing Raise of Flight, I once told a guy to hang a dripping can of oil in front of a fan if he wanted more Immersion! I think it´s more to do with ego and rol playing, and it´s something that has been killing the MP community for many years. You now have hackers (win win) in MP, along with those who just want to make you´re game session miserable (team kill, Insults etc.). It´s sad but then again only "we" can change this gaming culture habit by standing out and/or reporting abuse, mal practice etc. If we want Immersion, it´s are duty to make MP gaming healthy, which starts with respect and fair play IMHO.
  5. Always up for some coop! 😎 I´ll be online later today, I´ll give you a tap. BTW, it´s on sale (40% off) so if anyone is up for some coop we can get a squad together. Well worth the asking price, even more if you can coop with some friends and have some fun. Red
  6. New update! Time is NOW 😎 Red
  7. According to one of the main devs of Ground Branch that worked on the first R6 titles (Red Storm Entertainment), the man didn´t even see/play any of the first titles, or meet the dev team behind R6. Not all his novels are good, some are actually pretty mediocre, specially his Net Force series. But I agree that his name dose bring to mind someone who seemed to have had more information then most novelist when it comes to espionage or military tech and protocol. I say again, "seemed", which is subject to analysis.
  8. @Ssnake You would be amazed at how many Jimi Hendrix albums come out every few years! It bugs me too... Some families do benefit from there past relatives, although in which cases and how much is a whole different story I´am afraid.
  9. It happens quite a lot. People get into the rol to much and forget it´s just a game, and/or sim. It´s more then fine if you want to train or make it more realistic, but don´t forget most of us are here for the fun and to meet, or make new friends etc. Not everybody knows what wheel barrel you just saw in between a bush relates to which tank type! I have been eliminated by the OPFOR many times due to following order´s, sent to a hazardous paths, or any other order that got me into a bad situation. I just take it as a man and move forward to the next meeting/game with a smile. Never took it personal until others did. Out of 70 games I played in SB/MP I had 6 blue on blue. To later find out that "other" more vets made similar mistakes but no fuss was made, which led me to quit MP gaming, at least for some time. Now when I play any MP (PvP) game I usually do it lonewolf with no mic on. As any CMD should know, "son leave you´re ego in the bathroom". Which doesn't always apply. Red
  10. You´re welcome, glad it´s of some use. I just red on one of you´re post that you enjoyed Eve online, do you know about Infinite Lagrange? If not see below... Home site and download: https://www.infinitelagrange.com/?shortlink=1393a39b&pid=Marketing&c=KOL&af_adset=MP-Ant Red <S>
  11. Practical Shooting Simulator (PSS). Steam: PSS Steam store Red
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    Devs are already working on some the the flaws, specially the VR issues. Well worth the dive IMHO. Red
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