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  1. Zero Sievert, top down pixel Tarkov/Stalker like. Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1782120/ZERO_Sievert/
  2. Red2112


    Emperor of the Fading Suns Enhanced Edition, a 90´s classic 4x game that just got a update 25 years later. GOG: https://www.gog.com/game/emperor_of_the_fading_suns
  3. Red2112


    Armageddon Empires, old game but still good. Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1576720/Armageddon_Empires/
  4. Red2112


    Winter Falling: Battle Tactics, Warhammer, FTL and Total War Inspired with some Battle Brothers In the mix too. Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1285060/Winter_Falling_Battle_Tactics/
  5. Naval Hurricane, a Atlantic Fleet like game. Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1738890/Naval_Hurricane/
  6. Front Line build (beta builds option). New IHADSS mode added...
  7. You may take this as offensive as you like, as anyone here Is free to do, Including myself. Not personal but a observation of a series of culminating events here and In MP since my presence In this community which brings friction In the end. No I am not the developer, which has nothing to do with my standing point... You totally crashed the dev and his product due to you´re misjudgment. Bought the game to early which Is a big mistake If you expect to have a none Issue experience, specially In EA and from a one man team. Dude the game Is now a month old! You should know that by know, and a little bit of research before buying might have saved you some trouble. Use "altitude hold" for a stable flight, It also has "auto hover". Slight lateral Inputs for roll, nothing sudden and you should be good. Also, comparing this to DCS Is VERY overkill, aside that the modules In DCS cost 3 times more, AND are not extent of Issues, More so some of them are not even finished after so many years, and you know that too. Lastly Helicopter Gunship DEX does not aim to be a hardcore sim, I am sure you are aware of that but nevertheless you decided to butcher It. Now that we know were we stand, I could see you´re "harsh" critique as treating me as a dead brain sim gamer. This goes for others who think likewise and try to Impose the absolute truth because they "think" know better then anyone else. I am sorry to say but even for the army, having a hardcoded mindset know day´s Is a big mistake. We all know the drill, "overcome and adapt". I could understand to some degree a slight negative opinion once In awhile, but when It´s always like that, then you´re at risk that someone might blow up. It´s not even a healthy social status to be In. Specially In a forum were text Is easily misinterpreted thus one should take even more care to there opinions and statements. Let´s not also forget that not everyone here has been (or Is) In the army, or Is a walking enciclopedia of armored vehicles or tactical strategies. We are here to enjoy our self's, and even make some friends along the way, simulators are tools, and why In the world "some" take extra effort to fake a real life situation with them, and are able to even make a event miserable for someone Is way beyond me. This happens here and elsewhere and we all have seen It/been there. We ALL make mistakes, even the brass but It´s our duty to be better, we do so by learning from our mistakes and by listening to even the smallest of teams of which without, the bigger teams would not move forward.
  8. Yes I have played It. I don´t have the Issues you mentioned at all. But yes, If you don´t know how Steam configures gamepad settings then out of the box It´s a mess. With regards to the rest, I don´t agree with anything you stated... Stick with you´re DCS. As always, a handful here seem pros at any subject that one can bring to the table. Not only that, It´s like walking Into one of those road bars were you´re a foreigner until otherwise accepted. It really becomes tiresome and so predictable, and even childish or egocentric at times. Needless to say It´s so military like, as In a room full of brass! I left that behind MANY years ago. So why should I put the effort of even posting ANYTHING here? It´s going to be hated, or stepped on anyway, and I am to grown up for that. But at times I am a bit naive, thinking that my contributions might add some freshness to the scene of off topics, and/or tag new lurkers to the forum which never knew of existence of Steel Beast. But, again probably a handful here don´t even want that, and would rather keep tabs on there small, so called elite men´s club. Sick of all that, so off I go... Just sorry for those who did appreciate "some" of my post.
  9. Not Interested. I know very well what DCS Is, I have flown the first version (also v2) of the Kamov way back when It came out, and I was also part of a acro formation team (PAV) with the C-101 Aviojet for half a year, training 6hrs a week. Aside from being In a VU for some time In the past. I go back as far as Lock On and Flanker 2.5, I also flew Falcon 4 before the BMS mod, and was LCDR (comms officer) In the Seawolves VU for there winged division using Falcon 4. This was only +20 years ago. But thanks for the tip anyway. Not sure you´re getting the point of the existence Helicopter DEX. Gunship 2000 was my first so called sim, If you could call It that, and later Janes Longbow 2. Just a hint at what Helicopter DEX aims to be with todays tech. It´s also worth mentioning that It came out In EA In Dec. of 2022, so It´s basically In It´s Infancy. It´s also a one man team. I also doubt this Is going to be a eyecandy delight for some, pretty sure the dev Is not aiming for that either.
  10. What do you mean, care to elaborate?
  11. Great Idea... Helicopter Gunship DEX: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2012140/Helicopter_Gunship_DEX/
  12. It´s like In a slow burner, as In over a candle 😁 It looks better though. Not sure If we can do something with the AI (bump it up), I haven´t played It In a long time (years). Not Into playing these games on my own anymore.
  13. Better learn how to sail. Chill game about sailing... Sailwind: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1764530/Sailwind/
  14. Cool concept... Basically you have a live cam mounted In front of the train.
  15. Thank you, same In return to all. Enjoy you´re holidays If you can.
  16. To be released tomorrow, Porsche 911 GT3 Cup (922)...
  17. My first entry Into DCS was with the Ka50 v1 back In the days, a real pain to learn how to fly at first. Glad to see It get a facelift and additional hardware... Not sure If they ever got this platform straight In DCS, because the handycap with the Ka50 was that It´s made to operate alongside the Ka52 which Is the designating platform and Forward Observer for this ship. The Ka50 on It´s own Is missing a link, which Is the Ka52 In DCS.
  18. Mind you It´s In alpha/beta (somewhere there)...
  19. New BeamNG update v0.27 released... Cheers
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