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  1. Waiting on some fixes that are long due, but yeah it´s cool. Played the first version alot (Command Ops Conquest of the Aegean) still have the original somewhere. If you like this, I suggest "Flashpoint Campaigns Red Storm".


    Thanks for sharing. 


  2. Apollo 11 VR HD, is on sale at 50% off.  To celebrate yesterdays 50th anniversary, I decided to try it out. You can run it without VR headset too.





    Circa 3.2GB download.


    Here´s how to run it none VR...


    Tip: Launch On Monitor on Games Menu (Apollo 11 VR)
    Hi! I was just about to uninstall this game because I couldn't move the view around on my laptop. But when I clicked on the game listing on the side I then saw on option "Launch on Monitor". This made all the difference - I had been just clicking on my desktop shortcut. Now I can move the view around and this simulation is finally playable! 

    Hope this helps someone!
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